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Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

“There is a destiny that makes us…..FAMILY”

Seemingly everyone is at Company as Blake suggest baby names such as Isabella for Natalia’s baby. She says they can call her ‘Bella’ and proceeds to get up and go to the kitchen. Someone says they could name the baby Henrietta. Shayne is sitting beside Buzz at the bar and says “my Henry says no to your Henrietta.” Everyone laughs as Olivia stands and says they have a meeting with an Interior Designer for the Nursery. Frank asks if that will take long. Someone jokes that he must have a date. He says he does as he leaves with Natalia and Olivia. Daisy stands beside James and announces that a spot has opened up at Berkley and she is taking it. She says she has to leave in a “couple hours.” Everyone claps.

Doris tells Ashlee that she “pulled strings” and got her into the Writing Program at Berkley and even though it is in California she will be okay. Ashlee hugs her as Doris tells her to go tell Daisy and pack.

Remy and Christina are searching for Mel. Christina is adamant that they have to be married before they have the baby. Remy smiles and tells her they have nine months. She panics and asks how they could have “messed this up.” She says they are smart people….Remy laughs and says they may just like being married and going on “multiple honeymoons.”

Lizzie is upstairs in the Atrium with Bill and says Alex has “lost it.” Bill says Fletcher is a great guy and Alan is not there. Fletcher is downstairs and yells that he will not let Alex get into any trouble. Alex laughs and says she hopes that they do. Phillip and Beth walk in as Phillip exclaims “Fletcher Reade.” Fletch turns to Phillip and says he is sorry to hear about his father.

Reva tells Jonathon he has met his match as Sarah laughs in his arms. She keeps asking when he will get her magic wand. They laugh as she says she loves being around her kids and grandkids. Jonathon says it is almost “normal” for her. She laughs as her cell phone rings. Josh tells her to meet her at Cross Creek.

Ashlee comes to Daisy and James with bags in tow. Daisy asks if her room has been rented out already. Ashlee explains that Doris pulled strings and she is going to California. She tells her she was thinking they could rent a place together or something if she did not mind. Daisy smiles as Ashlee runs and hugs her.

Maureen is outside with Matt as she talks about Frank going on a date. She tells him he should go on a date. He says she should go to play practice.

Remy and Christina knock on Mel’s door. Mel is wrapped in a sheet as she answers the door and they say they need help. Mel is wrapped in a sheet and says she thought they were there to say Happy Birthday. Remy looks at Christina and it appears that they did not know about the event. Remy looks to see Cyrus on the bed with a sheet covering his lower half. He asks what he is doing there and Cyrus responds that he was there giving Mel her birthday present.

Frank tells Olivia and Natalia that he has a high chair picked out and he is excited for his “little girl” to come see him. They smile as his phone rings. He answers and questions “when did this happen?” He says he will be “right there” and then hangs up the phone. He tells Olivia and Natalia that Daisy is going to College on the other side of the Country. He says he must go and leaves the two alone. They walk hand in handn.

Lizzie is in the driveway with Beth and Phillip behind her. Beth rubs Lizzie’s arm as she says that she should not worry, “your Aunt Alex is a world class traveler.” Lizzie says it is “too many goodbyes.” Beth reminds her that she and her father are not going anywhere. They kiss her forehead.

Bill thanks Fletcher for coming. He says he is happy he came. Bill says he misses Ben. Fletcher says he does to. Phillip tells Alex Alan would want her to go. She says she is going and that she will be back in time for the wedding. She blows a kiss as she gets in the car with Fletcher. Lizzie blows one back as she stands with Bill, Beth and Phillip.

Mindy walks up to Billy and asks what he is doing. He tells her he helped Josh pack up. She asks if he is okay and announces that she is staying. He does not believe her but she convinces him she is staying in Springfield. Billy joyously picks Mindy up with excitement.

Josh stands outside of the house as Reva drives up. She says he looks good standing next to H.B.’s truck. She asks if he is driving it to Venezuela. He says that was a few plans ago and he is going to Oklahoma to oversee the H.B. Wing on the Hospital. She says it is his “project.” He says it has his name on it, so if someone screws it up he wants it to be him. She asks if there is a plan in between Venezuela and Oklahoma. He says his plan was to kidnap her, put her in the back of the truck and take her to the Justice of the Peace so he could marry her. “I love you. Always have, always will.” Reva looks at him, emotionally stricken and walks a few steps away.

Mel along with Christina and Remy find Doris with all of the Coopers going to send Ashlee and Daisy off to College. Doris signs the paper, says they are man and wife and Shayne high fives Remy as they leave to go to see the girls.

