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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/30/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Police Station) Jeffrey tells Mallet and Marina that Grady Foley has confessed everything to Frank and he confessed without a liar present. Jeffrey asks Mallet and Marina not to tell anything to the press because he wants to build a solid case against Grady and Alan.

(Beacon) Josh corners Cyrus in the stairwell and beats him up after he angrily asks him how he could seduce his wife and then blame an innocent man for it. Josh is very angry that Cyrus made a fool out of him and he also wonders how Cyrus could use Cassie and have no consideration for Harley the woman he supposedly loved. Cyrus tells Josh that it only happened once and he and Cassie both agreed it was a mistake. Cyrus apologizes to Josh and tells him that he can continue to beat him up if that will make the Reverend feel better. Josh stops when Cyrus reminds him that he is a Reverend and stands in the stairwell stunned at what he was about to do.

(Farm Cassie tells Reva she had a one-night stand with another man and she told Josh about it but didn’t tell him the identity of the man until today. Cassie tells Reva she was in a really bad place in her life and she needed to escape from all her problems. Cassie asks Reva for her advice but Reva makes it clear that she fought for the life she has now with Jeffrey and she is happy. Reva refuses to get in the middle of Cassie and Josh’s relationship and advises her to solve her own problems with Josh.

(Park) Mallet and Marina eat lunch and Mallet wonders how Marina feels about Cyrus being the brother of the man who killed Tammy. Marina tells Mallet Grady killed her best friend and as far as she is concerned both Cyrus and Grady can both rot in jail. Frank arrives and tells mallet and Marina that Grady confessed to everything and he did it without a lawyer present. Frank asks Marina not to get involved in the case and she agrees it would be best to work on other cases. Marina apologizes to Mallet for coming out of the shower when Dinah came to visit him because she never intended to make things worse for him. Mallet apologizes to Marina for putting her in the middle of the longest break up.

(Outside the Police Station) Frank asks Mallet about his relationship with Marina and Mallet tells him that he is happy with Marina. Mallet tells Frank that they are taking things slowly because neither of them wants to get hurt. Frank calls Mallet a good man and thanks him for being honest with him. Cyrus asks Frank if he can see his brother and tells him he will come back with a lawyer for Grady. Frank tells Cyrus it is too late because Grady has already confessed to the crime. Frank tells Cyrus nobody is going to help him unless he intends to steal again.

(Cross-Creek) Reva finds Josh taking weeds out of her garden because he needs some way to get rid of his anger. Reva shouts for Josh to stop weeding before he ruins her flowers. Reva also tells Josh that she won’t get in the middle of he and Cassie’s fight. Reva can see that Josh needs to talk so she tells him to sit down so that he can talk. Josh cries as he tells Reva that he needed to come to cross-creek to think and find the truth. Reva offers Josh a drink but he won’t drink so she takes a drink. Josh and Reva watch as the actors from Reva’s movie act out when Josh returned home and discovered that Reva had married his father H.B. Josh is greatly impacted as he cries and tells Reva that he was a very angry man until he allowed himself to love her. Josh explains that he was able to control his anger when he loved her and now he has lost her and Cross Creek. Josh tells Reva that he is still angry and now he doesn’t know how to control it.

(Park) Marina finds a badly beaten Cyrus and tells him that she will take him to the hospital. Cyrus tells Marina he has been having a rough two months he hurt her he drove Harley out of the country and today he got beat up by a preacher. Marina tells Cyrus that Grady confessed to his crime without a lawyer present and Cyrus insists that he wants to go see his brother instead of going to the hospital.

(Farm) Jeffrey tells Cassie that Grady confessed to his crime and she is happy but feels that in order to get justice for Tammy she must lose Josh. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she told Josh the identity of the man she slept with and now she is afraid she will lose him. Jeffrey wonders if Cassie really loves Josh or feels like she must be with him out of obligation. Cassie doesn’t answer the question but tells Jeffrey that when she married Josh she thought she would finally get her happy ending. Jeffrey encourages Cassie to fight for her marriage if she wants to stay married to Josh. Cassie wonders if Jeffrey is happy with Reva and he tells her he is happy but that doesn’t mean that they have never had problems.

(Hospital) Cyrus tells Marina that he doesn’t intend to leave town because he has to be there for his brother and protect Daisy from Grady at the same time.

(Park) Mallet wonders what Marina’s relationship with Cyrus is and she tells him that Cyrus is just her ex- boyfriend that she happened to bring to the hospital because he was hurt. Marina tells Mallet that he would have done the same thing if Dinah had been hurt. Marina tells Mallet she has decided to help Frank with the Foley case so he doesn’t make mistakes that could cost him the conviction.

Josh goes to the Church to think and Cassie cleans the house as she thinks about what she should do.

(Gym) Reva is annoyed to find Jeffrey at the gym disobeying orders from his doctor. Reva tells Jeffrey about Josh and Cassie’s fight and he tells her he knew Cassie slept with another man.

(Cross-Creek) Reva is also annoyed with Jeffrey for not telling her about Cassie, but he explains Cassie asked him not to tell her. Reva tells Jeffrey he was being a good friend and they kiss and start to make love. Jeffrey tells Reva that he wants to take a shower first and while she is waiting on him she sees a script from the movie on the floor and hides it under the bed.

Cyrus is walking by Harley’s house and he is saddened to see a for rent sign outside the house.

(Church) Cassie tells Josh that she doesn’t believe in the same merciful God that he does but she does believe in their love and the vows they took when they got married. Cassie tells Josh she has enough faith in their relationship for the both of them. Cassie puts her hand on Josh’s shoulder and he takes her hand but they both have confused expressions on their faces.

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