Port Charles Update Monday 3/25/02

By Dawn

Lucy is showing Kevin and Paige the scroll. While Lucy is bragging that she was right about Paige, Kevin reads the chart and tells Paige that she is related to the Barringtons in PC. Paige is shocked.

Ali is still showing off Rebecca to Rafe, who is still shocked at the resemblance to Paige. Ali thinks his shock is at the painting itself, but eventually Ali guesses that he knows Rebecca.

Amy steps out of the shower, still invisible, while a stunned Ian watches. When she reappears, he calls her name. Screaming, she turns to him and accuses him of spying. He denies the accusations and demands the truth from her. Reaching across the counter, she grabs a hairdryer and swings it at Ian. When she hits him in the head, he falls, and she runs.

Lucy is confused about why Paige isn’t excited about having family. Paige explains that the name Barrington doesn’t ring any bells. Lucy explains that the portrait of Rebecca should be in the hallway and that’s the missing piece. Ali is her cousin. Paige still won’t accept it. Her family is dead and Lucy’s Tarot cards can’t change it. Kevin asks her why she’s so upset. Paige has been wrong about so many things that she’s afraid to get her hopes up. Lucy points out that she was headed in the right direction when she came to PC. It wasn’t her past with Kevin, but the portrait led them to the truth.

Ali thinks Rafe’s silence is getting weird. She guesses that he knows Rebecca. Rafe tries to convince her that he was just admiring the portrait. It’s like meeting someone for the first time that he’s heard so much about. Ali believes him and goes on to talk about Rebecca. Her family never really talked about her, and when they did, it was in a whisper, like they didn’t want anyone to hear. Ali asked her grandfather about her once, but he answered that some things are better left not known. It never made sense to Ali, Rebecca was a candle maker who died in the 1800’s. When Ali goes to get food for them and leaves him with the portrait, Rafe approaches it. Rebecca Smith Barrington clinches it for Rafe. Paige’s last name is Smith, and it can’t be a good connection. He remembers arguing with the angels in the park about them not being worried about who is the 5th chair because they already knew. He also remembers the dream he had about Ali’s name being in the book of records. Rafe convinces himself that Paige wants to take Ali back with her.

Amy runs and falls, giving Ian a chance to catch her. He wants answers and he’ll hold her and keep asking until she gives them. He knows that she’s not in the Witness Protection Program, and Ed died 30 years ago. He also knows that she didn’t just vanish in the alley, but the picture was her. Finally Amy admits that she’s dead.

Excited, Paige wants to know everything about Ali. Kevin and Lucy tell her that Ali is a great girl and Livvie’s best friend. Paige is afraid that she won’t get a chance to meet her, but Lucy advises her to trust in the universe. She happens to know that Ali is at her old house with Rafe, and they’re sickeningly in love with each other. Paige is surprised to hear that Ali is the woman that Rafe has been crazy about. Stunned, Lucy demands to know how Paige knows her cousin Rafe. Paige tries to tell her that she’s confusing him with someone else. Lucy doesn’t buy that, and Kevin wants to know why it’s so important. Lucy knows all of Rafe’s friends, and Paige isn’t on the list. 

Rafe wants to know why Paige didn’t say anything about her connection to the Barrington’s, and he’s furious that she hid it. There had to be a reason Paige didn’t want him to know. He remembers his dream and realizes that it was a warning. In a panic, Rafe informs the portrait that Paige can’t have Ali. Ali hears him yelling at the portrait and he tries to tell her he was just telling Rebecca how great Ali is. Rafe tells Ali that Rebecca thinks it’s late and they should go. Ali wants to show him the grounds, but he wants to leave immediately. When she begs him to stay for a few minutes, he snaps at her.

Ian is trying to digest everything Amy is telling him about her second chance and only having 13 weeks to tie up loose ends. Finally he gets that she’s an angel. Amy continues and tells Ian that she and Paige came to Earth with the bright light to finish their journeys. She couldn’t tell him before, and if she could would he have believed her? He does now.

Ali wants to know what’s going on, and Rafe insists nothing. He was talking to the picture, but Rafe is too intent on getting Ali out of there to discuss it. When Ali begins to get alarmed, Rafe admits to her that he wants her all to himself and he doesn’t want to share her. She wants to go home, but he’s afraid to go back to Lucy’s. His idea is for the two of them to run away together and disappear. Ali agrees, and says goodbye to Rebecca. She asks the portrait if it remembers her being there. Ali was lonely then, but now she has her own love. After Ali leaves Rafe informs the portrait that no one is going to hurt Ali.

Paige tries to tell Lucy that she met Rafe in a restaurant, and she heard him talking about how much he loved a girl. Lucy doesn’t look convinced, and Kevin asks her again why it matters. Paige changes the subject goes to arrange their return to PC. After she's gone, Kevin forces Lucy to tell him why how Paige knew Rafe is so important. Lucy wants to be happy for helping Paige, but she has a feeling there is more going on. Lucy is afraid that by arranging a meeting they're stirring up more trouble.

Ian is still in shock, but he asks who Ed really is. Amy tells him that Ed is their supervisor and he keeps track of them. Softly, Amy admits to Ian that she's hated living a lie, but at least she was living. Part of why she came back really was to prove she could do anything, but a bigger part of it was to experience love. Having never really been in love before, Amy came back to find out what it was really like. But she blew her last chance by falling for a married man. Ian has no idea what to say other then he's sorry she wasted her time on him. Amy has three days left, and she asks Ian to spend them with her. It will be their secret and no one will get hurt.


Casey tells Ricky that she loves him and they kiss.

Amy begs Ian to make love to her. He's never made love to an angel.

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