Olivia and Natalia are sitting talking about how they have so much to look forward to. Olivia is still holding Natalia’s hand as she says she feels bad for Frank; she says there may be something they can do for him. Natalia replies that Olivia has an idea already. She does and the two leave the table.

Josh watches as Reva cries. She says she loves him too but she is not ready. He says he knows this and that is why he is leaving town. He says he says he is not ready either, which is why he is going out of town. He says he wants to be ready for her. He says one year from now he will be at the lighthouse at 12 noon and if life is where she can be with him she should meet him there. They repeat that it is at 12 noon as he walks away. She finally turns as he is driving by. He stops the truck and says “I will see you in one year Reva Shane.”

Billy comes to see Reva as she tells him Josh just drove away. He asks what she will do. She says she will call Shayne and Marina and tell them she is ready to pick up Colin. He says he meant in a year. She says “he told you.” Billy tells him he is his big brother. She then looks at him as he asks again what she will do. She is smiling as she says “I don’t know.” Reva walks inside leaving Billy standing in the same position.

Maureen comes outside and tells Matt her teacher is behind her. She introduces an attractive woman to him, who’s name is Charlotte. Charlotte looks at Matt and tells him Maureen says he has promised to build all of their Sets. Matt says he is in construction so that makes sense. Maureen tells him that Miss Jackson is an advisor for the Bike Club. They discover she rides to school every day; similarly Matt rides to work daily. Maureen smiles and says they should ride together sometime. Matt hugs Maureen and whispers “you work fast.”

Daisy and Ashlee stand beside the car and Daisy tells them it took them long enough. Daisy says they have to get going. They begin to hug everyone. Doris tells Ashlee to call her. Daisy hugs Marina and she says she is leaving her to be the “only Cooper girl.” Daisy tells her she can handle it. James walks to Daisy and says, “I love you.” Daisy tells him she loves him to. They go to kiss and Ashlee slams on the horn. She says they have to go and they leave.

Frank runs to Buzz and says he has to go to his date. Blake runs by Buzz a few minutes later and says he will have to cover for her because she has somewhere to go.

Phillip looks at pictures and says it is weird that he is “the oldest Spaulding living here.” Beth laughs and says “ooo the oldest Spaulding.” Beth says she got him something. Phillip opens a box and a journal is inside. She says she thinks he should write everything he is feeling. Phillip leans in and kisses Beth. He tells her he loves her and kisses her again before his phone rings. Rick tells Phillip everyone is at the Park and they need to be there. He tells Beth they are going to the Park.

Frank walks on the bridge and meets Blake half way. He asks what she is doing there. He says he is meeting a date on the bridge. She asks if his screen name is his. He asks if the screen name he has been talking to is hers. She says it is. They say it is nice to meet each other. Frank says he has enjoyed talking to her online. They hold hands and walk as they run into Olivia and Natalia. Natalia says they have to tell him they have decided on a name. He asks if they are telling him “now.” They say it is important and they have decided to name the baby Francesca after her father. As they announce this Blake holds their hands to her heart and says it is perfect. Olivia asks if they are a couple. Blake smiles and says “we met online.”

Jonathon asks Sarah if she wants to feed the ducks. She says no as he laughs and says she is going to anyway. Lizzie watches and says Sarah is so perfect that she wants “a dozen more.” Bill says he is happy to hear it because he thought since Sarah was back she may not want to. She tells him she wants to have his “babies” and kisses him.

A slew of people are behind Buzz as he tells them all to be quiet so they can see Frank and his date. Shayne spots Frank and points him out to Buzz. Lillian looks and see Blake sitting on a bench with Frank. She asks if that is Blake and Buzz says they should “go give them a hard time.”

Rick says “they are coming” and Mindy runs behind a tree. Beth and Phillip walk up as Danny, Michelle and the kids are on a picnic blanket. Rick says they are “all moved in.” Phillip is shocked they are staying. Rick tells him they are not the only ones who are staying. He calls Mindy’s name as she runs out. Rick announces Mindy is staying as Phillip picks her up off the ground. Rick says the Musketeers are back together again.

Marina walks over to Shayne and tells him the Coaching position at the High School has been filled. He says he should not have waited so long. She says he may hate her but they had an Assistant Coaching Position and she signed him up for it. She calls him ‘Coach’ and sits beside him.

Cyrus and Mel ask Remy and Christina if that is the last time they are getting married. Christina responds that “it better be.” Cyrus looks perplexed as Christina announces they are pregnant. The four hug one another.

