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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/4/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Cassie is packing R.J.’s lunch and getting him ready for the first day of school. She tells him that Josh would be there if he could, and R.J. says that he knows he has gone to see Shayne. They go to leave and Cyrus is at the door saying that he wanted to start working on the house today. Cassie tells him to be done by the time she gets back.

Grady meets Daisy at the park and she tells him that the wedding was actually fun and that the family was great to be around. She says that she thinks the family might be making progress towards accepting him because no one mentioned him at the wedding. Daisy goes to get some ice cream and Grady answers her phone while she is gone. It is Rafe and Grady taunts him about not being able to talk to her. Rafe tells Grady that he’s on to him and that Daisy will figure it out sooner or later.

Jeffrey is totally shocked at the doctor’s announcement that Reva is pregnant. He is trying to wrap his head around it and goes to get Reva so she can hear the news. Meanwhile, Reva has gone across the street to Company to see Buzz. She says she needs some whiskey….she’s looking for some courage. Buzz is about to pour her a drink, but the phone rings and he goes to answer it.

Jeffrey is sitting in complete shock when Billy comes up all worried about Reva and the cancer scare. He tries to talk to Jeffery, but he is still too stunned to say anything and walks off.

Cassie informs Cyrus that she doesn’t want him around R.J. She tells him to find another way to clear his conscious.

Buzz is talking to Harley. It seems that she has met someone. He is reeling from the information when Cassie comes up and is worried about him. He tells her that Harley is in Greece and isn’t coming back.

Reva is mad that Buzz has run off and decides to fix herself her own drink. As she is getting ready to drink, Jeffrey comes in and tells her not to drink. He drinks it himself, and then drinks another. She demands to know how long she has, and he says about 9 months.

Grady and Daisy are getting ready to make love back at Marina’s when Buzz shows up to talk to her. He tells her that Harley called and wants to talk to her. She figures out that Harley isn’t coming back. She wants to know why. Buzz has a hard time answering all her questions and tells her to talk to her Mom. He finally tells her that she has met someone.

Jeffrey takes Reva for a walk to try to tell her…but he can’t get it out…especially with Reva ranting and raving. He finally blurts out that she is pregnant, and she starts laughing hysterically. She says she needed a good laugh before he broke the bad news. He finally convinces her that it is the truth. They decide to go back to talk to the doctor.

Cassie goes back to the house where Cyrus is working on the sink and tells him that Harley had called and tells him that she met someone and isn’t coming back, and is bringing Zach & Jude to Greece. Cyrus is upset, but ends up kissing Cassie.

Reva & Jeffrey finally return home and are trying to process this news. They flash back to the doctor’s office. He explains how it is possible that she could get pregnant after the onslaught of menopause. They are also told about all of the risks of her trying to continue the pregnancy, but they need to make a decision quickly about keeping the baby or not.

Reva goes outside to clean up the yard. Jeffrey says that everything is different now, but Reva doesn’t want to give up on their honeymoon. He wants to know if she is really ok. They both say they are. What do they do now? And Reva just says hold on tight.

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