Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/6/01

By Dawn

Lucy leaving another message for Ian, begging him to call her. How worried she is about him. Kevin enters the living room and hears her.  

Ian’s not in trouble, well, if being in bed with Eve counts, I guess Lucy’s fears are well founded. LOL. They are talking about heading back to Port Charles. Eve has to confess to Ian before they go back. She tells him about Chris’s marriage proposal, and how close she came to accepting.

Chris is staring at the ring he bought Eve, hiding it when Gabriela approaches him. He sadly deters her question and hides the ring from her eyes.

Livvie is still crying over Jack, that she can’t leave him. Jamal, Alison, and Livvie make a pact to keep this a secret between them, and they leave. Livvie’s parting words to Jack are “Justice, Jack. Justice.”

Kevin offers Lucy chamomile tea, which he hates, and she appreciates the fact that he’s trying to distract her. Kevin offers to have Victor try to track Ian, but Lucy declines and decides that she’s too anxious about everything that’s going on, but it feels like the Universe is trying to tell her something’s wrong. Telling her that she’s doing a great job with the Nurses’ Ball, Serena, making time for him, and remarks on how tense she is. He tells her the universe might be sending her messages, but today is about Christina. It’s her second birthday. They sadly talk about how much Lucy misses her baby.

Eve and Ian discuss Chris’s proposal. Ian tells her that he saw Chris buying the ring. Eve defends Chris, telling Ian that Chris was the one that pushed her to tell Ian, and when she couldn’t, he was only trying to help her. FINALLY Eve realizes that Chris wanted a family. But Ian distracts her by telling her that she’s with him. He’s beyond happy to be a family, and Eve asks him to take her home.

Chris realizes that Gabriela is all dressed for an occasion. The occasion is dinner with her family, but Chris doesn’t think it’s Sunday. LOL. Gabrielle explains to him that family is important, and reminds him that he has Jack.

Jamal, Livvie and Alison begin to plan how to work around Zach. Jamal’s first priority is to go back and fix the fence that they tore down to make Jack’s coffin. His next move will be to go to the guy that was hurt in the race before. Hoping the guy will ‘roll’ on Zach, and solve the problem. The police show up and remark about a bike race, and the wrecked bike on the back of their trailer. A farmer had called to complain about kids wrecking his fence and tearing through his yard.

Ian and Eve are ready to go home. Ian tells Eve that being pregnant only makes her more beautiful. Eve wants to say good bye to Michael.

Lucy tells Kevin that it never goes away. Work, other people, nothing makes the pain go away. It’s always there. Every time she thinks she’s made progress, she feels guilty. She couldn’t sleep last night, and she tried to feel nothing. Kevin gently reminds her that’s not how grief works. He tells her that she’s done an incredible job of living, and how much she’s done for his life.

A letter arrives, and Lucy looks like she going to faint when she sees it. As Kevin runs to her, she shows him. It’s a picture of Christina.

Jamal tells the police that he hit the fence, and he’s going to fix it. The police aren’t going to be put off that easily, especially when they see blood on Jamal.

Eve and Ian go to the church, to find Michael in the ruins of the trashed church. Michael tries to deny knowing who did it but finally admits that it was Caleb. He tells Eve that someone must have let him out.

Lucy has to read the letter from Julie. It is all about Christina’s likes, dislikes, that they watch the sunset together just like Lucy used to. Lucy’s voice breaks as she’s reading, and at the end of the letter, Lucy realizes that Christina is growing up without her. Kevin pulls her into his arms and she cries.

Gabriela’s brother finds her, and she goes with him. Chris decides he going to call Jack.

Back to the police, Jamal, Alison, and Livvie. The police are satisfied that the blood is Jamal's, and he’s okay. After the police leave, the gang sighs in relief. They swear to each other that they will solve the problem and bring Jack home.


 Eve, Ian, Michael- Eve wants to call police; Michael won’t let her

Bike shop- Chris at door wanting to see Jack