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Port Charles Update Sunday 6/1/97

Written by Suzanne Lanoue

Port Charles very first episode

The new GH interns are thrown a party but the power goes out and they get trapped inside one of the rooms. The interns include Karen Wexler (who left the show a few years ago with her husband, Jagger Cates, to go to a medical school; she's returning without him and played by a different actress); Joe Scanlon (son of Mary Scanlon, Katherine Bell's therapist, and childhood friend of Karen); two other women, a weasely kind of guy (Dr. Ramsey) and a guy in a wheelchair (Matt). A crazy guy, Dr. Cooper, that got turned down from entering the program, takes out a machine gun and takes the interns hostage. He shoots and kills Doctor Faulk, who tried to reason with him, and hits Audrey in the head, critically injuring her. He also disables the elevator so no one can come up. Mac and the cops evacuate the hospital and do their best in the situation. Frank Scanlon, Joe's brother, sneaks in to help the hostages.

Also at GH, Lucy Coe finds out she's pregnant. As she's figuring out how to tell Kevin, she gets trapped in the elevator, which is about to fall, and climbs out just in time, but then gets stuck hanging. Kevin and Frank rescue her valiantly. She and Kevin take quite awhile to get back out. Frank stays to spy on the hostages through the crack in the elevator doors. He uses his cell phone to call Mac and assess the situation. Mac phones crazy Dr. Cooper but it doesn't help.

The interns, led by Joe, try to help Audrey by operating. They have few tools and he has to use a power drill to operate because she's having seizures. It seems successful. Ramsey wants no part in it, since he knows they might get in trouble later. Crazy Dr. Cooper is bitter and blames the hostages, especially Karen, for not being accepted into the program. He has files on all of them and reveals their pasts, including Karen's pill-popping stripper days. He wants to play musical chairs where he shoots whomever is left standing. Karen sees Frank gesture to stall crazy Dr. Cooper so she offers to strip for him. He agrees so she starts. While Karen strips, Matt sneaks up on crazy Dr. Cooper (he doesn't watch Matt carefully because he underestimates him) and rams him so the other interns can grab his gun. Frank jumps in and helps them. One of the women grabs the gun and wants to shoot crazy Dr. Cooper (or shoot off his private parts), but they talk her out of it. The police take crazy Dr. Cooper away. Dr. Tony Jones comes in to help Audrey. Ramsey steals a file of one of the women before the cops usher them out. Karen is upset that they all know her past now. Alan and Monica greet the new interns outside. Alan chastises Joe for using unorthodox procedures (the drill). Joe is a bit of a hothead and defends his actions but Alan says he can't start the internship program until there is a full inquiry. The police tell the weary interns that they have to give statements at the station within 24 hours. Audrey's condition is critical.

Scott Baldwin flies his own plane home from Canada. Serena, his daughter, was kidnapped, and for some reason he thinks Lucy did it. He has a flashback to flying in the plane with Serena, who asks about Dominique. He runs into Lee (at the airport), who is overjoyed but shocked to see him. Scotty doesn't have time to chat but tells him that he and Serena will be staying with him and Gail. The FBI question and arrest Lucy right after she escapes GH with Kevin. She, Mac, and Kevin are stunned. She has a six hour period that she won't account for. She says she went for a walk in the woods but won't tell them what happened after that. Scotty bursts in to yell at her for taking Serena, demanding to know where she is.


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