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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/14/09

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Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Reva is on the phone with Vanessa laughing promising Vanessa she will make sure the “Lewis Men” will be on time. She tells Jonathon she is in charge so he has to go. He says he is comfortable where he is. Reva says he has ghosts and that everyone else does. She tells him he has to show Sarah that “running away is not the answer.” She gets up to walk away as Jonathon yells and startles her. She turns and he says “thank you.” Reva leaves and Jonathon picks up his cellular calling Mel and asking for a favor.

James asks Daisy if she is going to the wedding, She says Billy is her grandfather , so yes she is going. James asks how she is getting there before informing her he would like to go with her as a couple to the wedding. Daisy agrees to go with him. He says he will pick her up in “half an hour.”

Blake watches Buzz and Lillian looking happy. She walks over to the computer and chats with Frank. Frank asks what she is doing today, he has something he wouldn’t mind going to with her today. She says she already has plans.

Beth is in a red dress as Phillip walks up and tells her she looks beautiful. Beth tells him she is happy that he is there to see her. Emma comes running in with a dress on and jumps into Phillip’s arms. Olivia apologizes but Emma wanted to see him. Natalia jokes that Olivia ewas really the one who wanted to see him. They all agree they will see each other at the wedding.

Ed gives guidelines to Alan before he goes home. Alex says she is proud of him and Ed says he “did a fine thing.” He tells him he saved his son, Alan looks at them and says “I think he saved me.”

Mindy is checking over Vanessa’s dress that she designs as they all drink champagne. Lizzie hilds a garter and tells her they have to put it on. She says “no.” Lizzie laughs and says she wanted to see the look on her face. They all laugh and Vanessa calls them “vixens.”

Reva goes to get Billy for the wedding and finds Josh, Bill, Billy and Dylan trying to catch fish in the local stream. She tells them it is not Oklahoma and there are no fish in the stream. Billy tells her it is a tradition that you catch a fish and what you catch is what you have for breakfast. She tells him he can not be late. He tells her he got a second chance with the love of his life. He feels something on the fishing line and says he got the second biggest catch of the day. They laugh hysterically.

James walks in and announces that he will not be going with Phillip and Beth; he has a date. He tells Beth to save a dance for him. James walks out and Beth and Phillip chide that he has a date. Beth takes Phillip’s arm and they walk out of the room as well.

Natalia, Olivia and Emma stop by and ask Rafe if he wants to go with them. He says he has plans. Emma asks if it is a date. He says that “she is a girl and she is my friend,” he reminds Emma to save him a dance. Natalia hugs Rafe and tells him she loves him. He tells her “one step at a time.” They walk away and Olivia turns and gives him a smile.

Frank and Marina are in the kitchen as Frank compliments Daisy and Marina on how they look. Daisy says they have to go without her she has a date. James knocks on the door with a daisy in hand for her. Frank asks James what time he will have her home and she reminds him she is over 18. He asks what she says as she and James walk out the door.

Bridgett and Nola come in and discuss how Company looks compared to when they owned it. Blake, Buzz and Lillian can not believe they are there and excitedly welcome them in. Finally, they all agree they have to get to the wedding. As they leave Nola blows a kiss in the air to the restaurant.

Frank and others are gathered as they see the limo drives up with Vanessa and the Bridal Party. Once out of the vehicle they turn to see the Lewis men in a vintage truck pulling up. The guy are on the bed of the truck clowning around.

Jonathon is at the Hospital peering through Alan’s door when Natalia, Olivia and Emma go to see Alan. Emma says she wants to tell him “thank you for saving my dad.” Alan says he did what any parent would do. Alan says he did what any father will do. Emma says she is going to see her daddy and her brother Rafe at the wedding. Alan assumes that Olivia and Natalia are together and asks Emma if she is happy. She says she has the best “two mommies and the best daddy.” He tells her they have a lollipop outside with her name on it. Alan tells them that the only thing that matters is that Emma is happy. They tell him Rafe will be by. Alex tells Alan he did a “lovely thing” he did. Alan says they are the kind of happy he always ran away from. He says he will not run away anymore. He says being in the bed has taught him “it can all be taken away in a few moments.” Jonathon watches on and is visibly affected.

Mindy and Billy talk. She tells him it has taken him a while to get there but he is there and she is proud of him. He kisses her forehead.

Beth, Phillip and Rick tell Daisy and James she looks beautiful.

