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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/16/09

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Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

A song plays as Phillip looks at Alan sitting on the bench. Phillip sits beside him and holds his hands, cries and looks at the water.

The Brides and Grooms are leaving as Rick gets a call on his cellular. His face drops and he says “oh my God, I’ll be right there.”

Frank and Josh are talking about how everyone is happy. Frank offers to give everyone a ride to Company and Beth says that is a good idea. Alex protests that they should wait on Alan. Beth explains that Alan is with Phillip, who had something important to tell him. They all leave.

Lizzie asks Jonathon where Sarah is and he tells her she is with Mel and Cyrus at the beach. She announces that she wants to tell her goodnight. Jonathon says that she and Bill can take her home and he will pick her up later. Reva and Lizzie go to get Sarah’s stuff out of the car. Bill thanks Bill and says it means a lot to Lizzie. Jonathon explains that he trusts them but he does not trust Alan. Bill vows to protect her.

Rick runs to Phillip now standing behind his father. He asks if he is sure and then faces Alan to try to find a pulse. Phillip is still in the same position and Rick tells him it will be “alright.”

Phillip and Rick watch as the Ambulance takes Alan away. Rick is visibly upset and says he is sorry. Phillip says he feels like he should have gone with him. Rick says he should go talk to his family. He says he will drive him; Phillip tells him he should get to Cedar’s and “take care of everything..” Rick says he will finish the paperwork, hugs Phillip and walks away.

Olivia and Natalia are packing food for Rafe. Olivia has cut out photos for her to give to him. She tells Natalia she will make her a copy.

Frank walks in and is trying to make sure Rafe has everything. Rafe assures him he does. Frank tells him he is proud of him. They hug and Rafe thanks him for everything that he did for his family. Frank tells him he is a “good boy.” He then corrects himself and tells him he is a “good man.”

Phillip stands on the docks looking at the water.

Reva is making sandwiches as Jonathon looks for food. He says he is not hungry. Reva tells him there is “plenty of beer.” He tells her he does not want that. She points oit that he has not spent that much time without Sarah. Reva hugs him and tells him it will be okay.

Lizzie and Bill walk with Sarah and contemplate all of the games they can play. Lizzie tells her she has a box of dolls and they can play dress up. They sit on the porch and Bill says they should play action games. They agree on tag and Lizzie holds Bill back as Sarah runs. Lizzie and Bill kiss on the porch.

Daisy and James are under a blanket. He has on his boxers and she has on a bra. She explains she received a text and she has to go to Company. She tells him she has to go to Company for Rafe’s surprise going away party. She asks if he will come and he says he will.

Phillip walks in and Alex asks if he wants drink. She says she has to tell the maid that Alan can not have caffeine. Phillip sits on the couch beside Alan and Beth. He tells her they lost him. She asks if they had a fight already. He tells her he saw him on the bench looking at the water and he thought he was asleep. He tells her the EMT and Rick checked his pulse. She says no repeatedly and he holds her as she is in shock and says it “will be okay.” Beth is emotionally shaken as well.

Alex is standing as Beth s leaning on Phillip. She is crying. She says “Peyton, my little girl how do I tell her?” Phillip says he will come with her and she declines saying she has to do it on her own. Phillip says he will tell the kids. Beth leaves and Phillip says he wants to tell Lizzie and James in person but will stay if she needs him to. Alex says she will begin making calls and Phillip leaves. Alex picks up the phone and begins to dial as she looks and sees a picture of Alan. She throws the phone down, picks the picture up and cries.

Beth goes to Peyton who is playing on the floor. She sits her on her lap and tells her that she and her father love her. Beth says she has to tell her something. Piano music plays in the background.

Lizzie and Bill are playing with Sarah. Lizzie tells her to go “tag grandpa!” Bill takes Sarah one way to play chase. Phillip asks Lizzie to take a walk with him. They stop under a tree as a song plays in the background. Lizzie steps back, with her hand over mouth and then Phillip hugs her.

Lillian and Buzz are at Company when the phone rings. Lillian answers and hands the phone to Olivia and says it is Beth. Daisy and James walk in as Olivia announces that Alan died. James walks out.

Jonathon picks up the phone and says it is Sarah. He hangs up and says he has to pick Sarah up. Reva stops playing with cards as he tells her Alan died. She says “what?” He tells her they think it was a heart attack. Jonathon leaves as Reva looks away and is in shock.

Alex is talking to the house staff and tells them that calls that are not family should be directed to Spaulding. They ask if there is anything they can do and she tells them “just do your job.” She then stops them and tells them that Alan loved them. They say the loved him too and leave Alex alone in the room.

