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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/5/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

In the interns' locker room, Frank meets two of the other interns, Chris Ramsey and Jake Marshak. Frank wonders if they are looking for apartments but Jake turns him down and Chris ignores him completely. The two interns leave, then Julie comes out in a towel. He gets flustered as he tries to explain why he's there. He accidentally sticks himself with a tack so she fixes him up. He tells her he has an apartment to rent. She says she's looking for a place so they work out the details. She remembers him from the hostage crisis. She makes an appointment to see the place later; he gives her the address.

Jake and Chris open letters they got. Eve comes up and asks Chris about the letter. He tells her they want them all to testify at Joe's hearing. He calls Joe a "rotten apple". She implies that he's the rotten apple, not Joe. He suggests they go to the orientation but she wants to know why he dislikes Joe. He tells her that he knows she was hesitant about working on Audrey, too. They discuss the situation. He compares their situation to the Agatha Christie novel "And Then There Were None", where one by one the people disappear. He keeps trying to flirt with her but she thinks he's sleazy.

Karen visits Joe at home where he's painting his basement that he wants to rent out. He invites her to stay there if she decides to stay in PC. He asks about Scott and she tells him he's going to be okay. She thanks him for being there for her at the hospital. She tells him he should fight the review board. He assures her he won't lie down and take it. Karen's a little upset at Alan but Joe says, "He's just doing his job". She suggests a lawyer but he can't afford it. She says she knows some so she'll work on it. She also informs him that she won't go back to San Francisco until the review board thing is over. She tells him that she's having second thoughts about leaving so she'll go to the orientation. She wishes he could go. She touches his hand as she thanks him again, then she leaves.

Kevin finds Lucy up early. She's upset about Serena. The doorbell rings and it's Mac. He tells her he couldn't find anything out; the Canadian police have "no leads". She rants and raves. Kevin calms her down. They discuss the details of Serena's kidnapping. Mac promises her that they'll find her. She wonders what she'll tell Scott but Mac tells her he'll talk to Scott at the hospital. Mac thinks Scott being hit by the car is connected to Serena's disappearance. Lucy gets more upset that someone is trying to kill Scotty. Kevin has to calm her again and offers to go with Mac. She wants to go but he insists she stay home. Lucy gives them Serena's "blanky" to give to Scotty and she breaks down crying. Kevin starts to tell Lucy that he doesn't want her to lose their baby, causing Mac to wonder what they're talking about, so they tell him she's expecting. Mac is overjoyed and hugs them. Lucy asks Kevin to be nice to Scott when he sees him, and he understands. He kisses her, then leaves.

In the hospital, Scott has a dream about sitting in the park with Serena. He turns around and she's gone. He calls her name. He awakens, still calling her name. The nurse comes in. He wants to leave but she tells him he can't. He tries to get up but he's in too much pain. She goes to get him some pain medication. He takes out his breathing apparatus and forces himself up, despite the pain. He gets dressed and starts to make a phone call. Eve comes in so he pretends to be "Mr. Baldwin's attorney" and says that his client almost fell on his way to the bathroom. He insists on a wheelchair but she tells him Mr. Baldwin shouldn't be going anywhere because he just had "major surgery". He threatens to sue so she gets the wheelchair. Julie sees her getting the wheelchair from the hall. Eve tells Scotty that after he tries to use the wheelchair he will be in much worse shape (since he's not ready for it). "When that happens, don't call me" she tells him, and leaves. Scott gets in the wheelchair with great difficulty.

Julie and Matt come into the locker room where Chris and Eve are sitting. Matt tells Julie that she's lucky to have found a place to live; he's still spending too much money on a hotel room. Chris tells her he hopes "it works out". Then they talk about the previous night and her nightmares. He pretends to be "nervous". Karen enters while they're discussing Joe's problems. Chris pretends to be caring and calls him "a poor guy" but Karen jumps all over him anyway. She sticks up for Joe and then Julie sticks up for Chris. Karen glares at Chris and Eve rolls her eyes at Chris' performance.

Kevin tells Mac the good news about his father not actually being crazy. Mac goes into Scotty's room and finds the nurse. She tells him that Scott has left. At home, Lucy watches a videotape of Serena and Scott playing. Scott bangs on the door and calls Serena's name. Lucy opens it and Scott falls down.


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