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Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/7/08

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Written By Beth
Pictures by Suzanne

Olivia is feeling down about her daughter and thinks no one understands. Jeffrey tells her what makes her think he does. And tells Olivia that Ava will be fine. Olivia gets mad at him saying that Ava is not like a lost sock. She just lost a child, their grandchild. And on top of that the post-partum and how is she going to get over not being her toward the end? Jeffrey tells her she'll get through it, that they will help her I know what we've lost. We can't do anything about that. Tammy Winslow lost her life. That, Jeffrey says he can do something about. Olivia reminds Jeffrey he can't bring Tammy back. Jeffrey says no, but he can bring her and her mother some overdue justice. Jeffrey apologizes for not being able to comfort Olivia and look at old family photos. Olivia tells him if he doesn't deal with this he'll have a nervous breakdown. Jeffrey tells her he is dealing with it. And is there anything else. Olivia says no, then yeah and asks him about his wedding plans. Jeffrey says they are ok. Just a little slow right now because he is preoccupied by the trial. Olivia says ok, put your life on hold and ignore what's happening and eventually you will have a string of failed marriages and a bad heart. Then they will be able to talk of thing in common. Jeffrey gives up and says she's right. Right about the wedding. He says he'll call Reva. Olivia says, all right. Okay. Then I'll go. And tells Jeffrey to take care of himself. Jeffrey thanks her.

Buzz and Natalia are talking about Rafe and Gus and how she misses them. Buzz says he misses Harley every day and that he also misses Jenna. That they miss the people that are important. Natalia say ok so you miss your wife. If you could talk to them from the beyond would you. Buzz not sure says I think. Natalia asks what if that person were Alan? Buzz says he'd want to know what Jenna thinks and wants. Even from a politician Natalia ask what if he's crazy? Buzz says, why not? Natalia says she believes out of grief and guilt. Buzz asks what if you have more faith than the rest of us? Natalia just says What if. Buzz repeats her. Beth tells Alan when he is finished with his followers he is to meet her at his lawyer's office. Then there is a knock on the door and it is Buzz. Beth is startled and tells them to come in. Buzz has brought Natalia with him. Beth tells them Alan is with his "gaggle of girls". Natalia wants to know if they are talking to Gus. Beth changes the subject and asks Buzz if he wants a drink. Natalia still talking about Alan and Gus, says she knows it is crazy and that she knows she seems crazy. Beth still is asking if they want drinks. Buzz says a beer. Natalia still talking about Alan says he called her. Beth says yeah, he had a lot of visions. Natalia asks if any were of Rafe and if Gus is sending a message about Rafe. Beth is interrupted by the phone ringing and ask if Natalia wants a beer. Buzz says he'll get the beers and tells Beth to get the phone. It is Alan and Beth hands it over to Natalia, who tells Alan she came over to find him. Alan tells her where he is headed, but that he has no news on Rafe. He tells her that Gus is worried that Rafe is not safe. Natalia is alarmed and asks what he means not safe. And is someone trying to hurt him or an accident. Alan says he doesn't know. But that he wants to come home. Natalia reminds Alan that Rafe could face jail time. Alan says so could he, but that he is where Gus wants him to be. Natalia says really then it makes sense that if he really wanted Rafe home to more that anything. Alan just keeps pointing to Springfield. Natalia wonders if it isn't safe there. Alan says he indicates that Rafe will be safe here if he comes home. Then says he has to go back to work. That they will talk later. Beth tells Natalia that while they were in LA Alan had a vision. There were random numbers and a street name. But that nothing gelled. Beth is about to say something important, but Natalia interrupts her and says that the first time was a mistake. Everything else.. she wants to believe. Buzz reminds her that it is Alan that is suggesting these things. Natalia says she is ok with it. That it is not the knowing, but faith. Beth agrees faith is great. But what is she putting her faith in? The Beth says she has a situation with Alan. That she has to take him to see his lawyer. Natalia says she is off today if she needs a sitter. That she can take Peyton. Buzz chimes in says they can go to the park and the restaurant.

