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Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/4/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Dr. Chris Ramsey is in bed with a blonde woman. She asks about the hostage crisis and he gives her sketchy details. He lets her think that he is the one who saved everybody. He has a flashback to when he helped the others take Dr. Cooper's gun away. He talks macho to her. They have been drinking champagne all night but it's empty so he goes to get another one. She finds the file he stole and asks who Dr. Julie Morris is. He accuses her of spying. She said she was just trying to hang up his nice suit. He offers her money and tells her goodnight. She's insulted but he claims it's "for the cab". She leaves, knowing he's a creep who'll never call her again. Still, she wishes him luck in the intern program. He mutters that he won't need luck as he grins at his file.

Frank gets Ellen's signature on the papers for bringing Scotty into ER. He asks her about being the new intern director but she doesn't want to chat about it. She is kind of cold because she knows he's trying to be nice so that Joe will be let back into the program.

Joe tells Karen she shouldn't leave town and the program. He gives her his coat because she's shivering and tells her, "I want you to stay". He asks her to wait until they see how Scott is before she makes a firm decision. She tells him that she barely knows Scott. He praises her quick-thinking during both this crisis and the hostage one. Frank comes up and Joe tells him he's hanging around. Frank takes him aside and asks him why he didn't tell him he was in trouble at GH. He tells Joe he should apologizes to Dr. Burgess for mouthing off earlier, but Joe tells him to mind his own business. Karen calls Rhonda to tell her where she is. Karen talks about her mother's alcoholism. Joe's father also drank and died from a car accident. They know their secrets are out at the hospital because of Dr. Cooper.

Kevin and Lucy come home, amazed at how much has happened since they left it. Especially the pregnancy. She thinks it's weird that they haven't heard from Scott yet so she goes to phone his parents. She gets a neighbor of the Baldwins who tells her that Scott was hit by a car and no one knows where Serena is. They are confused. Lucy wants to run to GH but Kevin wants her to take it easy. The doorbell rings; it's Mac. He asks how they are. He's annoyed at Scotty and the FBI. He's shocked to find out Serena is still gone. Lucy begs him to go find her but he tells her he's no longer the police commissioner. But he doesn't regret arresting Dorman with no evidence. Lucy asks him to do what he can and he offers to go up to Canada to see what he can find out. Kevin takes Lucy to GH, knowing she has to go see Scott.

Later, Karen and Joe introduce themselves to Kevin outside Scotty's room. Karen explains that she's Scott's daughter. He tells them about his connection to Lucy and how Serena's still missing. Meanwhile, Lucy visits an unconscious Scott. She's still annoyed that he thought she would kidnap Serena. Lucy and Kevin chat with Karen. Lucy remembers that she's Scotty's daughter. Kevin tells her Mac phoned on his way to Canada. Karen and Lucy agree to let each other know if they hear any news about Scott. Ellen comes by to tell her that Scott is doing well after his surgery and should recover nicely. She also tells them that about her new job and hands them a piece of paper about the review board meeting.

Dr. Julie Morris has a weird nightmare about the hostage crisis and someone named "Buddy" hiding from her. Chris phones her to ask how she's doing. She admits she's "freaking out". He pretends he is, too, to get her sympathy.

Frank visits Audrey, who's still unconscious. He begs her to get better for Joe's sake.


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