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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/10/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Marina & Mallet wake up sticky hot and Marina complains that the A/C doesn’t seem to be working. He tells her that she is being a good sport about his ‘deluxe accommodations.’ She jokes on his place until he asks her if they can just kick Daisy out of her place, but Marina says she is responsible for her and doesn’t want Daisy to go back to sleeping in her car…or worse. He says at least the bed is still functional, just as the bed falls apart.

Lizzie is trying to help Alan get his Internet connection to work in the hospital. He is stealing his wireless connection from a guy across the way called ‘LoneStar.’ Alan wants to know if Lizzie brought his meal from Cook, but they explain that he can’t eat before his surgery which is only 2 hours away. Just then, Alex comes in with croissants but they tell her Alan can’t have any. Lizzie also explains that Alan will be in the ICU, not a private room when he gets out of surgery b/c they have to watch him constantly. Reading Alan’s mind, Lizzie tells Alan that he isn’t going to lose Gus just because of the surgery. Alan says it will be terrible if he does. Lizzie reminds him that Gus is family, and you can’t lose family…just look at how crazy he has driven them throughout the years, and they are all still there. Alex and Beth agree and remind him that they love him.

At the hospital, Dinah asks Bill why he is there again. He says to support Lizzie, and Alan. She wonders why he would support the girl who stole half their company and the grandfather that they stole it from in the first place. Bill would prefer to think that they rescued the company, but that not everyone sees it that way. He wishes that the person at Maximus that is leaking all the information to Alan would see it that way too. She wants Bill to admit to her that he is really only there to take advantage of Alan’s incapacity. When Dinah goes to get Bill a cup of coffee, he looks at her cell phone logs and sees that she has been in touch with Alexandra Spaulding.

Marina returns to Mallet’s with a fan that she said she got from some guy down the hall that Mallet says is a whack job. Marina says that at least the fan works, and just then the power goes out. Mallet yells that he can’t take it and that they should get out of there. Instead, Marina pulls some ice cubes out of the freezer and teases him with them.

Alan must remove all his jewelry before the surgery and Beth is surprised that Alan is wearing his wedding ring. He tells her that he wanted to wear the ring in surgery to feel close to her. He asks her to contact Grace and the other ladies in his ‘group’ that he will be back on his feet later. The doctor comes in and asks Alan if he is ready. He wants to discuss a few things before surgery, like the fact that there is a chance that he might not wake up, or may be incapacitated, but they should focus on the positive. Alan wants to know if he will still have his visions of Gus. No one knows. Beth says she will wait there, but Alan wants her to go home to Peyton, but she wants him to know that she is there for him and tells him that she loves him.

Bill talks to Alex as she nervously waits on Alan’s surgery. He expresses concern, and Alex wants to know since when he is so concerned about Alan. He tells her that he is more concerned for Lizzie. He tells Alex that Alan didn’t seem surprised to see him in New York, and implies that he thinks it was Alex that tipped him off.

Dinah comes upon Lizzie outside the hospital and they discuss brain surgery. Dinah has had brain surgery, so she talks to her about it. She tells Lizzie that Alan has a billion and one lives and she shouldn’t worry. She says that Lizzie will be right by Alan’s side in running the business soon…that is until Bill kicks her butt out. They argue about who should control the company. Lizzie says that she thinks her and Bill would be great together. Dinah says that Bill wants her to be his partner. She asks Lizzie after all Bill has done, does she really trust him? Lizzie says yes.

Marina and Mallet are putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign at Harley’s house (what does the real estate agent do around there) They clean up inside and make the place ‘presentable’…Marina even cooks a pie. They both talk about how they are going to miss the place. He says that people would be crazy not to want to buy the house now…even though there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Marina teases Mallet about watching the home improvement shows.

