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Port Charles Update Friday 6/6/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Jake phones to look for an actress girlfriend, Danielle, but can't find her. His landlady, Mrs. Grimley, brings his mail in and snoops. He gets a returned letter from Danielle. She reminds him he's late to his orientation. He doesn't want to admit it's over with Danielle.

The interns prepare for their orientation. Karen wishes Joe were there. They talk about Dr. Ellen Burgess, wondering how she feels about being second choice for the head of the program, after the late Dr. Faulk. Dr. Burgess arrives and introduces herself. She calls role. Jake is late. Then Joe walks in. He insists on being in the orientation since he's just suspended. She asks him if he's ready to be there and says something about the crisis they went through. Matt asks if she's saying they're to blame for what happened. She says the people in the hospital won't trust them easily because they'll figure they're under too much strain after what happened. The interns tell her they all support Joe (Chris is silent). Joe tells her he'll have to be thrown out. Jake comes in late. Ellen chews him out and tells them all that mistakes won't be acceptable. They ask how that's possible and she tells them that they'll only act with her guidance, to avoid mistakes. A nurse comes in and tells Ellen that Scott left the hospital. When Julie mentions that Eve got him a wheelchair, they figure out that Scott lied to her. Ellen comes down hard on her for getting him a wheelchair and making stupid assumptions. She gives them some papers to study but has to leave early because of Scott. She tells them she'll see them tomorrow in the OR. Jake takes off. Karen tells Joe she's "proud" of him. Chris invites Julie for lunch but she tells him that she has to look at the apartment. However, she promises to call him later about dinner. Julie tells a sullen Eve that she didn't mean to get her "in trouble". Eve doesn't forgive her so Julie tells her that she's doing more of a job on herself than Julie ever could. Matt tells Joe that he's glad he stood up for himself. Joe offers him the apartment, but when he mentions the stairs Matt declines. Matt invites them to lunch but Karen has to leave. Matt tells Joe that he likes Karen, and Joe agrees. Meanwhile, Eve steals some paper from the nurse's station and looks up "Collins" in the hospital's directly.

Lee meets Karen and tells her that Scott is with Lucy. Karen asks him for help, for Joe. Joe takes a phone call at the locker room--it's Jagger calling for Karen. He takes a message.

Jake goes home and lays on the couch. He is drifting off when he feels a hand on his brow--Danielle. She tells him she's back and they start kissing passionately and undressing.

Lucy helps Scott in the door. She's practically hysterical and he's in a lot of pain. He blames her for Serena's disappearance but she again says she's not responsible. He tries to get up to go looking for Serena but he can't. She tells him to lay down and tells him that she'll call the police for him and tells him that Mac is on the case. He tells her that he knows she wouldn't hurt Serena. He tells her that he can't be in the hospital. He yells at Lucy, then Kevin comes in and tells him loudly never to talk to Lucy like that again. Lucy explains the situation to Kevin and he apologizes to Scott. Kevin tells Lucy he needs to go back to the hospital, but they ask him to take care of Scott, since he's a doctor. Kevin refuses. Scott yells at him for being concerned about "malpractice" and they start bickering. Lucy tells them both to calm down. She makes Scott lie down on the couch and tells Kevin that they're going for a walk. Kevin goes outside. Lucy tells Scott that he'd better rest and not die on her. She hands him Serena's stuffed bunny and tells him that they'll get her back. Outside, Kevin admits he was "a jerk" but says he doesn't like Scott. They hug. She's still so worried about Serena. Eve knocks and then walks into Lucy and Kevin's house. Scotty tells her he's in "a lot of pain" and she says, "Your pain is just beginning".

Meanwhile, Serena looks out a window in a nicely-decorated bedroom. She talks to her stuffed animals, telling them that her daddy will come get her soon.


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