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Port Charles Update Monday 6/2/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Karen gives her statement at the police station. She's not looking forward to telling Jagger that she had to strip to get out of the hostage situation. Joe is there, also, and offers to go with her to console her but she has to leave. Frank gives Joe a ride and asks about Karen. He praises her actions during the hostage crisis and calls her "a tough cookie". Joe remembers playing a game of Marco Polo when they were children where he purposely let her win because he thought she was scared. But she denied it. He invite her to his place, knowing that her mom wasn't around, but she took offense and ran off. The Scanlon boys go home and find out that their mother, Mary, cleaned up their place. She is glad they are okay. She tells Joe he has a visitor. It's Alan Quartermaine.

Karen visits Lee and Gail Baldwin at home. They are so glad to see her. Gail apologizes for not visiting but Karen says it's okay since they weren't close. They talk about her ordeal at GH. She shares that she got his spot in the program. She says Lee knew that. Lee tells them that Cooper had a past history of mental instability. Karen thinks she shouldn't have been picked because she was a stripper and thinks Lee influenced the other board members because she's a relative. She is very angry at Lee so she taunts him about having to strip for Cooper. Gail offers to help her "work through" it but Karen says she's leaving town. They try to talk her out of it. She calls herself an "accident" and tells them goodbye. Lee tells her she saw Scotty tonight and asks her if she'd like to meet him before she leaves.

Kevin yells at Scotty for putting Lucy through this. Mac holds Scotty back. Lucy suddenly realizes that Serena is missing. She asks him what's going on but he just tells her that she kidnapped Serena. Lucy and Scotty argue about him not letting her visit Serena. Scotty calls Kevin a "psychopath" and accuses him of putting Lucy up to it. Mac has to hold the two men apart. The FBI asks Lucy about the message she left on Scott's answering machine. She just cares about finding the little girl. Scotty says he phoned their house and Kevin answered, asking, "Is it over yet?" Kevin is surprised that it was Scotty on the phone. Scotty and Lucy bicker some more. Mac asks how Lucy could have had time to drive up to Canada to snatch Serena. Scotty answers that her teacher said the woman who took her had "long brown hair" and NY license plates on her car. Scott is irrational because he knows that if it's not Lucy, he has no clue who might have her. Kevin advises Lucy to be quiet until she gets a lawyer. The FBI tells Mac and Kevin to leave. They leave reluctantly. Lucy offers to take a lie detector test and have her apartment searched. She doesn't want to tell the FBI where she was this afternoon because it's "private". Scotty calms down and tries to talk her into telling him where his daughter is. He shows her Serena's toys. Lucy recognizes one of them that she gave her. Scotty wants her to give the toys to her but Lucy tells him again that she didn't do it. Lee phones Scott to tell him they have his "daughter" and that she's "been through an ordeal" so naturally Scotty thinks it's Serena. Karen looks hopeful. Scott tells the FBI to hold on to Lucy until he checks it out. He vows to make her pay if she's involved in the kidnapping.

Lucy asks for a "snack". A cop comes in to tell Mac that the mayor demands to see him. Lucy doesn't want to tell the FBI still about where she was that afternoon. She goes on about how she and Scott were close not that long ago. Kevin comforts her.

Gail chews Lee out for phoning Scotty without talking to her or Karen first. Karen phones Jagger and leaves a message to get in contact with her. Lee tells Karen how excited Scotty was. Karen says that Scott didn't keep in touch with her after they left town. Scotty rushes in and wonders where Serena is. They are confused. Karen looks very hurt and disappointed. Scotty apologizes but explains that Serena has been kidnapped and Lucy is to blame. Gail thinks he's wrong about Lucy. Karen understands but still seems hurt. She mumbles that she won't be bothering him again. Outside, a car runs Scott down. They all rush out to find him lying on the ground.


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