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Guiding Light Update Friday 7/4/08

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Rick walks around a lake, carrying a bag.  He is on the phone with his dad, Ed.  He tells him that he doesn't think he will host the Bauer barbecue this year because his heart is just not in it this year.  Ed argues with him, but Rick cuts the conversation short.  Beth meets up with him.  They are both sad and discuss how their marriage is ending.  They recollect that last year they were married on the 4th, so it's very sad that they are divorcing a year later. They both agree that they should move on.


Rick phones everyone to tell them that the barbecue is off. Cassie suggests to Josh that they host the barbecue at their place.  Josh points out that it will be a lot of work, but Cassie thinks they can handle it.

Lizzie finds Alan looking at the newspaper, which has a nice article and picture about Ava and Bill's wedding.  Lizzie ignores it.    He wonders why she is not going to the Bauer barbecue.  Lizzie wonders if they should have the Spaulding Picnic instead.  Alan and Lizzie wonder if Beth will be around today.  Lizzie is sure that she and Rick are over, but Alan is not too sure.    Alan tries to be philosophical about it, saying that if they are meant to be, she will be there. 

Beth is still depressed about Rick.  Alan tries to console her and suggests to her and Lizzie that they have their own picnic over at the lighthouse.  The women are surprised but agree.  Lizzie volunteers to go get their food at Company.

Ava sits in her bedroom alone.  Bill arrives, and she questions him about where he was because he didn't come to bed last night. He says he had a lot of work to do.  Bill seems very tight, and we can tell he's still annoyed with her. He thinks that he should keep the other room to sleep in.  She tries to soften him up, but he pulls away from her.  She wants to talk about why he's mad, but he won't discuss it. He tells her to come downstairs and look at the nice photo of them in the newspaper.  She insists that he tell her where they stand. He replies that there are things they both want out of this marriage, so they should just go with that.  He tells her to come downstairs so they can look like the great power couple that they are.  He also tells her that he made an appointment with her for the doctor. This really surprises her.

Buzz, Lillian, Frank, and Marina are packing up food at Company to take it to the picnic.  Natalia arrives, so Buzz invites her to the Bauer picnic.  She is not really in the mood but asks Buzz about whether he's heard from Harley.  He hasn't but assures her that Harley and Rafe are okay.  Josh phones them to tell them about the change of plans, so Gus agrees to bring more food. 

Lizzie and Remy run into each other just as he is getting off his shift.  She lets him know about Ava's deception.  He is stunned.  He goes to Ava and yells at her for her lies.  She is distraught but can't talk him out of it.  Remy runs into Lizzie at Company.  She invites him for a drink, but he turns her down.  He apologizes for being rude to her earlier.

Lizzie and the other Spauldings go to the lighthouse for their picnic.  Lizzie goes off to pick some flowers.  She finds Bill at the gazebo.  He is obviously very upset still about his life and tries to get Lizzie to have an affair with him.  She laughs at the very idea and turns him down.  He grabs her hand, but she pulls it away.



Will be continued


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