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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/23/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne


(Company) Cassie grabs Buzz’s cell phone from him to confess to Harley that the one night stand she told her about was with Cyrus. Harley is so stunned and hurt that she can’t speak for a few minutes. Cassie explains that she was at a really vulnerable place and Cyrus means nothing to her. Cassie also tells Harley that Cyrus could have stopped the encounter but he was more then willing to be with her. Harley wonders why Cassie is telling her this now when she is far away from home and misses her family. Cassie explains that since they are friends she felt that she needed to know that Cyrus couldn’t be trusted. Cassie also tells she wants her to break up with Cyrus. Harley tells Cassie that she was never her friend and thee friendship she thought they had is done. Harley demands that Cassie put Buzz back on the phone. Harley hangs up the phone because she needs some time to think about what to do.

(Harley’s house) Grady wants to jump bail and run away but Cyrus tells him the police will eventually catch up with him when he makes a mistake because he is tired and lonely. Grady tells Cyrus he won’t be lonely because he intends to take Daisy on the run with him. Cyrus tells Grady he won’t allow him to hurt Daisy any further and he will make sure that he stays away from Daisy. Zach and Jude arrive because Jude missed his room so Zach asked to be dropped off at the house.

(Police Station) Daisy arrives with the excuse that she came to visit Frank but Frank knows better since he has raised two teenaged girls. Frank knows Daisy wants to visit Grady so after giving him the stay away from him he is bad for you speech he informs her that Grady is out on bail. Frank also tells Daisy that he is wearing an ankle monitor so he cannot go too far. Daisy tells Frank that Grady has changed and he deserves a second change just like the one that was given to her after she got out of juvenile hall. Frank reminds Daisy that she never killed anyone and Tammy never got a second chance at life.

(Hospital) Reva helps Jeffrey get dressed so that he can leave the hospital and she tells him that if he wants to he can move back into his own place. Reva thinks Jeffrey may not want to keep living with her because he is angry that she postponed the wedding. Jeffrey reminds Reva that he is a lawyer and is used to postponements. Jeffrey tells Reva that he is very happy with their relationship. Reva tells Jeffrey that Josh plans to take Cassie on a trip so that she doesn’t have to relive Tammy’s death through the trial. Jeffrey thinks that it is a good idea for Cassie to go away and smiles because Josh won’t be in town to help wrap the movie about her life. Reva laughs and tells Jeffrey that Josh will have to buy a ticket to watch the movie.

(Company) Harley calls Buzz on his cell phone and apologizes for hanging up on him but she needed some time to sort out her thoughts. Harley cries as she tells Buzz about Cassie and Cyrus. Harley asks Buzz to bring Zach to her since she plans to stay in Europe until the kids start school again. Harley explains to Buzz that she would love to have Jude with her but she can’t take him away from Rick. Harley also tells Buzz she will call Daisy to ask her if she wants to go to Europe and be with her but if Daisy decides to stay in Springfield he must keep her away from Grady. Harley cries as she asks Buzz to tell Jude and Daisy that she loves them and then she hangs up the phone.

(Church) Daisy apologizes to Cassie for hiding Grady and asks her not to blame Reva because it isn’t her fault. Cassie tells Daisy that Grady knows how to manipulate people and she is proud of her for doing the right thing and turning him in to the police. Cassie sees that Daisy is carrying some clothes and guesses they are for Grady to wear to court. Cassie gets angry at Daisy because she is still helping Grady despite the fact he killed Tammy. Daisy tells Cassie that Grady is sorry for what he did and she feels he deserves a second chance. Cassie tells Daisy that she is Reva’s granddaughter because she doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

(Cross-Creek) Jeffrey doesn’t know what he will do without working because he has never taken time off since he started working when he was young. Reva tries to get him to relax and watch a baseball game but after a few minutes Jeffrey says he must work.

