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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/9/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Buzz tells Mallet & Marina that Harley called and said that she found a guy and a job. He said that Daisy is taking it hard. They are shocked and think that maybe she will change her mind. Buzz says that he doesn’t think so as she has put the house up for sale. Marina can’t believe that she is going to sell the house that Gus build for her, but Buzz says that she probably needs the money. Mallet asks if there is anything they can do to help. Buzz says that it is going to be a touch sale, especially since Grady trashed it. Marina and Mallet offer to go over and clean the place up.

At the jail, Natalia thanks Frank for keeping Rafe at the local jail, but he says he doesn’t know how long he can’t stall the state police. He gives her some time alone with Rafe. She tells Rafe that she is proud of his faith because she knows it isn’t easy being there. She gives him some books from the library. Rafe asks if Alan was going to come see him.

Alex sees Dinah drinking at the bar and remarks that she is starting early. Dinah agrees and Alex says she will join her. Dinah tells Alex that their partnership is over and that she never should have started things. Dinah asks Alex why she isn’t at the hospital.

Lizzie is visiting Alan at the hospital. He is still trying to get released so that he doesn’t have to have the surgery. Lizzie repeats that if he doesn’t have the surgery he will die, but it doesn’t seem to faze him. He continues to believe that Gus will take care of him even though Lizzie tries to explain that his visions of Gus aren’t real – they are just a result of the clot in his brain. As Lizzie goes to find Alan a newspaper, she overhears Bill talking business on the phone, and she overhears him saying that he needs to get her ‘out.’ He tells her that she shouldn’t be surprised that he is trying to get her out, but she says she got back in to it because she thought it would be good for their future together. They fight again over the fact that Lizzie feels it is her family legacy and she is going to fight for it. They switch their conversation to Alan’s condition. Lizzie says she fears for his health, and Bill consoles her.

As Mallet and Marina are cleaning up Harley’s house, she laments over the house being sold and wonders if the people who buy it will know how special it is, and how much love and care went in to building it. She also thinks about the situation with Harley & Cryus. She finally realizes that you can’t really ‘steal’ someone’s boyfriend…that they must have to really want to leave in the first place. Mallet says that personally, he is very happy that Cyrus is an idiot. Marina says that she misses her family, and Mallet says that the Cooper’s always rally.

Beth brings Peyton to the hospital and Alan is delighted to see her. Beth rails against Alan for putting off the surgery. She tells him that she needs him. She tells him that they are having to move out of the house because Harley is selling it.

Bill continues to do business on the phone, which perturbs Lizzie. She tries to convince him that she will be an asset to the business, but right now she has bigger things to deal with. Business interrupts again, but Bill won’t fill Lizzie in.

Alex explains sibling rivalry to Dinah. She says her and Alan have had a lot more experience in that area than Dinah and Bill. Alex tells Dinah that Lizzie bedazzled some investors arms and now owns half the company. This rattles Dinah.

Alan goes to the police station to see Rafe. He tells Rafe about the blood clot in his brain and that is why the doctor’s think that he is having visions of Gus. Alan thinks that they are all being tested. Natalia thanks him for his faith.

Marina tells Beth she is sorry that they are going to have to move out of the house. Beth says she didn’t think that they would have been there that long anyway. Dinah shows up and asks Mallet what is going on. He tells her about selling the house. They talk about the situation with Bill, and then she asks him if she can help with the clean-up. He tells her that she is too dressed up, but she thinks it is because Marina is inside and it might bother her. Mallet assures her that Marina wouldn’t care. Mallet tells Dinah that he is happy.

Bill and Lizzie fight about business again at Maximus. She asks Bill to give her a shot at scheduling a meeting with Decker, as Bill hasn’t had any luck so far. They seem to fight the same fight about her taking the rightful place in her family legacy, etc. She thinks they could be good together if they would just agree to run the company together. She leaves to check in with the doctor.

Mallet comes in and finds Marina playing with Peyton. She asks what took him so long outside, but he neglects to tell her that Dinah was there. After they play with the baby a little more, Beth takes Peyton and leaves. Marina suggests having a Cooper party to help with the clean up.

Dinah confronts Bill about handing over ˝ the company to Lizzie. He tells her that she wants Lizzie out. He wants to help her with her personal life, but not business. Him and Dinah plot on how to get Lizzie out. She tells him that it could get pretty ugly with Lizzie, and he tells Dinah that while he loves Lizzie, he doesn’t trust her.

Lizzie finds Alan at Company and scolds him for leaving the hospital. He says that this is where the whole thing started with Gus. He said he might just end up at Ravenwood (the mental institution), and Lizzie says that she thinks they keep a permanent room there for the Spauldings. He asks why he would want to give up these visions of Gus when they make him so happy.

Frank, Buzz, Coop, Marina and Mallet are having fun at a poker game. They start bumming out about not having the place anymore, so Marina jumps up and declares ‘one last dance party!’ Natalia shows up, and Frank has to give her the news that they are transferring Rafe. They leave to go see Rafe before he is moved.

Lizzie tells Alan that he doesn’t look good and she needs to take him back to the hospital. She says that she wishes there were some other way to make him better without him having to lose his visions of Gus. She tells him that even though she knows she can’t have that same connection with Alan that Gus did, she will try to fill the void. It’s always been them she says, and begs him not to leave her, so Alan agrees to the surgery.

Dinah brings Bill all sorts of dirt on people, so they can use it to get total control of the company. He starts ordering Dinah around, and she tells him that she doesn’t appreciate the way he talks down to her. He apologizes and says that he will change things and they get to work.

Mallet and Marina finish cleaning up and are sad to know that this will be the last time they have a party there. Blake shows up and announces that she is the real estate agent selling the house. She thinks that the house will sell fast (even with all the unfinished work?)

Frank takes Rafe to be transferred as Natalia calls after him that she loves him. Bill and Dinah are at the hospital where he is waiting for Lizzie to return with Alan. They finally show up. Alan tells a relieved Beth that he is going to have the surgery, although he demands that they don’t let Rick Bauer near him. Alan tells Dinah that his will to live could turn out to be very bad news for her and Bill.

Bill tells Lizzie that he is happy that she was able to talk Alan in to having the surgery. Lizzie thanks him for being there. Bills walks out in to the hall and sees Dinah talking to Alan. He starts to have his suspicions that she is the one leaking information to Alan.

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