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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/11/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Cyrus tells Grady that he knows that he hurt himself. He wants to know what Harley ever did to him. Grady says that Harley dumped Cyrus and Daisy and did whatever she could to get away from him (Cyrus), but he still got Cassie, didn’t he. And he warns that Cassie is next on his list for turning Daisy against him. Cyrus warns Grady to leave Cassie alone. Grady leaves and Daisy comes up and implores Grady to help her.

Cassie is upstairs folding clothes when she hears a noise. She goes to check on it, but doesn’t find anyone there. She goes back upstairs and talks to Tammey’s picture, and says that if Grady wants to take her on, he’d better be ready….she pulls out a gun from a locked box underneath her bed.

Mallet and Marina are still working on Harley’s house. She says that she is trying to find Daisy but can’t seem to help her. Mallet asks her if there is anything that he can do to help..she replies, ‘You can find Harley and bring her back, and then do the same for Gus.’ He says is there anything that he can help her with that isn’t impossible.

Lizzie comes to the hospital and tells Lillian that she has big news for Alan when he gets out of surgery. She’s brought a CD of her ‘kicking butt in the boardroom’ and believes that it will give Alan the extra boost that he need to help him get better. Lillian tells her that Alan’s surgery isn’t going as smoothly as they had hoped, and that she has already called Alex and Beth.

Dinah denies that she betrayed Bill. Bill tells her to stop lying and that Alan told him that him and Dinah were partners. She said that she just needed someone to talk to. Bill says he should have cut her off when she tried to take his son away from him. Dinah says that she wanted him to have everything, but Bill doesn’t believe her or trust her. Dinah says that she gave up everything for him. Bill tells her to stop trying to help him. She says that Lizzie will ruin him.

Lillian asks Lizzie if she is sure that she really wants to make the business about her life. She says that it ruined Phillip, and Lizzie says that she can handle it. She tells Lillian that she is in love with Bill, but she doesn’t completely trust him, but she thinks it is a good thing..it will keep her on her feet. Lillian says that she just wants Lizzie to be normal, but Lizzie says that she isn’t normal…she is Lizzie Spaulding. She receives a package..another thing that she thinks will make her grandpa happy. Lizzie leaves to do some work with the promise that Lillian will call her as soon as she knows anything.

Daisy says that she knows she has to stay away from Grady, but she knows that they are over, and she wants Cyrus to keep Grady away from her. Cyrus tells her that Grady will always hurt Daisy…he can’t help it, and promises that he will try to keep Grady away from her.

Grady shows up at Harley’s house and Marina & Mallet confront him. Grady swears that he wasn’t the one that trashed the place, and they are lucky that he doesn’t sue for hurting his arm on the window pane. Marina tells him that he is really pushing things. She tells him that the only reason that he hasn’t been arrested is because they want him gone. Mallet asks him what is wrong with him, because they are giving him a chance to get out of town and he won’t go. He says he wants to see Daisy and starts shouting her name. Mallet tells him to stop and Grady mocks him that he has a bad job and has a badge on. Mallet takes his badge off and throws it on the ground and says ‘what badge?’

Bill has had Hilda pack all of Dinah’s bags for her and says that he is ‘cleaning house.’ He says he is making a fresh start, new plan, thanks for all she’s done, he learned a lot. Dinah says that she put him in this world that he is living in, and she can bring him down if she wants to. But he says ‘see ya.’

Back at Harley’s house, Marina brings out the pepper spray and Grady scoffs that she won’t use it, but she informs him that she doesn’t believe in fair fights. Mallet says he got it, and tells her to go paint. Marina says that her and ‘Mr. Pepper Spray’ are going to hang out right there. He still begs to see Daisy, that he is in love with her. He turns to leave, but then turns around and screams for Daisy again as she looks out the window.

Cyrus shows up at Cassie’s and she brands a bat. She tells Cyrus that she has made her jittery because of his warnings about Grady. They fight about Grady, and Cassie asks Cyrus to leave, but he won’t.

Dinah leaves, throwing her bags all around. Bill goes to the Boardroom and takes down the Maximus sign. He gets a call from someone who informs him of the press conference that Lizzie gave. He starts to watch it online, but Lizzie walks in and says she can give him the lighter version.

Grady spots Daisy in the window, but she doesn’t budge. Marina and Mallet discuss how to handle the situation (right in front of a screaming Grady), and Daisy is watching it all. She finally puts earphones and some music on so that she can’t hear him. Grady finally pushes Mallet too far and he forces him to walk away.

Dinah shows up at Mallet’s and Marina answers the door. She tells Dinah that Mallet is at Harley’s and explains that they are trying to fix it up to sell it. Marina can see that Dinah is in distress and asks her if she needs any help, but Dinah leaves.

Bill tells Lizzie that she should be at the hospital, but she tells him that she needs to be at the office and the staff needs to see her there. She tells him that the surgery isn’t going so well, and Bill is concerned. Bill tells her that Dinah is gone and Lizzie says that means they are moving in the right direction and kisses him passionately. They start to get busy on the desk, but Bill pulls away and says that he won’t let her take half of everything that he has earned. She doesn’t understand why he is pulling back, but he says that he has to do some damage control.

Dinah watches Marina and Mallet at the house. She berates herself for feeling sorry for herself and tells her that it is time to take action.

Grady shows up at Cassie's and Cyrus tries to get him to leave. Cyrus says that he will call the cops and informs Grady that Cassie has a gun and will use it. He asks the question of the day, ‘what is wrong with you?’ to Grady. Does he really want to go to jail? Grady says Cassie turned Daisy against him and Cyrus says that it is about time she came to her senses. Grady leaves but picks up a rock and throws it at the house as he goes.

Cassie tells Cyrus that she has to learn to take care of things on her own, and that he can’t be there every time Grady shows up. Cyrus tells her that he is going to try to take Grady and leave the country. She thanks him for trying to help and wishes him luck.

Marina tells Daisy that she is being brave, but Marina says that she misses Grady. Marina tells her that she just needs to stick to her guns and keep herself busy. Marina says that if Grady had the kind of family that she does, things would be different. Marina tries to distract her again.

Dinah shows up at Cyrus’s and tells him that she is looking for him to be partner’s with him again. But Cyrus isn’t there and Grady comes out of the bathroom with just a towel on.

Bill throws out the Maximus sign and tells ‘Max’ that he misses him. He calls to book some air time to respond to Lizzie’s press conference, and Dinah won’t be a part of it. Lizzie shows up with her stuff and is going to move in to the mansion with Bill. She has legal documentation that says that she has the right to. Turns out that the foreclosure of the house was illegal, and that his ownership of the house his null and void, and that it is technically still Spaulding property. She tells him that it is a big house if he wants to stay.

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