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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/21/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

The entire show today takes place outside on Beacon property as the final scenes of the movie Always are shot.

Josh, Reva, Jeffrey and Cassie watch as the movie actors recreate Josh and Reva’s wedding and they are all surprised at how authentic everything looks. Jeffrey watches the wedding scenes from a distance because he doesn’t want to interrupt anything. Cassie tells Jeffrey she is going to walk closer to the set because she wants to see everything since she wasn’t around for the wedding. The movie minister can’t remember his lines so Josh and Reva remind him and they laugh because they still remember what the minister said to them.

Josh and Reva meet the actors playing H.B and Sarah and they are amazed at what a good job the casting department did at finding actors who look so much like H.B. and Sarah. The actors toast Reva and Josh and both wonder if they have the right motivation for when they shoot the real wedding toast scene. Reva and Josh tell each other that this seems very real but then they remember it is only a movie and they both go in search of a cold beer. Billy arrives and tells Josh and Reva that the movie also seems like their real wedding. Josh leaves Reva and Billy and goes to find a quiet place to call Cassie on the phone. Billy wonders how Reva is handling the feelings brought up by the movie and she tells Billy she is fine because it’s all make believe. Josh talks to Cassie on the phone and he is surprised when she comes up behind him and tells him everything looks beautiful.

Josh tells Cassie that he didn’t think she would come, but she tells him she never misses a good party. Cassie and Josh both think they were trying to hard to act normally during lunch and they apologize to each other. Josh tells Cassie they must be patient with each other and soon they will be back to the way things used to be between them. Cassie tells Josh that things can’t be they way they were between them because they have both changed so they should accept each other the way they are now and move ahead that is the only way their marriage will work. Cassie goes to get a beer from Jeffrey who wanders if she is going to stay and watch the movie shoot. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she is going to stay because she never misses a good party. Cassie grabs a beer and leaves then Reva arrives and asks Jeffrey to stay and watch the movie shoot and she also thanks him for being so supportive of her about the movie. Jeffrey tells Reva that it will all be worth it in the end because once she faces her past and makes peace with it she will be able to move toward a future with him.

Josh and Billy have an argument because Billy claims Josh stole Reva from him they argue the point back and forth for a few minutes until the actor playing H.B. yells for them to stop arguing because he didn’t raise them that way and if they want to argue it should be a gun fight outside. Josh and Billy laugh and tell the actor he just reminded them of H.B. Josh offers to buy his old man a bourbon and branch.

Jolene thinks Reva is crying because she is nervous about the wedding scenes in the movie. Reva explains to Jolene that the day she married Josh never felt nervous she felt blessed especially that her daughter Marah was there to watch her parents get married. Reva advises Jolene that if she ever falls in love she should tell him every day that she loves him even when they fight or she doesn’t feel like telling him because those three words are very important. Jolene wonders if those lines are in the script because if they aren’t they should be in the script. Jolene’s comment makes Reva laugh for a minute through the tears she is crying as she recalls her wedding to Josh. Billy meets the actor playing him in the movie and gives him some advice on how to play his part. The actor playing him tells Billy he doesn’t need any help because he was trained at Julliard and has won an Obi award. The actor tells Billy that his agent told him this was going to be a showcase part for him but now he sees that one hillbilly drunk is just the same as another hillbilly drunk. Billy is about to punch the actor until Josh arrives and reminds Billy that it is just a movie and he should let this go.

Jolene and Mark shoot the first dance of the wedding.  Since Josh and Reva have parts as extras, they also dance together. Jeffrey and Cassie watch them, and Cassie wonder how Jeffrey can just watch and not do anything. Jeffrey tells Cassie that once Reva deals with her past she will come back to him and he advises Cassie to let things happen. Cassie tells Jeffrey she stood on the sidelines and let things happen once and Tammy died she won’t stand on the sidelines again. Jeffrey tells Cassie that Josh and Reva will always be in each others lives because they have children together so she should just accept it. Cassie goes to stop the dance seen and is stopped by the actress playing her mother Sarah who tells her not to do it. Cassie is struck by how much the actress looks like her mother and gives the actress a hug pretending for a few minutes the actress is her mother. Josh and Reva continues to dance and Josh tells Reva that he remembers every detail of their wedding and this wedding feels as real to him as the both of them.

The actress playing Sarah tells Cassie she can pretend she is talking to her mother if she needs to talk. Cassie tells “Sarah” that she feels like Reva will always be in the middle of her marriage to Josh. “ Sarah” thinks that Cassie is jealous of her sister Reva and Cassie doesn’t know if it is jealousy of Reva she feels but Reva was married to Josh before her and had his children. “Sarah” tells Cassie that life isn’t always fair and explains that when she first began acting she thought she should be able to choose the acting roles she wanted to play as well as her leading men. “Sarah” tells Cassie that as she gained acting experience she learned that the acting roles she wanted weren’t always the roles she should play. Cassie stops the dance scene and is about to put an end to the entire shoot but then she changes her mind. Cassie tells Cast and crew that she welcomes them on behalf of the Beacon and if she or her staff can do anything to help them they should let her know.

Billy wonders if Reva wants her old life back and Reva tells him she would be a fool not to want her old life back. The actress playing Sarah holds Cassie as she cries and tells her she knows how she feels because she was a younger sister too. Cassie tells “ Sarah” she feels like she will always be in Reva’s shadow.

“Sarah” advises Cassie to get out of Reva’s shadow and stand in her own space. Josh arrives and the actress leaves them alone to talk. Josh tells Cassie that tomorrow the circus will be gone and they can work on their marriage. Cassie tells Josh that she knows that a marriage is work but does it always have to belike heavy lifting. Josh tells Cassie he loves her and wants to work on their marriage. Cassie tells Josh that this is hard for her because she loves him too but she has to admit to herself that he will always be in love with Reva. Cassie tells Josh that she doesn’t want to live a lie with Reva always in between them. Cassie thinks Josh is supposed to be her rock, her anchor and her compass but every time she is with him she feels lost. Cassie asks Josh if she is the person he wants to be with for the rest of his life.

Jolene asks Reva to help her with the wedding vows because she can’t remember them. Reva begins to recite the vows and cry a little as she recalls her wedding to Josh. Josh also recites his wedding vows as he and Mark sit on the other end of the set. Josh also remembers the wedding and is deeply affected as he recites the wedding vows. Josh and Reva watch the wedding scene and both continue to remember their real wedding. Reva stands by the lake and Josh rushes over and admits he was worried she was going to dive in and never come up until she gets to some island somewhere. Reva admits that that is very tempting since she can’t go back to her old life because that is gone forever. Josh tells Reva that maybe her old life isn’t gone and admits he never should have walked away from her. Josh admits to Reva that he made a mistake and he can’t go back to Cassie because something is broken between them and it can’t be fixed. Reva admits to Josh that ever since he got together with Cassie she has dreamed he would say these words to her. Josh asks Reva to tell him she will take him back. The director of the movie interrupts the moment and tells them they need to have them in some publicity pictures for the movie. Reva screams at Josh that this isn’t their wedding then they go stand where the actors were standing when they said their wedding vows. Cassie and Jeffrey watch Josh and Reva stare at each other and they can tell what Josh and Reva feel for each other.

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