Doris brings a date to the wedding and she introduces her to Ashlee and Rafe. Ashlee hugs Doris and tells her she is glad she is letting her in. Ashlee tells her it is “never too late to start.”

Bill and Lizzie are outside and they agree it has been a great week. Lizzie wonders when it will all fall apart. She asks what if Jonathon takes Sarah away. Bill says she can not think that way and he will not let Jonathon take Sarah. They hug and appear to be happy.

Remy tells Christina people marry and divorce. She says they will renew their vows at home later. He pulls her to him and kisses her.

Reva walks up to Shayne and Josh and calls them handsome. She says the smell like fish. She tells them to at least wash their hands as Josh jokes they should give her a hug.

Vanessa sees Nola and Bridgett they all laugh when Nola says she “called ahead to make sure they were not wearing the same dress.” Nola gives Vanessa a pin Ben wanted her to have from China. Dylan tells Bridgett it is so good to see her and he hugs her.

Buzz sees Lillian on the Pier. He walks over to her as she is looking at the water. The cake is near them and as various flags blow he tells her that he was looking at her and now he is sure. He takes her buy the hand and tells her to “watch this.” He gets on one knee and then he hears that everyone is watching. He tells her he has wasted a lot of time in his life but he does not want to waste anymore time. He asks her to marry him. She cries and nods yes. She says she will. They hug as everyone cheers. They kiss while everyone cheers again and claps. Billy yells that they should get married today. Buzz asks what she thinks. She says they should. He says they will go to City Hall afterwards. Billy says they are not going to City Hall…Vanessa tells him they will get married with them. He tells them everyone is there, food is paid for and they “will never look this good again.” Vanessa insists. Lillian tells Buzz since they have time there is something she has to do. She promises to return and Buzz warns that she better.

Lillian is kneeled at Maureen’s grave. She says she does not go there often because she does not want to remember. She tells her that her death “changed this town forever.” She says she has said she is sorry but she has to say she is sorry again. Lillian tells her she never moved on because she felt “so guilty.” She tells her she is ready to. She tells her about Buzz and that she is going to marry him. She holds a rose and says she wanted to tell her first.. “I know you of all people in the world will understand.” Lillian places the rose on the grave.

Jonathon comes into Alan’s room and says he heard him with Olivia and if he did not know any better he would not know him. Alan says he is done trying to control people. Jonathon tells him he remembers what he did to Tammy and everyone else. Alan tells him he heard that he brought Sarah to see Lizzie. Alan responds that he is not the same person he remembers. Jonathon vehemently says “I hope so. I hope so.” He walks out.

James and Daisy talk about the fact that their grandparents are getting married. James says everyone is watching them since they are on a date. He tells her they should give them something to look at. He leans in and kisses her.

Reva is talking with Natalia and Olivia about the fact that Natalia is expecting a girl. They say they are excited and should go get Emma before she gets her dress dirty. After they walk away Reva tells Josh it is good Olivia has a friend like Natalia. Josh tells her they are “more than friends,” Reva says “wow” as Josh tells her it is okay to say what she was going to say. “I’m not going to say a thing, except that since she couldn’t have you she went for the next big thing.” She toasts him and drinks the champagne.

Lizzie gives Lillian her flowers. Beth is happily crying as Lillian announces that she has “never been a bride before.”

Lillian is met by Phillip who walks her down the aisle and she holds Buzz’s hand as he tells her she “never looked more beautiful.” Bill walks to Vanessa and tells her he wishes Dinah was there to see her. She says “it is all okay.” He tells her she looks beautiful and they tell one another they love each other before he walks her down the aisle to meet Billy. Billy tells Vanessa she has “made him the happiest man in the whole wide world today.” As the Minister begins to speak Lizzie sees Jonathon in a suit and glasses and smiles.

Lillian recites her own vows. She says she was never a bride nor “the object” that someone loved. She says he deserves happiness “now and forever.” Buzz says he has “loved and lost” more times than he cares to remember. He says his black hole was replaced by a “beam of light.” He says he does not deserve to be so happy; she is his light “now and forever.”

Vanessa tells Billy that her father wrote her a letter and she read it last night. He had written about longing. He had traveled the world and nothing made him happier than coming home. She tells him Billy believed in them and she gets to “come home.” She says they will get it right. Billy says he is “so full of love” and there is no way he should be there but he is. He cries and says they will get it right this time because he “will be a good boy.” They all have rings and repeat after the Minister. They joke that everyone has a ring. He pronounces them “husbands and wives.” They kiss as the wind blows on the water.

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