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Guiding Light Update Monday 8/25/08

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Written By Karen
Pictures by Suzanne

RJ comes home and tells Cassie that a man from the park gave him a boom-a-rang.  Cassie angrily figures out that it was Grady and reprimands R.J. harshly telling him she couldn’t take it if anything happened to him.  When he goes upstairs to prepare for his sleep-over, Cyrus comes in to ask how the door the he fixed is holding up.

Natalia convinces Olivia to make a doctor’s appointment and tries to insist on driving her there, but Olivia refuses and drives herself.  When Natalia gets in her own car and turns on the radio, she hears a live announcement that police have surrounded the house that Rafe and Daisy are in.  They think that she is a hostage.

Daisy swears to Rafe that she didn’t turn him in while he is freaking out.  Grady is outside behind a dumpster watching the scene obviously amused.   Rafe and Daisy kiss as the police give him 30 seconds to come out.  Rafe walks out the door with his hands up and is arrested.

Cassie demands that Cyrus keep Grady away from R.J.  He tries to convince her that Grady wouldn’t hurt anyone.  He tells her that she is hurting R.J. by hanging on to her hate.

At the hospital, Rick is glad to see Olivia there for her check-up.  He gives her a pep talk about their heart transplants being a gift.  Olivia overhears a nurse telling Rick that Rafe had been arrested and she runs out.

Daisy tries to convince Frank that Rafe didn’t mean any trouble.  He tells her that she chases trouble.  He warns her not to see Grady, Cyrus or Rafe anymore.  Natalia arrives and Frank takes her to see Rafe in his jail cell.  He refuses to talk to her.  Daisy finds Grady and cries in his arms about Rafe.  Later she tries to call her mom.

Blake arrives at Cassie’s in a red hot dress and tells her she is taking her out for girl’s night out.  Cassie tries to get out of it, but Blake won’t take no for an answer.

Olivia comes to the jail and tells Natalia that she has called her lawyer and will take care of everything .  Natalia yells at her to leave her alone and go see her doctor.  Olivia says that she wants to see Rafe, and then walks in a rails at Rafe.  When she comes out, she tells Natalia that Rafe will see her, but Natalia insists on taking Olivia to her check-up.  While they are there, Rick tells them how sick Alan is.

Cyrus tells Grady that he knows that he set up Rafe.  Grady doesn’t deny it.  Cyrus points out all of the things that could have gone wrong by his set up.

Cassie & Blake hit the bar and start drinking.  Blake manages to cheer Cassie up.  Later they return home and agree that they should go out again, but Cassie goes to bed and begins to cry.  Cyrus sees her through the window and comes up to her room to talk.  She tells him that he should take Grady and leave town.

Frank tells Natalia that Rafe is considered a flight risk and won’t be considered for bail.  Rafe takes out a picture of Daisy and kisses it while she and Grady begin to make love back at the house.

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