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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/15/09

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Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is leaving the wedding and Alan and Alex walk up to Phillip ad Beth. Beth asks if he is supposed to be out of the Hospital. Alex says he make his own rules.

Shayne and Marina are talking about Henry and she tells him about something cute he has done. He leans in to look at a picture taken on her camera phone and they continue to smile and talk.

Reva tells Josh she has not seen Shayne that happy in quite some time. Josh tells her that is what having kids does. They toast their beer bottles to his statement and smile.

Lizzie and Jonathon are by the water and she asks where Sarah is. He tells her she is in good hands and is with a friend. They talk about the wedding and Jonathon says he stopped by the Hospital to see Alan. Lizzie tells him he has changed. Jonathon just says “okay.” She asks how long he is staying and he says he does not know. She asks if she can see her. He says, “yeah, you’ll see her.”

Billy and Vanessa tells everyone how happy they are they are there. Buzz and Lillian are standing nearby as Buzz thanks everyone and then kisses Lillian. Everyone cheers and Billy tells him that is not a kiss. He then kisses Vanessa and everyone cheers. Buzz asks if they want to have a contest and kisses Lillian again. Everyone laughs.

Mel and Sarah run to meet Jonathon as Mel is holding an envelope and asks if he is sure he wants to “do this.” He says he wants what is best for his daughter and is sure.

Alex and Alan are telling Buzz and Lillian they surprised by them. Lillian says she was just as surprised as they are. Buzz and Alex walk away and Lillian tells Alan once more how proud she is that he saved Phillip. He said he did what any parent would do. They hug and she tells him it was very brave.

Frank asks Matt if he wants a beer. Matt says he is there to pick up Maureen. Maureen runs up and tells him Nola and Bridgett are there. Matt says he will come back in a few hours as Vanessa appears and tells him to stay. Maureen and Vanessa leave the two men as they go off to start the “chicken dance.” Matt looks at Frank and tells him he will have that beer after all.

Bill and Josh are watching everyone as Josh says that he has never seen his brother happier. Bill says it feels like everyone’s lives are coming together. Josh says “yeah.”

Phillip finds James and Daisy on the Pier and tells them they are starting the Hokey Pokey. Daisy asks if her grandparents are still kissing. Phillip jkes they have moved on to “necking.” Daisy tells Phillip that she is happy he is okay and that he looks like he was not sick at all. Phillip says he owes a lot to his dad and James interrupts that he wanted to help. Phillip tries to tell James once more that he has his whole life ahead of him and he could not let him do that. James tells him he wants to and walks away, leaving Phillip and Daisy by the water.

Everyone is doing the Electric Slide as Jonathon and Sarah walk up. The music and dancing stops as Jonathon Sarah points out that they were dancing “silly.” Eveyone laughs as Jonathon announces since they will be living there he thought it would be a good idea for them to come out and see everyone. Lizzie is excited to learn they are staying. Jonathon makes everyone in attendance agree to keep Sarah safe and then Mel hands Lizzie the papers Jonathon has drawn up. He explains that he started the paperwork for Custody. Lizzie asks, “you want to share her?” Jonathon tells her Sarah is her daughter too. Lizzie smiles and asks Sarah if she wants to learn how to do the Electric Slide with them. Jonathon puts her down as Lizzie takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor.

Matt is drinking beer when Maureen walks up and says there are lots of pretty girls and that he should come dance. Matt says Vanessa’s wedding is no the place to pick up girls. Maureen tells him to dance with her. Nola and Bridgett walk up and say they have to go dance with him as well.. They agree that they will have a “Rearden Dance.”

Frank and Blake are talking as she points out his dad is happy. She says he deserves someone great as well. Frank says he thinks he is done with love. He tells her that he asked someone there but she said she had plans. Blake tells him to ask again, that she is a girl and she knows that answer was not someone turning him down.

Josh tells Billy he did it. He married the woman of his dreams without kidnapping her. Josh talks about how everyone is doing well. Billy says everyone is right where they are supposed to be. “Except me.” Josh says his “thing” is taking care of other people and no one needs him to take care of them now. He says he thinks it is time for him to go find something he can call his own. Billy tells Josh he will miss him. Josh tells Billy he will miss him too. Both men are emotional and they have their arms around each others shoulders as they turn to look at the water.