Phillip sees James and asks where Daisy is. James explains she got accepted to Berkley, “which is a couple of miles away in California.” Phillip asks if he is okay; James says he is right where he wants to be. He picks up the Frisbee and he and Phillip toss it back and forth while smiling at one another.

Reva walks with Olivia. She asks, “so you and Natalia are together?” Olivia says she is. Reva tells her it is about time; “someone who can keep you in line.” She tells her that Josh left and asked him to meet her a year from today. Olivia looks as Reva begins to cry and says, “of course you will.” Reva says she does not know if she will or not.

“One Year Later….”

Jonathon and Sarah are running around as Marina wishes Shayne and his team good luck. She tells Henry they have to wish “daddy good luck” so he can go to the Championships. Marina and Shayne kiss one another and then he tells his players what to do as she and Henry wish him ‘good luck.’

Billy shows up in casually in shorts and tells Jonathon they got the “bid on the new Grade School” He offers it to Jonathon and Jonathon shakes his hand and thanks him. Jonathon tells Sarah to come back over and say hello to her mom. Lizzie kisses her and lets her feel her unborn baby brother.

Lillian and Buzz walk up to Remy and Christina and Lillian asks if she can hold the baby. Buzz tells them the food is “over here.”

Frank walks over to Cyrus and Remy announcing he has an assignment for them. They walk towards the food as Blake says his “two girls” need a kiss. Frank kisses Blake and then his baby that she is holding and notices the diaper needs to be changed. He asks why Francesca has two mommies and he is always the one changing diapers.

Natalia, Emma and Olivia are at the Bus Station picking up Rafe. She grabs his face and says, “I am so happy you are home.”

Michelle, Dannny, Mindy, Rick, Phillip and Beth are on the Spaulding Lawn as Danny toasts “to the happy couple.” Rick and Mindy kiss as everyone looks on. Rick says it took “a long time but I got the girl.” Beth says if anyone can handle him it is Mindy. Mindy says that someone better make sure he gets to the Church on time. Phillip says he will since that it is the Best Man’s job. The maid takes a picture.

James drives up in a Mini Convertible and lays on the horn as Daisy runs out in a dress to meet him. They passionately kiss and then he hugs Ashlee.

Dinah and Mallet are inside of a Church crashing a wedding. She says she loves weddings. Mallet asks if that is why they have stopped at every Churhc in Europe. He tells her they should go. She says she doesn’t want to go yet, it is time for the vows. Mallet looks up and says “she never gets tired of this.”

Natalia, Olivia, Emma and Rafe show up to the baseball game and see everyone in the Stands. Frank hands Natalia their baby as she introduces Francesca to Rafe.

Jonathon sits on the bleachers with Billy and he asks if he thinks, “she will come.” Billy says he does not know and wonders if Jonathon has talked to her. Jonathon asks if he has heard from Josh. Billy says “I think he is down at the Lighthouse right now.”

Josh sits waiting on the steps as he sees Reva approach in a green dress with Colin by her side. He runs to meet them and gives Colin a high five. He says he wonders if she would show up. She says he knew she would show up; but he does not know what she will say. She says he was right, that she needed to live her life. She says her family surrounded her and it is hard not to find yourself when surrounded by “all that family, all that love.” He says she found Reva again. She says she did. She asks if he found Joshua again. He says he has. She wants to know if he wants the same thing. “To be with the woman I love; the woman I have loved my entire life; for the rest of my life; yes, I want the same thing; I want you Reva.” She cries and says she loves him and if he wants to be together she is “in.” He takes her chin is his hand and says “that’s a great thing.” They kiss and then he asks “so where’s your stuff?” He says they will go on an adventure. They walk, his arm around her while she holds Colin’s hands. They say “let’s go.”

A song plays while everyone is at the Ballpark. Everyone is enjoying each other, talking, kissing, throwing the kids up in the air.

Dinah and Mallet walk out of the church and Mallet throws her over his shoulder as they run out laughing along the way.

James opens he door for Daisy and she throws her hands in the air as they drive away with Ashlee in the backseat.

Danny, Michelle, Rick, Mindy, Beth and Phillip laugh and toast to one another.

Josh puts Reva’s things in the back of H.B.’s truck. He puts Colin in the back as well and she laughs until he removes him and puts him in the front with them. After sitting in the truck he asks “are you ready?” She says “always.”

They drive away, away from the Lighthouse and away from Springfield….

“The End.”

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