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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/2/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

Lizzie runs in to find the Blackburn group meeting. Lizzie overhears Alan tell Bill that Gus has chosen him to regain his family company.

Chaos ensues as the family tries to plan Reva & Jeffrey’s wedding. Buzz tries to organize things in to teams, but can’t seem to hold it together.

Jeffrey comes around and shouts out that he is so happy to be getting married. Josh and Billy overhear, and Billy urges Josh to put a stop to things.

Jeffrey tells Reva that he is looking at the upcoming event, and that all she needs to do is show up. He is ecstatic, and tells him that she loves him. She looks at Lillian and tells her that she can’t tell Jeffrey about the possible cancer on their wedding day.

Bill says that he is trying to prevent Alan from humiliating himself in front of the board meeting. He tries to convince him that he is sick. Lizzie is overlooking the conversation. He tells Alan that Lizzie needs him. Alan shuns him and tells him that he is just getting started. Bill has two goons come in and take Alan away while Lizzie looks on. Lizzie decides to represent Spaulding in the meeting.

Billy continues to try to talk Josh in to interfering with the wedding. He tries to convince Josh that they should swoop in and kidnap Reva. Josh says that he can’t do it because he is a minister.

The Coopers continue to make preparations for the wedding. Lillian tells Reva that she is making excuses and says that Reva is doing the say thing with Jeffrey as she did with Josh in ‘hiding’ the cancer. Jeffrey shows up and the girls cover. She says she will see them at the wedding and leaves. Jeffrey says they are setting a good example for people and he can’t wait to get married. Reva tries to explain what is going on, but changes her mind.

Bill continues to keep Alan away from the meeting. Lizzie shows up and Alan tells her that Bill is their enemy. Lizzie thanks Bill for keeping Alan from making a fool of the Spauldings.

Reva finds the CD that Jeffrey wrote for her. Josh gets a gift from Olivia. The Bible with pictures of his and Reva’s wedding. While listening to the song, Reva realizes that it is the right thing to do to marry Jeffrey. Josh drives up in a big red pickup truck and tells Billy that he has changed his mind and agrees to kidnap Reva.

Reva finally comes clean to Jeffrey about the lump, but he convinces her that he will stick by her no matter what….that he signed on for everything. He tells her that she got him through his hard time with Ava, and that he loves her, and that he will be there no matter what.

Billy & Joshua come up with a crazy plan to trick Reva into thinking that Shayne has send a wedding present to her and then they will nab her and run away. They are crazy with their plan!

Lizzie & Bill take Alan to the hospital where Rick tries to treat him. Bill tells Lizzie that she won’t have to go through it alone.

Lizzie tells Bill he doesn’t have to stay because she know how he feels after going through what he has with Max so soon. Rick says that he needs to operate, but Alan isn’t in any condition to make this decision. Lizzie will have to talk to him. Alan thinks that the only person that can help him is Lizzie. He tells her to look in his jacket and retrieves a picture of her and he tells her that she is the future of Spaulding.

Josh goes to Reva’s and tries to carry out his plan, because he thinks it is what she wants. He hears her talking to their daughter, Marah and telling her how happy she is and that they belong together. Josh confronts Jeffrey and he wants to know if he has a problem. Josh says he hopes Jeffrey knows how lucky he is, and Jeffrey tells him that luck has nothing to do with it….it is love. Josh says he is going to walk away and Jeff says that it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Josh jumps on Jeff and they start to fight.

Reva gets a phone call from Rick and that he has her results. She tells him that she will talk to him later.

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