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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/17/09

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Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Phillip is outside reading when Bill walks up with a box and says, “here he is.” Phillip asks if he checked to make sure Alan was in “there.” Bill said he did not think it was right. Phillip pulls a wooden box containing Alan and looks to make sure he is in there. Bill says he can’t believe “a life as big as Alan Spaulding could fit in that box.” Phillip looks at him and tells him they must make the most of their lives.

Buzz is inside of Company when he yells to Daisy outside that she has a phone call. Daisy is shocked to hear a man say that she has been accepted for the Fall at Berkley. She does not understand how this could happen. He tells her a spot has opened up and classes begin Monday. She asks if she can have time to think about it and he tells her he will give her 4 hours. Buzz is inside listening on the other end and watches as she gets the Admissions Counselor phone number.

Jonathon is looking in the Classifieds for a place to live. Reva tells him to live with her. He says he can not live with his mother. He is too old.

Billy is outside drawing when Josh comes outside. Billy comments that he is looking “chipper.” Josh says he knows what he wants to do. Billy points out that they have established he is going to Venezuela. Josh says that was the old plan. He tells him Alan’s death made him think. Josh says Billy married the love of his life and he wants him to help kidnap Reva so he can marry the love of his life. Billy’s mouth drops open and he stares in shock.

Billy tells Josh to wait and he asks again what he is saying. Josh tells him that Billy told him to kidnap her a year ago before marrying Jeffrey and he didn’t but he should have. He says Reva is the love of his life, and Billy should know that. Billy asks if Reva knows that. Josh says he will figure it out when he marries her. Billy warns that a lot has happened in a year. Josh asks if Billy is coming and he says Josh will have to do this on his own. Josh calls him a chicken and drives away.

Buzz comes to Daisy on the steps and inquires if she will go. He says she should go. He says they have the money. She says she has to talk to James. He tells her to “talk to James, then go.”

Alex is running her finger over a coffee cup at the table. Phillip asks if may have it and she informs him it is his. She says that she used to know when Alan was coming down the stairs and would pour him coffee. Phillip tells her she took “good care of him.” She tells him they took care of each other. He says they should go soon, unless she needs time. She says she is ready and takes his arm as they leave the dining room.

Blake and Frank are at a booth with Christina and they are working on baby names. Frank says he is going to let Natalia and Olivia pick out a name. Christina says he should pick out a woman and Frank says he has too many of those in his life. They laugh as Cyrus comes out with cookies and oven mitts. Frank asks if he is auditioning for a cooking show or if he is impressing the ladies. Blake says she thinks he is impressing a lady as Christina l begins to smile.

Marina, Shayne, Henry, Jonathon, Sarah and Reva are outside eating at the picnic table. Josh walks p and sees them all as Reva comes up and informs him that Shayne said they should spend more time together so he grabbed chicken and came over. She says she is not there but she is getting there and he knew it. She tells him to join hem and he does.

Danny, Michelle and the kids come up in a rather large moving truck. They say they are moving home and they wanted it to be a surprise. They hug Rick and ask if he is happy. He says he is.

Remy is on the park bench debating insurance coverage with someone. Olivia walks up and asks if he is okay as he ends the phone call. He says he is not married according to the people on the phone. She tells him to go get a copy of the Marriage Certificate from the Courthouse. Remy says he did not file one. Olivia looks at him, turns around and says “yeah, you are not married.”

Jonathon leaves the table to take a call from Jeffrey. He tells him he has Jeffrey. He says he he has tracked him down to a warehouse. Jonathon tells him to “take a shot and come home.” Jeffrey tells him “that’s the plan.”

Billy is outside as Josh drives up. He asks where his girl is. Josh says she is not there and for him to just go ahead and say he told him so. Josh says Billy was right and she was not ready. Josh says he has to find some kind of life for himself. Billy says Reva may want to go along with her.

Rick is carrying boxes and tells Ed everyone is moving back. Ed says he is not and continues to read his paper. Rick asks if he wants to help with boxes. Ed says he can’t; he is reading.

Jeffrey goes to the rooftop of a building and looks down below and sees a car pulling in. He gets his gun ready.

Lillian finds Buzz sitting on some rocks by the water. She says “you beat us here.” He tells her he wanted time alone, that the world feels different without Alan. She nods in agreement.

Bill and Lizzie walk up and Lizzie says she “always loved this spot.” Bill asks if she thinks Alan will like it. She says he would like anywhere as long as they were together.

Beth looks at the water and tells James this is not what she thought Alan would want. James says they didn’t know him as well as they thought.

Phillip walks with Alex on the beach and asks if she will be okay. She says she has to be. He tells her he loved her more than anyone. Alex says “not more than you sweetheart.” They hug as the family gets closer. Music plays along with the sounds of the waves crashing. Everyone stops and looks at the water.

Remy tells Christina he called the Insurance Company and they said she was not covered under his policy and he has found out they are not legally married. He says it is funny. He says they can get married again. She tells him he better. She holds a pregnancy test up and tells him they are pregnant.

