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Guiding Light Update Monday 7/14/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Cabin) Bill is happy to see Lizzie sitting inside the tire swing and she tells him that she appreciates the effort he put in to picking out a beautiful love nest for them but she isn’t sure that she can be the other woman in his life. Lizzie sheds a few tears as she tells Bill that she just had to see the place he bought for them. Lizzie also appreciates deeply that he remembered that she had a tire swing at her house in Arizona the place where she was most happy when she was a little girl. Bill hates to break Lizzie’s heart but he tells her that he bought the cabin for Ava and Max he never intended it to be a love nest for them. Lizzie gets very nervous and feels embarrassed at her assumption that Bill bought the cabin for them. Lizzie starts to leave but Bill begs her to stay and talk to him for a few minutes. Bill explains to Lizzie that he loves her very much and always will but he must put the baby before his love for her. Lizzie reminds him that the baby isn’t biologically his child and he tells her that the baby is his child in his heart and he can’t lose Max now. Bill begs Lizzie to say yes to his offer and become his lover and he promises that he will find a way to work things out for them. Lizzie tells Bill no at first and Bill tells her she made the right decision in letting go of him. Bill keeps begging Lizzie to say yes until she says yes and they kiss and soon begin taking off their clothes.

 (Marler Mansion) The maid tells Olivia that Bill isn’t home and didn’t say where she was going once she has made a few calls and can’t find Ava Olivia decides to call Bill. Bill answers his phone and is worried so he tells Olivia he will bee home in a few minutes to look for Ava. Bill tells Lizzie he is sorry he has to leave and gives her one more kiss and she cries while she watches Bill get into his car.

(Remy’s place) Ava arrives at Remy’s just to hang out and he offers her some water but she falls asleep on the couch so he covers her with a blanket. Remy hears Ava’s phone ring several times but he turns it off so she can rest. Remy cries a little as he watches Ava sleep and when he gets up because he heard a noise outside Ava awakens. Ava tells Remy she is hungry so he offers to get her the veggie special pizza from her favorite restaurant. Ava is impressed that Remy remembered what kind of pizza she liked especially since they have not been to her favorite restaurant in a long time.

(Marler Mansion) Bill arrives and tells Olivia they should split up to look for Ava so Bill and Olivia leave in separate cars to go look for Ava. Bill leaves a message on Ava’s phone and then he decides to go to Remy’s place to look for Ava.

(Remy’s place) Bill arrives angry with Ava because she should be at home resting instead of hanging out with Remy. Remy interrupts the tense argument and Bill tells him that Ava should be resting not hanging out with him. Bill takes Ava home and Remy looks very sad that Ava is gone.

(Marler Mansion) Bill yells at Ava and tells her that if something happened and she went into labor while she was with Remy it wouldn’t look right in the eyes of people especially if he decides to run for office. Ava tells Bill that she and Remy are just friends. Ava also wants to discuss their deal because she doesn’t think its fair that she can’t be friends with Remy and he wants to be able to have the perfect family as well as Lizzie. Bill refuses to talk to Ava about Lizzie so she reminds him what he is getting out of this deal, which is baby Max. Ava refuses to talk about her friend Remy anymore and goes upstairs to rest. Olivia goes upstairs to talk to Ava and Ava assures her that everything is just fine and she shouldn’t worry about her. Bill goes upstairs and asks Ava if he wants him to go get her a pepperoni pizza but she tells him twice that she wants the veggie special pizza.

(Cross-Creek) Reva and Josh admit to each other that they are having a hard time dealing with the old feelings that the movie has brought out in them. Josh yells that it is just too much of them on the screen and then Josh and Reva give each other a long passionate kiss. Josh is shocked that he was the one who kissed Reva and tells her that he has to leave now. Reva yells that he was the one who kissed her and it won’t happen again.

(Company) Mel and Cassie have a talk and Cassie admits she is having a hard time dealing with the movie. Mel tells Cassie that she would also poke her eyes out if she had to watch the Rick and Beth story at the movies. Cassie is grateful that someone understands how she feels about the movie. Cassie tells Mel that she and Josh are in couples therapy to work on their marriage. Mel thinks that is good and encourages Cassie to fight for her marriage because Josh is a good man and they make a great couple. Cassie wants to set Mel up on a date with a nice man that goes to Josh's church but Mel tells Cassie she is happy being single and doesn't want to date right now

(Beacon) Hawk shows up to pick up his PDA that he knows he left there the last time he was visiting Reva and he takes the opportunity to find out how Jeffrey is being affected by watching the movie of Josh and Reva's romance. Jeffrey tells Hawk the movie is good and makes it clear he knows the difference between fact and fiction.

(Farm) Josh arrives home with a look of shock on his face because he still can’t believe he kissed Reva. Cassie gives him a long hug then a kiss and thanks him for being such a good husband. Josh wonders what he did to deserve such a show of affection from Cassie. Cassie tells Josh she just wanted him to know how much she appreciates having him in her life. Josh suggests they go out to dinner and Cassie thinks they are having problems adjusting to having an empty nest. Cassie tells Josh she is determined to make their marriage work.

(Company) Josh and Cassie arrive to eat and Lizzie asks Josh if she can talk to him for a few minutes so Cassie goes inside to get a table. Josh wonders when Lizzie is going to go back and work with Billy since he misses her very much at work. Lizzie tells Josh she misses working with Billy too but things are tense because of Bill. Lizzie encourages Josh to call Bill because he needs support from his family. Josh tells Lizzie he thinks Bill is doing okay with his life but he promises Lizzie he will give Bill a call. Josh tells Lizzie he has been thinking of Sarah a lot and wonders when Lizzie began to feel normal again after she gave Sarah to Jonathan. Lizzie promises to let Josh know when she begins to feel normal without Sarah. Josh goes back inside to eat with Cassie and he tells her that Lizzie is trying to find her way without Bill. Cassie smiles and tells Josh that she is happy that everybody in town trusts him.

(Cross-Creek) Reva cries a little as she thinks about what just happened with Josh and Jeffrey calls and asks her if she wants to go to dinner at Towers tonight.

(Beacon) Reva arrives so that she and Jeffrey can walk to Towers together and she admits that she and Josh kissed each other today. Jeffrey thinks they will have a lot to talk about on their walk to Towers.

(Beacon) Jeffrey and Reva arrive home from dinner and Jeffrey asks Reva how she felt when she kissed Josh. Reva cries and screams that she doesn’t want to get back together with Josh. Jeffrey tells Reva she needs to sort out her feelings and tells her to move to Cross Creek and he will stay there. Reva packs her backs and promises Jeffrey she will be back and Jeffrey tells her that he believes she will return to him.

(Outside her Law office) Mel runs into Lizzie and Lizzie tells her that she thinks she needs to get a job to keep busy so that she won’t think about Bill. Mel tells Lizzie that she thinks that she needs to step back from Bill so that he and Ava will have a chance to get to know each other as a couple. Lizzie tells Mel she has tried to do that but she can’t seem to let Bill go.

(Company) Remy talks to Mel because he is sad that things went so badly with Ava this afternoon. Mel sees Lizzie arrive and asks her to sit down with them. Remy thinks that Mel is going to lecture both he and Lizzie about loving the wrong people.

(Farm) Josh tells Cassie he thinks he made a mistake when he told her he didn’t want to have a baby with her. Josh asks Cassie if she wants to have a baby with him and Cassie smiles and gives Josh a big hug. Josh’s face however looks like he is being forced to do something he doesn’t want to do just because he feels guilty about still having feelings for Reva.

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