(Harley’s house) Grady tells Cyrus he has gotten soft because he has a girlfriend and is taking care of kids and playing with them. Cyrus tells the kids to go upstairs and Buzz arrives to talk to Cyrus. Grady tells Cyrus he is going out for a smoke and Buzz tells him to stay away from Daisy. Buzz informs Cyrus that Harley has decided to stay away from Springfield for the summer and she wants Zach to be with her. Cyrus offers to take Zach to be with Harley but Buzz tells him that his relationship with Harley is over because Harley knows about his one night stand with Cassie. Cyrus pleads with Buzz to let him take Zach to be with Harley so he can fix things between them. Buzz tells Cyrus that he has hurt Harley enough and he better not be in the house when he comes downstairs with the boys. Daisy meets Cyrus outside Harley’s house and tells him she has had a bad day. Daisy tells Grady that Cassie called her selfish for continuing to help him after everything he has done. Daisy tells Grady that Harley called and asked her to come to Europe to be with her. Grady tells Daisy he intends to run away to escape prosecution and it would be a good idea for her to go be with her mother. Daisy is upset and cries because she told Cassie that Grady has changed and he intends to run away and not face his crime. Daisy walks away from Grady and he chases after her to try to explain things to her.

(Jeffrey’s office) Jeffrey tells Reva he intends to start doing his job until someone tells him to stop doing it. Reva pretends to be Jeffrey’s assistant and call the press to set up a press conference to announce he is back on the job. Jeffrey isn’t sure the plan is going to work but Reva encourages him to be positive and gives him a kiss before she leaves the office.

(Farm) Cassie tells Cyrus he has lost Harley but he is determined to go find Harley in Europe and work things out with her. Cyrus wonders why Cassie would cause her best friend such pain. Cassie admits her real motive was to hurt him because she wanted him to feel what it was like to lose somebody he loved. Cyrus wonders how Josh would feel if he knew that she had a one-night stand with him. Cassie tells Cyrus that it is none of his concern how Josh feels so he shouldn’t worry about it. Cassie tells Cyrus that Harley will never take him back because she can’t handle men who cheat on her that is why she broke up with Gus. Cyrus refuses to believe he doesn’t have a future with Harley so he doesn’t listen to Cassie’s words and leaves Cassie standing alone on the porch.

(Outside Harley’s house) Cyrus pleads with Buzz to give him Harley’s address because he must fix things between them. Buzz tells Cyrus he is angry with himself for trusting him and giving him a second chance despite the fact all he has done is hurt his family. Buzz tells Cyrus he won’t allow him to hurt his family anymore and demands that Cyrus leave the property.

(Boarding house) Daisy cries and tells Reva she is very confused because she knows Grady has done terrible things but she still feels like she must help him. Daisy tells Reva that Grady is alone in the world just like she is because Harley, Gus and Rafe left her. Reva tells Daisy that Grady will do nothing but hurt her and he is off limits to her. Reva holds Daisy for a few minutes as she continues to cry.

(Cross-Creek) Cassie makes Jeffrey promise not to tell Reva what she is about to tell him because she really needs to ask his advice. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she told Josh that she slept with someone but didn’t tell him the name of the man. Jeffrey advises Cassie to tell Josh the whole truth if she wants to save her marriage.

(Farm) Cassie leaves Josh a message to let him know that she wants to go on the trip with him because she is confident that they can repair their relationship.

(Cross – Creek) Reva tells Jeffrey it would be best if Daisy didn’t testify in the trial because she has feelings for Grady and she won’t be much help in the case. Jeffrey agrees to keep Daisy’s name out of the trial.

(Park) Cyrus tells Grady he s going to Europe to find Harley so Grady tells Cyrus to take care of his life and he will also take care of his own life. Grady tells Cyrus Daisy truly cares about him and since he has never had anybody care about him before he intends to be with her.

(Farm) Cassie looks at a picture of Tammy and cries because it still hurts deeply that her daughter is dead.

(Park) Grady kisses Daisy; Cyrus grabs him and wonders what is wrong with him, but Grady just smiles back at him.

(Europe) Harley sits on the floor holding her knees to her chest and reminds herself that Gus would tells her that everything happens for a reason. Harley continues to cry and keeps repeating to herself that she will be okay.

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