Ashlee calls Daisy. Daisy thanks her for the call. Daisy says she is sorry for the other day. Ashlee says lets not even talk about it. It was weird. Daisy says yeah I know. I hate fighting with you. Just seems to keep happening. Ashlee asks Daisy if she still needs a job. Daisy says yes. Ashlee says you should fill this out and come and sit. Ashlee asks how is it living with Lauren. Daisy says she is living with Marina that Lauren blew her off. Ashlee seems happy with that news. Not the Lauren part but the Marina part, family and being a cop. Daisy says things between she and Grady are messed up. Ashlee acts surprised by saying, really? Daisy continues to tell Ashlee that she and Grady had a fight, that he doesn't thing she trusts him. She is all confused. She tells Ashlee she might have to testify at his trial. And what she says could hang him or free him and she can't decide. Ashlee says, Can't decide? What's to decide? Daisy has to tell the truth. Daisy agrees to a point, and says she wants him to know she believes in him. Ashlee is confused and says so. Ashlee continues, You need to lie under oath to prove to him Daisy is trustworthy? That makes perfect sense. Daisy says it isn't lying. It is not so cut and dry. It's the light I put on it. Ashlee interrupts her and says, You know what? Daisy says, I know what he has. Ashlee says she doesn't care. That she is actually exhausted hearing Daisy talk and complain. And not even realize how horrible she is treating herself, and how unhealthy it is. Daisy says Ashlee has been so upset since her surgery. Ashlee is shocked. Daisy continues by says she is obsessed with the self-help idea. Ashlee asks Daisy if she thinks that's a bad thing Daisy say, Yes, it is a bad thing! If it make you bail on your friends. Daisy reminds Ashlee of how many times she helped her. Ashlee says she's sorry? And what help with guy problems? Daisy says, yes, and now you refuse to help me! Ashlee believe all Daisy wants is to have someone feels sorry for her. And tells her so. Just because she and Tammy's killer are not doing so well. That this with Grady is not all that it is cracked up to be. What kind of guy is he to want her to lie under oath. Daisy says, I didn't say I was going to lie...and would she just help her instead of judging her. Ashlee says ok, she'll help and asks if she wants a job. Daisy says no. She doesn't want Ashlee's help. Stick with her self-help and God forbid you help someone else.

Daisy leaves going by Olivia, who says excuse me. Ashlee says hi to Olivia. Olivia returns it with a hey. Ashlee says she heard about the baby and she is sorry. Olivia says Thank you. Ashlee asks how Olivia is doing. Olivia says the last couple of days have taken a lot out of her. She is ok now. Ashlee says good. And continues, if you need anything...I'm around. Olivia thanks her. Ashlee excuses herself by saying she is going to get some thing to eat. Olivia tells Ashlee that Emma likes Ashlee's Blog. Ashlee is surprised. Olivia says, yeah. Ashlee asks Olivia how old Emma is. Olivia says 7 going on 23. That one if Emma's friends is in junior high and she really likes it. So there is nothing dirty in it, right? Ashlee assures Olivia there isn't and laughs and says that she finds it really funny. That she didn't even know anyone was watching. Olivia say Well, Emma and her friends love it. They really look up to Ashlee. Ashlee is shocked. Again Olivia says yeah. Even Olivia tells Ashlee she is something else and that there are a lot of lonely people out there who want to connect to someone who understands.

Natalia is with Peyton who kicks her blanket off. Natalia talks to Peyton. Daisy and Grady meet. Daisy wants to know what is going on. Grady tells her he knows that he heard her talk to Cyrus. Daisy tells him she didn't even know he heard them. That she and Cyrus care. And that they are trying to find a way to get Grady out of this mess without getting themselves in trouble. Grady says he came back and got caught because of her. And that she says she really cares about him but he's showed her. Daisy is now upset, she tells him they have better things to do than look for ways to hurt him. That she has isolated herself from family. Just then Frank appears. Grady is not thrilled. And Frank isn't either. Frank says, he guesses the warning and threats didn't mean anything. Grady says no not really. Frank wants to leave and take Daisy with him. Daisy wants to know where. Frank says Greece. Daisy isn't happy and says Greece no not Greece again. Grady repeats part of what Daisy says. And then touches Frank. Frank tells him not to touch him again or he'll.... Daisy then says ok! That she is parked across the lake. Frank informs her not anymore that he had her car towed. Daisy is shocked. Grady says, these are the people you trust? Frank has a deal, if she continues to see him, he'll continue to harass them. It's her call.

