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Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/3/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Alan apologizes for coming by so late. Mary makes coffee while Alan and Joe talk in the other room. Alan is sorry he was so harsh on him earlier, so soon after his ordeal. Joe is annoyed that he still has to face the review board. Alan blasts him for taking risks with Audrey and for his temper when he yells at Alan. Alan tells him he better learn how to control his feelings before he goes to the "review board". But he tells Joe he will forget how he's acted because of what happened with Cooper. Frank phones the hospital and finds out that Audrey is "critical but stable". Mary thinks Alan stopped by to thank Joe for saving her life. Frank interrupts Alan and Joe to tell them about Audrey. Alan leaves. Frank asks Joe what's happening. He doesn't want to talk about it. Mary asks about how Joe worked on Audrey and he admits he used a drill. He flashes back to what happened and gets upset, spilling milk he was pouring. Frank asks Mary if she remembers Karen Wexler and tells her she's one of the "new interns". Frank gets an emergency call and he and Joe take off (I think they're EMT's?).

Lucy puts her head down, exhausted. She and Kevin are tired of sitting around with the FBI, waiting for Scotty or any news. One of the agents phones the Baldwins to see what's going on but there's no answer. Lucy thinks it's odd. She tries to convince the FBI that they're not kidnappers. The FBI brings her some food. Lucy is kind of nauseous so Kevin tries to help her, thinking it's "stress". She is upset that this very happy day has been ruined (I'm guessing it was ruined when she got trapped in the elevator and almost died, but...). She finally tells them that she was at GH when Serena was kidnapped. She had a blood test at Dr. Newman's, she tells them. The FBI leave to verify her story, leaving her alone with Kevin. He's confused and asks her why she didn't tell them earlier. She wanted to tell him privately and he realizes that Newman is an OB/GYN. She tells him she's pregnant. She cries with joy and he looks stunned. Her hormones make her cry more. She tells him how she wanted to tell him at a "duck pond". He tells her it's okay anyway because they don't lead normal lives. They worry how Sigmund (her duck) will take it. Kevin tells Lucy how happy he is about her being pregnant. She tells him there's no pressure to get married. The FBI come in and tell her she can go. She's annoyed that Scott still hasn't gotten in touch.

Karen helps Scotty but he only cares about seeing Serena. He tells her where the pain is but he's very disoriented. She tries to calm him while the ambulance comes. Joe and Frank rush up in their ambulance to help Scotty. Karen helps. They put a neck brace on him and put him on the stretcher before driving away. Scott yells to his parents to find Lucy and Serena. Karen rides with Scotty to GH in the ambulance, telling Joe and Frank that he's her father. They take him into emergency and Dr. Ellen Burgess takes over. While they wait, Joe and Frank ask her about Scotty. They know he's in good hands with Dr. Burgess. Frank leaves to do paper work. Joe says he'll wait with her. Ellen brings her papers to sign so she can authorize her to run tests. Karen tries to tell her that she's not sure she should sign but Ellen pressures her. Joe is annoyed at Ellen's attitude but Karen signs anyway. Alan takes Ellen aside and tells her he would like her to replace Dr. Faulk (the one who was killed) as chief resident. She realizes she would have to start supervising the interns tomorrow. He knows she's up to it and tells her that Joe and Karen are two of the interns, but Joe is "on suspension" and will have to face a review board. Frank overhears him say this. Karen tells Joe that she's leaving town tomorrow.


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