Port Charles Update Thursday 2/6/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

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After Lucy wraps up a goodnight call to Christina, Ian tells her that she should be with her little girl instead of with him. Lucy admits that she would normally agree, but these are extenuating circumstances. She's been thinking about their situation. He's a brilliant man of science, and she's a vampire slayer, so there must be a way to bottle whatever it is that she has that alleviates his symptoms. Ian objects to the idea of experimenting on her, but Lucy says all he has to do is take a tiny sample of her blood. She has to help him, because she can't live with losing him. Giving in, Ian studies their blood samples under a microscope. Lucy hovers around bugging him, and it's hard for him to concentrate on what he's doing. She's too much of a distraction. He notices that when her blood mixes with his, his platelet count goes up almost instantly. This means that his cells temporarily become normal before mutating. If they can prevent the mutation, they'll get normal cells and a normal Ian. They're a long way from making that happen, but he's going to keep on experimenting until he figures it out. Lucy decides it's time to tell him how she feels about him. She loves him. "What?" Ian leans closer to get her to repeat it. She's onto him, well aware that he just wants her to say it again, and she obliges. She can't see herself ever living without him. They begin to kiss, and he carries her to the couch to continue.

After leaving Tess at the overlook, Caleb returns home in a bad mood. Taking a drink of the water, he remembers their talk and angrily hurls the blue bottle across the room, unaware that Rafe is watching him on his monitors. Alison arrives at Rafe's apartment, bitter about having to monitor vampires instead of being on their honeymoon. She tells Rafe that she gave her mother a sleeping pill. She never would have imagined that her mother would try to kill herself. Rafe says the ironic thing is that she can't, because she's cursed with eternal life. Jack barges in, thinking that Rafe is alone. He needs the slayer's help. He thinks Caleb is using mind games to try to take Tess away from him. He left her downstairs with Jamal, because he can't leave her alone.

Ricky is stunned, wondering what brought on the kiss. "Marissa" reminds him that first they were talking about Casey, and then he sang that beautiful tune that he wrote for the twin sisters. Ricky asks whether she really thinks Casey would have liked it. "Marissa" says she would have been blown away to know that he still loves her. With love in his eyes, Ricky says that Casey really knew how to light up a room. "Marissa" says her sister was lucky to have him, but he thinks he's the lucky one. He wants to talk about the kiss. Although "Marissa" says it shouldn't have happened, it's a moot point, because it did happen. "Marissa" says she was just showing gratitude for the private concert. Ricky doesn't think it felt like a thank-you kiss. It felt more like a hello. "Marissa" wants to drop it, but Ricky says there's something different about the way she's acting and looking at him, and he wants to know what it is.

Tess is sad because Jack is mad at her; she can feel it. Jamal tells her that Jack is just worried about her. Tess says she told him that Stephen won't hurt her and that his powers can't touch her. Coming downstairs, Alison informs them that she and Rafe are back together, and that the guys want to talk to Jamal upstairs. She sits down with Tess, who says that Jack is worried about her because of Stephen. She told Jack that Stephen is really kind to her and that she understands him. Alison gently tells her that even though her mother thought he was nice at first, she just tried to hurt herself because of what he did to her. Tess is sorry about that, but Elizabeth shouldn't have married him. She should have known that he loves Livvie. Alison admits that he's attractive, charming, and seductive, but he's also very deadly. Tess sadly states that she's the only one who sees the good in him. Alison says that Tess reminds her of Livvie in that respect, because she always saw the good in people. Tess insists that Stephen would never hurt her. "Sometimes he can make you think that you're the most important person in the world, right before he destroys you," Alison cautions.

The guys watch Caleb from Rafe's place. "This is some kind of setup you got here, Rafe--24-hour vampire channel--and it looks like somebody's in a bad mood," Jack observes. Caleb is busy trashing his loft. Caz and Reese let themselves in, and they can't believe what their boss has done to the place. When he demands to know what they're doing there, they remind him that he wanted to talk about concert schedules, the way Joshua used to do. Caleb's not in the mood. Reese says there's also something he should know about "that annoying slayer." They move out of camera range. Reese informs him that Rafe has been all over town getting dirt on him; he's up to something. Caleb orders them to find out what it is and leave him alone. Caz leaves, but Reese stays behind to talk about Ricky. As long as he's not a vampire, he's a threat. "Either kick him out of the band or let me turn him. You promised me I could," Reese urges her boss. Returning to camera range, he orders her to stick to the plan and not do anything until he tells her. He opens the door and tells her to get out. Rafe and the others continue to watch Caleb. The microphone didn't pick up what Reese said to Caleb, but whatever it was, the guy looks like he's about to explode. Jack worries about keeping Tess away from him. She thinks he's some misunderstood lost soul. When Jamal says that he's trying to impress her, Rafe gets an idea. Maybe they can get to Caleb by showing Tess what he's really like. Jack knows a way to catch him at his own twisted game. He goes back downstairs to talk to Tess alone for a minute. She tells him that everyone's mad at her about Stephen, but he has to trust her. Jack assures her that he does trust her. They can't let Caleb come between them; there's something she needs to see. The others come downstairs, and most of them leave. Jamal and Alison stay behind.

"Marissa" almost admits that she's really Casey, but she stops herself and says she's really lonely since she and Jamal split up. She got carried away because Ricky was saying such sexy things and being so hot. Ricky tells her she can't get involved with somebody else after just breaking up. Then he stops. Did she say he was hot? "Off the freaking charts," she admits, then catches herself. He's right; she's still getting over Jamal, and this shouldn't have happened. It won't happen again. Ricky walks over to get his guitar, but then he changes his mind. Going back to her, he turns her around to kiss her. She tries to run but Ricky stops her. She really freaked him out by looking, acting, and kissing him like Casey, but he doesn't want it to stop. Overcome by emotion, she runs, leaving him very confused. "Man. For a second there, it actually felt like I had Casey back in my arms." Getting back to reality, he picks up his guitar and leaves the park, unaware that Casey is watching him. She scolds herself for kissing him. She has to get over it, because her feelings for him will just get in the way of the mission. "But this really sucks!" she says, looking heavenward. The sound of thunder responds to her remark. "Yeah, right back at you!" she replies.

As they watch the monitors, Jamal tells Alison that Marissa broke up with him to stay in the band. He thought he'd finally gotten through to her, but instead she seemed to have a complete personality transplant. Alison thinks Caleb probably got to her. Jamal is worried about her; she seems to be a completely different person. As they watch, Jack enters Caleb's loft. Caleb tells him to get lost, but Jack provokes him. As long as he stays with Tess, Livvie won't be coming back. In that case, Caleb thinks it's time to get rid of Jack. With a wave of his hand, Jack goes flying across the room. Alison gets on the phone with Rafe and tells him to hurry up, because Caleb and Jack are fighting, and Jack's getting the worst of it. Caleb has a little reminder for Jack. Jack is only alive because of him. Now it's time to turn him into a little pile of dust again. Outside Caleb's door, Tess wants to know why they're barging in. She thought they came to talk to him. Rafe thinks it's time for her to see that he'll never change. When they walk in, Caleb is holding Jack by the hair, preparing to bite his neck.