Everyone advises Daisy to let James be by himself and call him later. Olivia is crying and Blake tells Frank she does not understand that he seemed okay. Frank asks if there were complications with the surgery. Olivia says she will go tell Emma, Natalia offers to call Mel and have her stay with Emma a little longer. Olivia says she has to tell her before she hears it from someone else. As Olivia leaves Rafe says he does not understand; Alan had told him how proud he was of him for being the first Spaulding to serve his Country. Rafe contemplates not going yet. Frank says he can do that. Buzz walks over to him and says he should go. He should go for Alan. He looks at him and tells him to go.

Jonathon walks up to Sarah and Bill sitting on the porch. He asks where Lizzie is. Bill says she is inside and Jonathon tells Sarah to go pick flowers so they can give them to Reva. Jonathon asks if Sarah knows what is going on. Bill explains Lizzie went inside because she did not want her to see her in shock. Lizzie comes out and Jonathon hugs her. Lizzie asks him to stay with her so she can see her when she gets back. He agrees as Bill and Lizzie leave.

Reva looks at a picture of Jeffrey. She says “it is just too much.” She begins to take all of the pictures of Jeffrey off of the mantle.

Frank tells Blake that he can’t believe Alan is gone. Blake says it shows how things can just change.

Phillip asks Beth how it went with Peyton. Beth says she thinks she does not know what it means yet. Phillip asks how she is and she begins to cry. She tells him she had a complicated relationship with Alan but she can not imagine the world without him. She says she has to take a walk. They hug and she leaves him standing. James walks up and says “Dad,” he hugs him and they cry.

Olivia comes back to Company with Olivia. She looks at them and says “my granddad died.” Rafe says he was his granddad too. He asks if she is sad. He sits her on the counter. He says he has “two magical quarters” and he wants her to take one and he will have the other. He says he will think of her and she can think of him when she looks at the quarter. Emma asks if he has to go. Olivia says Rafe joined the Army to be brave. Frank says they need to go. They all agree to go with him to the station. Buzz has to stay and Olivia asks if Emma can stay with him. Buzz hugs Rafe and tells him his grandfather would be proud and he is like the quarter; he would always be with him.

Reva thanks Josh for coming and sees that Billy is with him. Reva asks about the honeymoon and Billy says he and Vanessa wanted to be there for Lizzie and Bill. Josh cannot believe Alan is gone. Reva then walks over to Jonathon who is playing with Sarah in Bill and Lizzie’s front yard.

Alex, Beth and Lizzie are on the Spaulding couch as Lillian, Bill, Phillip and James stand. Rick confirms that Alan died of a heart attack. Lizzie asks if he died due to the surgery. Rick says he does not know; but they can explore further. Alex says they will not need that. They are thankful he could save Phillip. Phillip tells him they are all family. Lillian walks over and says it is not Rick’s fault. Rick hugs Phillip and leaves. Bill says he will be happy to do whatever they need. Phillip says there will be a guest list, lots of people to call and they will have to deal with the Press. Alex stands up and says that those things will not be necessary. She says she spoke with Alan before the surgery and he wanted to be cremated and he did not want a big ordeal. Beth asks what that means. Alex tells him he said he did not want the thing in his Will. He wanted it to be family and he wanted them to know “that he loved us all.” Lillian hugs Alex.

Ashlee and Rafe take pictures and then she kisses his cheek. Rafe hugs Frank. He tells him to be “smart and brave.” He hugs Daisy who is crying. He tells her he loves her and she returns the sentiments. Natalia is crying and Rafe asks Olivia to take care of her. She Natalia says she does not want him to go, and he says he has to. They hug and cry as they proclaim their love. He finally pulls away and says goodbye and thanks for coming. He gets on the bus and watches as Natalia hugs Olivia. The bus leaves and Olivia tells her it will be okay.

Sarah is jumping rope and Reva says she will “show her how it’s done.” Jonathon holds Sarah as Billy and Josh twirl the rope for Reva to jump. She jumps as Bill and Lizzie walk up. Lizzie tells them it looks fun and to not stop. Lizzie holds Sarah and says they will try. They step over the rope and everyone laughs.

Daisy walks hiding James’ hand and asks if he wants to talk. He does not say a word and they walk together holding hands.

Lillian comes to Buzz and as he embraces her she says she is happy to have him,

Alex walks into the room where Alan is covered by a sheet. She begins to cry.

Phillip is by the fountain and says, “You did it. You saved me Dad. You saved all of us.” He cries and stands alone.

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