Vanessa spots an older woman and a younger man. She greets them and says she can not believe they came so far to see her. The woman says she would not have missed it. She turns to the younger man and says his name is Justin. He kisses Vanessa’s hand.

James is outside when Alan walks up to him. They talk about why Phillip could not let James save him. Alan tries to explain in his own way that a job of a parent is to protect their children.

Beth walks up to Phillip on a bridge and asks what he is doing alone. He says he is thinking that a few days ago he did not know if he would be there and no he is there. Beth said she wanted to talk to him about what he said before he went into surgery. He told her he wanted to be with her. He jokes that he thought that was Rick he was talking to. They laugh and she says she does not have to hold him to it. He tells her he loves her, that he always has. She tells him she loves him too and walks away.

Alan sees Rafe and asks when he is leaving. Rafe says he is leaving after packing today. Alan tells him he is a braver man than he is. He tells him he is proud of him. They hug and Rafe asks if he is thirsty. Alan says he is not as Rafe says he is going to get something to drink.

Alan walks up to Reva and she says she heard that Rick helped with the surgery. Alan says he came through for him. Reva toasts to their grandkids and the “ones yet to come.” Billy walks up and gets everyone’s attention. He tells them that Alan helped save Phillip’s life. He says that it shows not everyone is either good or bad. Billy says Alan is a hero and everyone toasts to “Alan Spaulding, the Hero.”

Josh is standing by the water when Olivia and Natalia walk up. Josh says it is a sight to see. He looks at Olivia and tells her “thank you for being my friend.” He says it is not easy for exes to be friends. Olivia asks why he is so serious and he says he will be leaving town and she should know. He looks at Natalia and asks her to look out for his friend. He walks away,

Cyrus walks up to Mel and tells her what she did for Sarah was great. She said she was doing what her job. He says it is time for him to do something and he kisses her.

Josh sits beside Shayne and says he has heard that Shayne is still not interested in the High School Coaching job. Shayne tries to explain he is concentrating on being a dad. Josh tells him he is a great father. Shayne says he had a great example. Josh then informs him he will be leaving town to go to Venezuela to get the office “up and running.” Shayne protests he is lower on the totem pole, he should go. Josh says he has a son and he needs to do something for himself. Shayne understands, and Josh says he knows he does. They get up to go drink.

Jonathon, Lizzie and Sarah are dancing when Jonathon asks if he should introduce Sarah to her family. Lizzie says he should and Jonathon walks over with Lizzie, Bill and Sarah in tow. Jonathon announces they are staying in town. Phillip introduces himself and Beth says she is Lizzie’s mom as they laugh at the way she is hesitant t say she is her grandmother. Phillip introduces her as Beth. Alex tells Sarah she has grown up as Alan apologies for it not being safe for her to be there before. He promises it will be safe for her now.

James and Daisy joke about people doing the Hokey Pokey. James asks if Daisy wants to leave. He says he does not think anyone will notice. They walk away holding hands.

Phillip comes to Alan and says Sarah is a beautiful child. Alan responds that she is gorgeous like Elizabeth. Phillip says he is so happy Lizzie gets a second chance at being a mother. Phillip thanks him for his second chance and says that he feels like he does not deserve it. Alan tells him he does and he did what any parent would do. He tells Phillip he does not want him to over analyze his life. He wants him to live it. “Live it to it’s fullest.” Phillip promises his father he will, “I will dad, I promise.” They smile and walk with arms wrapped around shoulders.

Marina is on the phone as Shayne walks up. She is asking the sitter about Henry and Shayne interjects he just got off the phone with Kelly the Sitter. He tells her to hang it up and yells to Kelly through the phone “hi again.” Marina hangs up. Shayne says parenting is all consuming. He says he is at a wedding and he does not want to drink or pick a fight. Shayne asks if she wants to take a break while everyone is upstairs and check on Henry. Marina says they will be back before cake. Shayne insists on driving and they hurriedly walk away.