Beth tells Alan that Peyton is with Natalia. Alan seems pleased. Beth is not happy with Alan and what he is saying and doing with Natalia. Making Natalia believe that if Rafe comes back to town he'll be safe. Alan reminds her that Gus is looking after both of them. Beth tells Alan to meet her at his lawyer's office and not to be late. Just then there is a knock on the door. Jeffrey is there. Both he and Beth say hi to each other. Jeffrey asks about the whereabouts of Alan. Beth says she is on the way to meet Alan at his lawyer's. Jeffrey tells Beth that this is Alan's last chance to confess before they go to trial. And that this trial is going to last a long time. And drag the family through the mud. Beth is not happy and tells him that he can't barge in and threaten her. Jeffrey asks if Alan is going to miss their little girl when he goes to prison? Beth says she is not talking to him. Then Jeffrey brings up Cassie missing Tammy. Beth says she is going to see a lawyer. Jeffrey says great. Alan's deal just got worse. Beth angrily says what? He's crazy. And then says again that he can't just walk in and harass her. Jeffrey comes back with, Alan can't pay other people off to kill people in their cars and not expect consequences. Beth says she has to go. Jeffrey says she made some bad choices, but didn't hurt anybody. That "she" wanted to be with the man she loves and start a family. "She doesn't deserve this. He then says he is also getting justice for Ava and her family. Beth questions, Ava?

Frank says he knows why Daisy moved in with Marina. And does she think it's a lot easier to give her the slip. Daisy says no. Frank not sure says ok. He makes a deal. He'll drive her to work. Then notify security there that if she cracks a window or opens a door they're to call him. Daisy asks if he realizes if he is treating her like the criminal? Frank says he is trying to prevent her from becoming one. And then he just about mentions Harley. Daisy says her mother is nothing. That she is hiding out with her ex boyfriend. And she went to Europe and Harley never showed. Frank says there was a communication problem. Daisy says Harley should try and help her. Then the phone rings. Frank answers it and Mallet's name is mentioned. Then tells the person on the other end he is on his way. Frank gives Daisy an order to go to the Beacon and stay there until he returns. And if she wants her car back, she will have to show him she deserves it.

Grady tells Daisy where the car is and that he couldn't get to it in time before it was taken. Daisy says yeah, somewhere she'll never see it again. Grady says he saw it taken away and knows where it is. Daisy tells him no. That he is in enough trouble. Grady reminds her of the city and then she says, the night she accidentally parked next to the hydrant. Daisy doesn't want to do that again. Grady wants her to do it again. She reminds him he almost dropped her. They laugh. He tells her he won't let it happen this time. Daisy says she has no choice.

Olivia finds Beth and Natalia together feeding Beth's baby. Beth offers Jeffrey a drink. Jeffrey refuses saying he is working. Beth sees he is upset over Ava. Jeffrey says he is working. Beth talks about Alan loosing Gus. Jeffrey says what do you think Gus would say about all this trouble? Do you think confess? Beth refuses to talk about the case. Jeffrey says he is serious. Beth says Jeffrey can't be objective. Ava has left, the baby is gone, and Jeffrey is hurting and wants everyone else to hurt. Jeffrey is not amused. He tells Beth he is sorry but Alan is not getting away with this.

Grady and Daisy meet later to get the car. Daisy is unsure of the shoes she is wearing. Someone says the gate is closed. Grady tells this person if he is going to call the cops. Daisy mom is a former detective. Daisy chimes in that her uncle is also a detective. Grady asks who brought it in. Murphy's name comes up. Daisy is crushed. Then there is mention that they didn't get a name of the cop. Daisy says she doesn't know. Grady says the guy gives you a ticket for looking at him the wrong way. That Frank is going to have someone on the lot night and day. They aren't even sure there is a Murphy. Grady says no problem. Daisy loves Grady's reasoning for getting the car back. She kids, Wait until we tell Uncle Frank! Grady says he's gotten good about lying to survive. Not that he does it all the time. Daisy mentions not lying in court. Grady says no, he'll walk. Daisy thanks him. Grady says no problem.

