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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/3/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Lillian, Buzz, Marina, Coop & Frank are busy getting ready for the wedding while Jeffrey & Josh are fighting. Mallet & Daisy joke each other about being on flower detail. Jeffrey implores Josh to stop fighting and get out of there before Reva sees them and it ruins the whole day. Just then, Reva runs up and screams at them to stop. Josh says that he is doing what he has to, but Reva tells him to go. Jeffrey tells Josh that Reva has enough to worry about right now, and Reva tells Josh about the possible cancer scare. Josh is shocked when he realizes that Reva has told Jeff.

Jeff asks Reva if she and Josh need a minute alone, and she says yes, so he leaves. Reva tells Josh that she doesn’t want the kids to know until she has talked to the doctors. Josh tells Reva that he loves her, and that he would have been there for her before if she had just told him the first time she found out about her cancer. She says that she isn’t doing this to hurt him, and Josh realizes that she really does love Josh. He says to let him know about the test results later, and tearfully leaves.

Reva finds Jeff and they decide to go ahead with the wedding. Reva makes a gag about two handsome men fighting over her on her wedding day and jokes that it is a first for her, which pleases Jeffrey.

Marina talks to Remy about Ava. He tells her that he misses Ava, but he is hanging in there. Marina takes some digital pics of Remy to send to Ava. Mallet shows up with some raggedy looking flowers, and Remy leaves.

Frank and Coop are chugging down the beers and Mallet comes up to join them. Reva and Jeff show up and say ‘WTH’ they are going to get married. Billy comes up to carry out their plan to kidnap Reva, but finds no Reva, and Josh beaten up. He tells Billy that he is giving up Reva….because she loves Jeffrey. He tells Billy that the cancer may be back.

Reva and Jeff arrive at the wedding site to realize that it had been bulldozed. Marina says they will go to plan B, but there is no plan B. Reva says that it must me a sign, and Jeff says ‘No, this is a sign, and pulls out a not-finished Just Marri…’ sign. She says that sign is a sign. Jeff realizes that she heard from the hospital and she doesn’t know the results. They take off to go get the deed done.

They decide to get married right in the middle of the field where everyone is swatting at bugs, Frank is getting sick from eating the potato salad, the wildlife ate the cupcakes, and bugs have invaded the food. To top it off, the minister has had an emergency and can’t make the ceremony. Jeffrey says that none of it matters and they are still going to get married.

Josh talks to God and says that he thought that he belonged with the church, but maybe he doesn’t. He doesn’t think that he knows what is best for him anymore. Just then, his phone goes off and it is a message from Shayne saying that he wants to see him. Josh responds that he is on his way, and sends his thanks to God. He also asks him to look after Reva, because they all need her.

The wedding party goes up to the Wee Nee wagon trailer and asks the vendor how fast he can cook up 40 hotdogs. Reva & Jeff spread a blanket and continue to try to get the wedding on the road. Reva says that it isn’t fair that Jeff has to start his married life out with this kind of cloud (the cancer) hanging over them, but Jeff says that he doesn’t care as long as he has her in his life.

As the group gathers around, they still don’t have someone to marry the couple. Jeffrey announces that he will do it, and a shocked Reva finally agrees. Jeffrey asks Remy to stand up for him….he thinks that Ava would like that. Remy agrees. Daisy walks Reva down the isle. Reva wants to know how they are going to do this as Jeffrey starts his ceremony. Reva laughingly encourages him. Jeffrey performs the ceremony, they say their vows, and he gives a very touching speech to her, and then pronounces them man and wife. He says ‘let’s party’ and Reva proposes the first toast, and thanks everyone for sharing their special day. She then throws the raggedy bouquet of flowers which Marina catches, and Mallet kisses her.

Josh goes to Cassie and they talk about him leaving to see Shayne. He tells her that he doesn’t know what is next for him, and he tells her that they didn’t fall apart because of all the things they thought….that he had been lost.

Jeff and Reva begin their wedding night nursing his hurt hand (from the fight with Josh) and he tells her that since he never had a wedding night, that it is still a first with him. They declare their love for each other. The next day, the go for her check up. Reva feels ill and goes to the restroom, and Jeffrey stops the doctor to ask him to tell him what is going on first. The doctor tells him that there is no cancer……..’she’s pregnant!’ Jeffrey is completely stunned!

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