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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/27/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

A half-naked Daisy and Grady (with a Sumari ponytail) are laying on a bare mattress. Grady tells Daisy that one day they are going to have a place of their own and won’t have to sneak in to people’s empty houses. He says she deserves better. Daisy says he’s not going to hear her complaining. Grady says that he wants to do what Cyrus said and get out and show everyone that they are together. Daisy says she wants that too. Grady says that if ‘that guy’ (meaning Rafe) would have hurt her…and she says Rafe never would have hurt her. Grady wants to make love but Daisy says she can’t stop thinking about what happened. She is having a hard time believing that Natalia would have told the cops that Rafe had taken her hostage. She complains that Rafe is in jail for something he didn’t do….just like Grady was when Reva set him up.

Frank brings Rafe some food that Natalia made for him, but he says he’s not hungry. Frank tells him that Natalia sacrificed a lot for him and to knock the chip off of his shoulder. Frank tells Rafe that the police honestly thought that Daisy was in a hostage situation because of an anonymous tip, and that they wouldn’t make up something like that. Rafe ponders this and says ‘No, they wouldn’t.’

Natalia meets with the lawyer that Olivia helped her retain. He says that he wants to cut a deal. Natalia doesn’t want Rafe to serve any time at all. She wants a lawyer who will fight for Rafe and not just cut a deal. She asks him where is faith is and he says that that faith has no place in the court of law, and that with all due respect, he was her best bet. She tells him that with all due respect, he is fired. He wishes her the best of luck because she will definitely need it.

Josh is shooting hoops. Billy comes in and they talk about the wedding. Josh tells him the wedding is off, and it wasn’t going to happen. Billy says that he would believe that if it were anyone but Jeffrey, but Jeffrey wasn’t scared of Reva, and he isn’t scared of Josh. Billy says it is time to take off the gloves and fight. Josh says that Sayne said the same thing.

Jeffrey tries to convince Reva to go get married. She comes back with how many times they have proposed to each other and then called it off or postponed it. She says she is done planning and unplanning the wedding and keeps on ranting until he grabs her and kisses her passionately. She says that he is a great kisser, but it doesn’t change anything and she won’t be happy until he stops flipping back and forth about the wedding. Jeffrey assures her that he is sure, and that he knows that he wants to do this. He tells her that he has lost a lot…his grandson, his daughter to depression, his case, and that he just wanted to come to her when everything was right. She likes that. She wants to know what made him come around and he tells her that it was Olivia. Reva wants to know how they can be sure this time and he tells her it is because they aren’t going to wait two weeks. They are going to get married in two days.

Billy wants to know why Josh isn’t fighting hard and dirty for Reva. Josh tells him it is because Jeffrey won’t fight back. He is acting like nothing bothers him and that Josh isn’t a threat to him. This obviously ticks Josh off, and he says he has to get back to church. Billy says it must be a little hard to put the collar on AND take the gloves off. Josh says he isn’t the typical minister…that he has a good angle on one shoulder and a devil angle on the other.

Back in the jail, Rafe asks Frank what the cops said, and he tells them that they said that Rafe had a gun and was holding Daisy hostage. Rafe says that there was no gun and did they find it, but he says they didn’t. Frank wants to know why he didn’t tell him this before? That he could be looking at 5-10 years in prison. This stuns Rafe. He says that he will start taking things seriously now and wants to talk to his lawyer.

Daisy gets dressed and tells Grady that she won’t be gone long. She has to see if Rafe is okay but Grady says that they probably won’t treat Rafe badly the way that they treated him, and that no matter what Rafe did or didn’t do, it almost got her killed. She says she is going to be okay. Daisy gets a phone call, but it is for Grady…she doesn’t recognize the voice or number. Grady gets on the phone. It’s Rafe. He says to get down there right away. Grady lies to Daisy about who it was.

Daisy runs in to Natalia at company and asks if she set Rafe up. Natalia asks if she really thinks that she would put Rafe, or Daisy, in that kind of danger with cops running around with guns. Daisy gets it and tells Natalia that she really does still care about Rafe and asks how he is. She asks if there is anything she can do to help. Natalia offers to help Daisy see Rage, but Daisy declines. Natalia thinks that Daisy has matured. They talk about his case as the attorney walks in and says that he can’t be fired because Olivia hired him. He tells him that he set a motion for bail, but it was denied.

Grady goes to the jail and asks what Rafe wants. Rafe tells him that he knows he set the whole thing up. Grady slips and says something about the gun and Rafe grabs Grady and says that no one else but him and the cops knew anything about a gun. Grady just laughs. Grady tells Rafe to leave Daisy alone. Rafe tells him that he is just scared because Daisy might choose him. He says that he feels sorry for Grady because he has to trick women in to being with him.

Reva and Jeffrey happily plan their wedding while waiting for the marriage counseling. Josh comes in and says that there was an emergency with their counselor and that he will be the counselor. Is there a problem? Reva says yes and Jeffrey says no…bring it on. Josh starts questioning Reva & Jeffrey about their relationship. It makes Reva uncomfortable, but Jeffrey fields the questions. He brings up the fact that Jeffrey dated one of her children (his daughter), and Jeff says that at least he didn’t marry her sister.

Frank asks Rafe if he’s talked to his lawyer. Rafe says he doesn’t need a lawyer, but needs to talk to Daisy. Daisy finds Grady at the park and Grady comes clean that it was Rafe that called and that he went to see him. He tells her that maybe they shouldn’t see each other, but this makes Daisy try to convince Grady that it is him she wants to be with.

Josh tells Reva and Jeffrey that it seems like their marriage is a stunt. Not like their ‘Always.’ He says that it doesn’t seem like something that they have really thought out. Reva says that this is what she wants. They re-hash the whole cancer thing. Reva announces that the counseling is over, and that she is sure they are doing the right thing. They leave and Reva goes home and Jeff goes to the office.

Frank and Natalia meet. She tells him that she is glad he is looking out for Rafe.

Reva is sitting alone in her bathrobe and begins to cry. Lillian show s up and has just come from the cancer survivor group. Reva tells Lillian that she has found another mass.

At Josh’s, there is a knock at the door and it is Jeffrey. He tells them that they need to talk. Josh thinks he is having second thoughts, but Jeff says no way. Jeff asks for Josh’s address so they can send him a postcard on their honeymoon. Josh taunts him that there are only two days left.

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