Back with Jeffrey, Natalia and Olivia, Jeffrey says he's sung a lot of songs. Natalia asks how long Ava will be gone. Olivia say no. Natalia mentions it's hard being away from your kids. Olivia says she still has Emma. The asks about Rafe. Natalia says it's been awhile since she heard from him. Natalia then asks Olivia if she's slept at all. Olivia says she is fine. Natalia says she'll make something to eat. Olivia says it won't help. Jeffrey hears from Daisy. And warns her if she has jeopardized the case she can be brought up on perjury charges. Daisy says she gets it. Jeffrey isn't so sure. He tells her she will be brought up on the stand and testify.

Grady finds Alan. Grady tells Alan his trial begins in a few days. Alan says he is surprised you hadn't come sooner. Grady repeats his sentence about the trial. Alan says he knows and that he reads the paper. Grady says he withdrew his confession and planning on beating the charges. Alan isn't so sure. Grady says if things get rough he always has Alan. Alan says he doubts that. Grady threatens Alan, if he has pull in this town, he'd use it. Because it is in his best interest to keep him, Grady, a free man. Grady wants to make that clear to Alan. Alan says he is not clear on a lot of things these days. Grady questions if Alan has found religion lately. Alan says no. Just that he knows what Grady did. And what comes next is out of their hands. Grady disagrees. Alan says all he same to you. I'll let Gus tell me what to do. Grady says, your dead son. Is he going to safe Alan? Alan says, yes. Grady wants to know about him. Alan says Gus hasn't given him any indication of that.

Natalia worries about Olivia and asks her if she feels better. Olivia says, Yeah, a bit. She is just not herself these days. Natalia get annoyed and says she has cried over Rafe plenty. Olivia says that's what she is afraid of with Ava. That Ava will disappear and not come back or stay in touch. Natalia says that isn't the same. Rafe Can't. Olivia is confused. She asks Natalia what does she mean? Natalia tell Olivia about Rafe being in Europe. Olivia question whether Rafe is safe there. Natalia tells Olivia of Alan's visions. Olivia is skeptical and says ok. Natalia says just cause Olivia doesn't believe. Olivia says she believes for Natalia. Only that she also thinks Rafe would be saver in Springfield. Natalia tells Olivia that Alan sense that people were protecting Rafe. Olivia sounds encouraged by saying that is good. Olivia says calling him could put him in danger. Natalia says Rafe doesn't know about Alan's vision and wants to tell Rafe. Olivia thinks Rafe wouldn't believe that his father contacted his grandfather from the dead to warn him. Natalia gets mad and reminds Olivia what she did for her. Olivia says she is trying to help her Natalia says she misses Rafe. Olivia says she knows. But before Natalia decides to call Rafe to make sure these are not Alan's wishful thinking.

Grady wants to know what Alan is seeing. Alan says it depends. Then Alan asks Grady what he sees. Grady answers Insanity plea. Alan says Grady is very paranoid. Gray says Oh. Good I will sell you out and you start eating paste and rant about visions. Alan says he just told someone there is no such thing as crazy. Grady says Alan is the only ace on my pocket then he is screwed. Alan says have faith. They both deserve what they get. Daisy goes to see Jeffrey. Daisy says that Reva says that Jeffrey will go easy on her. Jeffrey says well you know what? All bets are off. Daisy is confused and wants to know what that means. Jeffrey tells her that it was her choice to help the guy and lie on the stand. that his is going to commit perjury. Daisy says Reva would kill Jeffrey. Jeffrey reminds Daisy that Grady killed Tammy. That she was his collateral damage. And if Daisy lies she goes to jail and wind up collateral damage too. He suggests that she not let her feelings for Grady blind her and for her to wake up.

Ashlee goes on her blog and tells everyone she is sorry for letting them hang before.

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