Dinah and Lizzie continue to argue about the company. She repeats (again) that the company is her legacy, and Bill is destined to run Lewis. But now that the companies are merged, the best solution is for her and Bill to run the company together, even though Bill may not realize it right now. Lizzie says that she loves Bill, and wants him back as well. Dinah says Bill will never accept the 50-50 partnership thing, and that he will soon realize that the only person suitable to be his partner his her.

Alan believes that he is talking to Gus before his surgery, but it is actually Bill, letting him believe that it is Gus. He asks him if he is ready for his surgery, and Alan says that he is now that ‘Gus’ is there. He tells him that having the connection with him the last few months has been a real gift for him and ‘Gus’ tells him that he has been worried about him…going to NY and all. He tells him that he did it for him, and his family legacy, and that he had to get back what was rightfully theirs. He asks how Alan did it…..did he have help from the inside Alan tells him that it was someone even better than that. Someone that Bill Lewis trusts more than anyone else – his own sister Dinah. He said that it didn’t take much to get Dinah on his side after the way Bill had been treating her.

At the station, Marina thinks that she may have left the oven on at the house and that the whole place could be burning up. He says that Blake is over there showing the house to people right now, and if they went over there it would be awkward (couldn’t they just call Blake and tell her to check the stove?) but Marina says not as awkward as it will be if the whole living room catches fire. They rush over there.

Dinah returns to the house and tells Hilda to tell the cook to prepare a special lunch for Bill…spareribs, his favorite. She also requests that she set up the entertainment center so that they can watch ‘Gladiator.’ She has something in mind.

Alan tells ‘Gus/Bill’ that it means so much to him that he would come and visit him one last time. ‘Gus/Bill’ tells him that everything will be okay in the OR. Alan says it is time that he thinks about his family and lets go of his visions. He says that he knows that he has sometimes let other things get in the way of letting Lizzie know how much he loves her, but he thinks that she is an amazing woman. He regrets the mistakes that he made with Phillip, Alan-Michael, and even Gus. But he still thinks that Gus chose him to guide him, and Alan wishes that he could have been a better father to him while he had the chance. ‘Gus/Bill’ tells Alan that it is okay. Lizzie is standing at the door listening and crying, as ‘Gus/Bill’ tells Alan that he forgives him and that everything is going to be alright, and that when he wakes up, he will be with his family.
Bill leaves the room and finds Lizzie standing there crying. She thanks him and he leaves.

Mallet teases Marina that she knew all along that she didn’t leave the oven on, but she wanted to spy on the new ‘potential’ owners. Blake is telling them what a great deal the house is and that the owner wants to sell quickly. Marina says that she doesn’t like them, and complains about everything about them. She tells him that the house needs to be lived in. Mallet talks to the couple and says that he is a police officer and a friend of the owner. He tells them about the ‘double homicide’ that happened in the house recently, and scares the couple off.

Bill comes home to Dinah’s lunch, and he wants to know what the occasion is. Dinah talks about her conversation with Lizzie and tells Bill that they are going to be the one’s to run the company and tells Bill that he needs to cut Lizzie off and any feelings that he has for her. Bill is looking at her like he is going to tear in to her any moment.

Mallet tells Marina that he hinted to the couple that there was a possible double homicide that happened on the property and ran them off. He says they are the kind of people that would have turned the rec room in to a library. They agree to keep fixing it up and they could get a much better deal.

As Alan is in surgery, Lizzie, Beth & Alex hold a press conference to announce that the Spaulding name is officially part of the company again. She states that they are 100% committed to re-establishing the company, and that the company name is no longer Maximus…from this day forward, it is Spaulding-Lewis Enterprises. She says she is the new face of Spaulding, and that she intends to follow in her grand-father’s footsteps.

Dinah tells Bill that she knows he is mad because she had been trashing Lizzie, and she also knows that he can’t trust Lizzie. He yells ‘Enough’ and tells her that he knows she is working with Alan and Alex against him. Against her own brother. He tells a shocked Dinah that Alan told him everything that she did, and that she has a lot of nerve to call Lizzie the back-stabber. He tells her that now she is going to have to answer for it!

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