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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/8/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Cassie slaps Cyrus for kissing her, she slaps him, and he begs for her to hit him again.

Buzz is talking to Frank about seeing Rafe, and gets him to agree to let Daisy see Rafe. She thinks she will get some answers from Rafe about why Harley is staying away. Buzz thinks that letting her see Rafe is a way to keep her from Grady.

Grady goes to the house and no one answers, so calls 911 and tells them there has been a terrible accident. He then starts tearing up the yard.

Jeffrey and Reva are doing domestics at home. They talk about their honeymoon. She tells him that she doesn’t want to have a bad time.

Lillian and Jeffrey discuss Reva’s condition. He tells her that it wasn’t cancer…it is a baby! Lillian laughs. Jeff wants to know the risks. She says that if you are recovering cancer, you shouldn’t get pregnant for 3-4 years. Chemo damages the body, and pregnancy doubles the workload. Jeffrey doesn’t want Lillian to tell Reva about their conversation.

Reva looks at pictures from her past with Josh and cries.

Cassie demands to know why Cyrus kisses her. He gets mad and says that he was waiting for Harley, and she isn’t coming back. He should have known better. They discuss life and love, and Cyrus leaves Cassie confused.

Grady is still beating up the backyard and his hand is bleeding. He takes a knife and cuts himself deeply. The police arrive as he ‘pretends’ to pass out. Remy arrives and is hesitant to treat Grady.

Daisy is at the police station, and they won’t give her special treatment. She finds out that Grady was the one who turned in Rafe. Grady tells Daisy that she is in love with Rafe, not him. She doesn’t deny it and leaves.

Cassie confronts Reva at the bar and wants to know if she is sick again. Reva tells an astounded Cassie that she is pregnant. Cassie doesn’t know what to think. Reva says that her and Jeffrey still need to live their lives and go on as planned, even though this has come up. They leave on a strange but kind of positive note.

Next Billy confronts Reva and asks her what the hell she is doing. He doesn’t think that the pregnancy is safe.

Jeffrey tells Buzz, and he is shocked. He tells Buzz that Reva is 3 months along. Buzz says that is ‘very pregnant.’ Jeffrey I s worried about the health complications and can’t think about being ‘happy’ about the baby.

Jeff tells Buzz that he never thought he’d be a parent but he doesn’t want to jeopardize Reva’s life. He said he would choose Reva over the baby. Reva tells Billy that she never got to raise her kids from start to finish and that she deserves the chance to do that now. She says that her and Jeffrey haven’t had a chance to talk it through, but Billy says that she doesn’t want to talk to him because she doesn’t want to hear the impossible.

Cassie tells Cyrus that she told Daisy about Grady. He tells her that getting in the middle of things is a big mistake…Grady is dangerous. Cassie tries to get Cyrus to leave, but he tells her to call if she needs anything.

Reva and Jeff finally talk. They decide to postpone their honeymoon in case anything goes wrong. He tells her that maybe having a baby is a mistake right now. They agree that their kid would be really smart if they had it, but are trying to be realistic about everything. They don’t know what to do.

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