Mel is on the phone when Cyrus walks up. Mel says she was on the phone with her parents. They were taking her out. He asks if they are taking her out for her birthday. She asks how he knew. He pulls out the cookies he has made and tells her he wanted to bring them to her along with a kiss. He then very passionately kisses him.

Reva is on the phone and they are all playing outside as she tells Jonathon to come over to her. She tells him she has found the perfect place for him to live. She tells him to come with her.

Phillip holds Alan’s ashes and tells him they are all there like he wanted. Alex says someone should say something. They tell Buzz he should speak. Buzz says Alan is not in that box; he would not fit. He says he is out there. He talks to the sky and tells Alan he was a constant and they can never say goodbye. He says each one of them found a piece of their selves because of him. He ends it by saying he will miss him. Phillip walks down the line and each person takes ash in his or her hand. Lillian takes it and sprinkles hers on the ground. Buzz does the same. James lays his on the ground and looks up. Lizzie pours hers out, while Beth sprinkles some as well. Alex is tearful as she pours hers on the ground. Phillip kneels to put his on the ground and kisses his hand after doing so. When he comes to stand beside Alex she is fighting tears and emotionally states “Onward Brother.”

Phillip stands on the beach looking at the water as James approaches. Phillip turns and James asks if he wants to be alone. Phillip responds that he does not. He asks if he wants to be alone. James says he does not know. James holds his a Frisbee. Phillip steps back and they begin to throw the Frisbee on the beach.

Frank is on the computer as Rick comes up and says he needs a reservation for 6 for his family. Frank says he has to hold on so he can ask someone out. Rick says she has turned him down already. Frank says she did not turn him down completely and it has never stopped him before. Blake is in the kitchen and sees that she has an instant message. She smiles and responds. Rick is behind the counter and tells Frank that “this girl” does not want to have coffee, she wants to meet in the park. Rick leans over Frank’s shoulder and tells him a dog would help. He smells him and tells him he must go home and change his shirt. Frank agrees to do so as Remy comes into Company asking if they have seen Mel.

Mel and Cyrus are under the sheets, breathing heavily when she announces she is hungry. He says they can order room service and she remembers his cookies. She says room service will take 30 minutes. He says that is perfect and they giggle as they go back under the sheets.

Marina, Henry and Shayne are sitting outside when Josh comes out and gives Shayne a hug. Shayne says he is happy that he got to hug him before he left. Marina makes Josh, Shayne and Henry take a few pictures. They take a picture of just Josh and Henry. Josh goes to leave and Shayne hugs him. Shayne is emotional as he says goodbye and Josh asks Marina to send him the pictures. She promises that she will.

Reva and Jonathon walk as she explains that Cassie had bought the place for he and Tammy before she had died. She says she knows the story – it ended up with Lizzie. She says Cassie could not sell it. Jonathon asks if Reva talked to Cassie and if she was okay with him living there. Reva says Cassie had said she thought Tammy would like it as well. She hands him the keys and tells him to look around.

Jeffrey has a gun pointed down on the roof when a guard attacks from behind. The two wrestle as Jeffrey strangles the man. He sees Edmund in clear shot however the gun is on the ground. Edmund says Jeffrey loves the rush of the chase. Jeffrey says he will love the high he gets when he kills him. Edmund asks what he will do when he kills him. Jeffrey says he will go home. Edmund blows Jeffrey a kiss and walks away.

Rick brings home food from Company and asks where the kids are. Danny and Michelle tell him they found his video games. They ask where Ed is.

Ed knocks on Holly’s door. She tells him to come in. He says he can’t, that “the around the tour has ended.” She asks where is going, he says “with you.” He says life is short. She asks how long she has to pack. She says she will pack and be back in 15 minutes.

Phillip is on the beach by himself when Beth comes to meet him. She says James seems okay. “He made me look like an old man with that Frisbee.” She asks if he is okay. He says he can not remember being so sad; but he also has never felt so “at peace.” Beth jokes “he did what he wanted.” Phillip says he saved him, and he saved all of them. “He wanted to be brave.” Beth hugs Phillip.

Alex is sitting as Bill and Lizzie ask if she is okay. She says she is. They tell her she does not have to be. One of the Staff members announce that Alex has a guest. Fletcher walks in Alex is shocked as he says he heard about Alan on the AP Wire and thought she would need a friend. She breaks down and begins to sob as they hug.

Daisy and James are outside as she asks if he is okay. She tells him about Berkley. He asks if she wants to go. She says she would be the first girl in her family to go to College. He tells her to go. She looks at him as he says “I’m rich, I’ll come visit.” They hug.

Josh walks up to Billy as Billy asks how much longer he will be there. Josh says he will leave shortly but he wanted to see him before he goes. Billy asks where he will go first. Josh tells him he has plans to go to Tulsa for business. Billy asks if he needs help packing. Josh says “that would be great” as the two walk away.

Jonathon looks at the sky and asks Tammy if it would be okay for him to stay in the place with Sarah. He says he is pretty sure it is okay with her. He begins to cry and says “you would have liked living here.” Reva asks who he is talking to. He puts his hand up in protest and tells her she has no right. He says he is moving home. The two begin to cry as she says “welcome home.” Reva and Jonathon embrace in a hug as they continue to cry outside of the house.

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