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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/26/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

At the park, Olivia and Natalia argue about Alan's visions from Gus. Olivia tells Natalia that they were stupid to believe in Alan's visions. Natalia still insists that she is relying on her faith. She wants to believe that Gus's death happened for a reason. Olivia finally completes her check up and Natalia is waiting for her. Olivia thanks her.

After Lizzie hears Bill on the phone with one of his business partners, she thinks Bill is trying to sell Alan out. Bill follows her to the house and tries to convince her that what she was trying to do to Alan was no different. Jeffrey shows up and tells Lizzie that it appears that Alan has left town. Lizzie looks around and can't find any of Alan's stuff. Jeffrey thinks that Lizzie may have had a change of heart about testifying against him. Lizzie tries to explain that she can't give the testimony right now because of the bad timing with Alan's illness. Jeffrey gets frustrated and leaves. Lizzie gets on Bill for not speaking up, but he agrees with Jeffrey. Later, Lizzie and Bill argue again about Alan, and he urges her to go find her daughter instead of standing up for Alan.

Reva is having a hard time explaining to her father that the wedding in only postponed, not cancelled. She argues that the case that Jeffrey is working on is important and the wedding has to be put off for a little while. He disputes that work should be more important than their wedding. There is a knock at the door and she cuts the conversation off. There is a package for Reva. It is a gorgeous black in white dress which she appears to love until she notices Josh standing in the doorway. He asks for a sneak preview of the dress. Reva says that there won't be a sneak preview because Josh isn't invited to the wedding. Josh says that he isn't talking about her wedding to Jeffrey, he is talking about her wedding to him. Josh ribs her about having to wait for the wedding, and Reva snatches the dress from him and says that she is only waiting a couple of weeks.

Reva tells asks Josh if he just came there to annoy her, and he tells her that he got an e-mail from Shayne. This gets Reva's attention and they bond over talking over Shayne's new girlfriend. Josh tells her that she will never have those kinds of memories with Jeff. She says that she and Jeff will make brand new ones. Josh spies Reva's monogrammed towels with JOR (Jeffrey, O'Neil, Reva) and makes fun of them.

Jeffery sees Rafe and tells him that he came to help him. Doris comes in and makes Rafe go back to his cell. She doesn't care if it is an accident or not. She gets in a dig about him not being able to move forward with the case against Alan. He gets a call from the Sunrise Treatment Center where Ava is being treated. He tells them that they should be talking to Olivia, but they tell him that he has power of attorney. He then receives a fax that look like bad news. The clinic wants to send Ava away. Olivia tells Jeffrey that it is his decision to make.

Jeffrey later tells Natalia that he has been removed from Rafe's case and she says it's okay, because she has faith that her son is a good boy.

It appears that Alan has now called Josh for counseling. Josh is reluctant, but agrees to see him. Bill shows up to get Josh's advice on some business plans. They end up talking about spiritual stuff and how he can't understand how everyone believes Alan.

Lizzie shows up at Reva's and explains what happens to Reva and says that she feels bad. She says that she just can't live with herself if she puts her grandfather in jail when he is sick, and possibly dying. Reva tells Lizzie that as much as she wants Jeffrey to win the case, and as much as Reva wants Alan to pay, she can't make the decision for Lizzie. Lizzie re-called Alan being good to her when she had Leukemia, and feels that is enough to make her decision to go find him. Reva gives her blessing. Later Bill tells Lizzie where Alan is. He offers to come with her, but she says she needs to do it on her own. Bill makes a call to someone to get his plane ready to go to NY.

Josh receives an email from Shayne saying that it looks like Reva was still getting married and seemed happier than ever. This seemed to bother Josh, but at that moment, Jeffrey came home and told Reva to pack her bags. They were going to get married!

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