A song plays in the background as Beth is by the water with Phillip coming near. She is picking up rocks and he says they are pretty. She says she may use them in a painting. He says it is great she is painting again. She says she plans on it but has not had the time. Phillip tells her not to think about it. To just make it happen. Beth asks if they should get back to cake. Phillip pauses and Beth asks if he is okay. He says he will be. He tells her he will be okay if he can spend the rest of his life with her. He tells her he knows he has messed up with her but he wants to spend the rest of his life making it up to her; making her happy. She cries and says yes. They kiss and he tells her he loves her. She says she will marry him. They kiss and he says he feels like a kid. Beth says “speaking of kids, do you want to go tell the kids?” Phillip says he does but he wants to talk to his dad first.

Alan is behind the benches that overlook the water. Buzz approaches and Alan offers his congratulations. The two men shake hands and Buzz says he must feel like King of the World. Alan says he always feels like King of the World. They laugh and Buzz says he stepped up and he helped Phillip. Alan says Buzz would have done the same thing. Buzz says you never know how people will react until they have to be in that position. Buzz says he found the courage that he always had. Buzz tells him to come inside so they can dance with the Bride. Alan says they have a history together and he can’t tell him what him being happy for him right now means to him. Buzz looks at him and is emotional and says he thought about it and he thinks he has made more mistakes than Alan. Buzz says they are lucky men and they can move forward. Buzz tells him to come inside and Alan says he wants to take in the scenery. Buzz tells him he has done that already and Alan says he will come dance “in a minute.” As Buzz walks away he turns and yells, “hey, you did it!” He is out of sight as Alan looks out on the water and repeats “I did it.”

Dylan is dancing with Reva when Josh interrupts. He takes Reva’s sunglasses off and says he wants to see her eyes. Josh tells her it is good news that Jonathon is coming back. Josh says he feels better with Shayne, Billy, Bill and Jonathon there to protect her. She says she will be okay. He says he knows she will be okay. She looks at him and says “no, I think I am going to be okay.” Josh tells her he knows and that is why he thinks he will move down to Venezuela again for a while. She looks at him and says “if that’s what you need.” She then resumes her stance so they can continue to dance. They laugh as they look at one another.

Daisy and James are on a blanket and James tells her they could have gone out ot eat since it was a date. They say it was a cool wedding. Daisy says his grandfather was the star of the show. James tells her his grandfather is very cool and that when he is feeling better they should all go play Frisbee together. He says he hopes his dad gets it. Daisy says Phillip was thankful for what Alan had done. James says Phillip owes Alan. Daisy says “maybe not. Maybe he did what he was always supposed to do.” James looks away and contemplates the idea.

Josh and Frank are standing above everyone and Josh announces it is time for the Best Man Speeches. He congratulates Buzz and Lillian and then tells Vanessa he is so happy she could love him in spite of all of the things that made Billy “Billy.” He says she saw all the things inside from the man that he has known his entire life. Josh gets choked up as he says Billy is happier today than he has ever seen them. He says he thinks Vanessa brings out the best in Billy and maybe Billy brings out the best in her.

Frank tells Billy and Vanessa congrats and then tells his father that he has surprised him yet again. He tells Lillian she has made Buzz so happy. Frank get choked up as well when he says that he knows Coop is watching and is happy for him as well. Everyone toasts to Buzz and Lillian.

Phillip sees Alan sitting on the bench looking at the water. He walks up behind him and says he is “missing all of the fun.” Phillip says before they go back he has to tell him that he was right. He says he walked to the beach and saw Beth and it was so clear what he meant. Phillip says he wants to be with her every second. He says he does not want to waste any time with her or his kids, “or you.” He says he understands what Alan was trying to tell him about living in the moment and appreciating it all. He says it took a long time to learn it. “It took you saving me. I will never be able to repay you dad, you have given me happiness.” He says they should go back to the party, he knows how he hates sappiness. Phillip notices Alan does not move. He walks around and sees Alan, his father, sitting on the bench. He is dead. Phillip completely breaks down crying in and cries holding Alan’s hands in his lap.

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