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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/9/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Jeffrey thanks Cassie for giving her blood for him especially since he knows she doesn’t like to look at needles or blood. Jeffrey laughs and wishes they had given him a full transfusion because maybe with more of her blood in his veins he would become more positive and a nicer person. Jeffrey tells Cassie he might even learn how to bake cookies as good as her cookies. Jeffrey tells Cassie he appreciates her coming to the hospital to visit him since the hospital holds bad memories for her of Tammy’s death. Cassie looks at a picture of Tammy and R.J. in her wallet and tells Jeffrey Tammy was very beautiful. Cassie admits to Jeffrey that sometimes she feels that she is making progress and moving forward with her life and sometimes she feels like she will never get past Tammy’s death. Cassie starts to leave but Jeffrey insists she eat a cookie first so that she doesn’t faint because she just gave blood.

(Police Station) Reva asks Mallet if he has any news about Rafe and Mallet tells Reva he does have a lead that he was going to talk to Jeffrey about later. Reva tells mallet that Jeffrey is very worried about Rafe because he feels Rafe is a good kid who made a mistake. Mallet tells Reva he feels the same way and promises that he will do anything he can do to bring Rafe in safely and protect him. Mallet asks Reva to tells Daisy that if she has any information about Rafe she should give the information to the police.

(Cabin) Daisy lies to Cyrus and tells him she met Grady at Co2 while she was getting a smoothie and he paid for the smoothie since she didn’t have enough money to pay for it. Cyrus tells Grady not to do this because Daisy is to young for him and he knows that she is Harley’s daughter. Daisy corrects Cyrus and tells him his name isn’t Grady its Gillespie and Cyrus knows that Daisy and Grady know each other and demands to know the real story of how they know each other. Daisy tells Cyrus she met Grady in boarding school and Grady smiles and tells Cyrus he and Daisy are really close. Cyrus grabs Grady and is about to punch him until Daisy tells him to stop because he has no right to interfere in her life. Daisy continues to tell Cyrus that she and Grady did drugs together and sold fake ID’s in boarding school until Harley found out and brought her back to Springfield. Grady tells Cyrus he got sent back to Australia because of the fake ID scam. Grady also tells Cyrus that a lot of people are looking for him (Cyrus) as well in Australia because he owes a lot of money to people.

(Tammy’s grave) Cassie tells Tammy that Jeffrey got shot but he is doing fine now and recovering well from his injury. Cassie laughs as she tells Tammy she gave blood for Jeffrey and managed not to faint when she gave blood. Cassie tells Tammy it is a beautiful day and she wishes she were there to share the beautiful day with her.

(Hospital) Reva arrives with food for Jeffrey and shows him bridal magazines and pretends she has looked through them. Jeffrey smiles because he knows better and Reva admits she has never looked through a bridal magazine for any of her weddings. Reva tells Jeffrey that Mallet has a lead on Rafe and he will come by later to discuss it with him. Reva tells Jeffrey that she thinks Daisy is hiding Rafe somewhere in Springfield although she can’t be sure about it she has a strong feeling about it. Jeffrey tells Reva to asks Daisy to persuade Rafe to turn himself in to him at the hospital because if he does that he can figure out some way to keep Rafe out of jail. Reva tells Jeffrey she brought him chili to eat and gives him a kiss before she leaves his room.

(Company) Daisy calls Cyrus a rat because he tells her that if she doesn’t talk to him she will tell Buzz and Frank that Grady is back in town. Cyrus explains to Daisy that Grady isn’t the person he wanted him to be and that she should stay away from him. Daisy tells Cyrus he can’t just abandon someone and expect them to be okay. Daisy tells Cyrus that he has no right to tell her what to do because he isn’t her family. Cyrus agrees and leaves to go talk to his brother Grady.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Olivia she is doing fine and she can now proceed to the next level in her exercise routine. Olivia asks the doctor the signs to look for in case her body rejects the heart. The doctor tells her she should maintain a positive attitude and he will see her in two weeks. Doris arrives and asks Olivia if she gave Natalia money to help her leave the country. Olivia doesn’t deny it and explains to Doris that she felt it was the least she could do for Natalia since she gave her Gus’s heart. Doris visits Jeffrey next and tells him she temporarily replaced him until he is fully recovered. Jeffrey insists that he is ready to go back to work but Doris won’t listen to him and tells him she will see him in two months. Jeffrey wonders how the new police chief her cousin Barry is doing at his new job. Doris smiles and Jeffrey tells her that she only put him in charge because she can easily manipulate him. Jeffrey asks Doris to let him direct Rafe’s case but she says no because it would be a conflict of interest.

(Company) Daisy takes Buzz’s keys out of the cash register and goes upstairs to Rafe’s room to sit on the bed and think about things. Reva arrives and tells Daisy that she and Jeffrey both think that Rafe is a good kid who made a mistake. Reva tells Daisy that she and Jeffrey want Rafe to have a second chance. Daisy smiles and gives Reva a hug and tells her she thinks she is right people do deserve a second chance.

(Cabin) Cyrus asks Grady to stay away from Daisy because she and her family have enough problems. Cyrus explains to Grady he had to leave because he wanted a better life for him. Cassie arrives and sees Cyrus with Grady and Grady takes off running when he sees Cassie. Cassie yells for Cyrus to stop that man because he is the man who killed Tammy.

(Hospital) Jeffrey calls his office and asks them to send him any information of Rafe’s case by messenger. Jeffrey tells Mallet its time they both get their jobs back so they can protect Rafe. Mallet assures Jeffrey that he will do everything he can to help Rafe but he doesn’t want to be chief anymore. Jeffrey then thinks it would be better for Mallet to stay a beat cop because he can discover information more easily if he keeps a low profile. Jeffrey tells Mallet he thinks Daisy is hiding Rafe somewhere in Springfield.

(Beacon) Cyrus lies to Casio and tells her the man she saw is named Jack Douglas and he has lived close to Harley’s house for years. Cassie cries and tells Cyrus that she sees that face in her dreams and he looks like the man who killed Tammy.

(Company Reva asks Daisy to persuade Rafe to turn himself in to Jeffrey because Jeffrey has promised to protect him. Daisy is distracted and thinks out loud that it isn’t okay for someone to come back to town after they have killed someone and pretend nothing has happened. Reva notices Daisy’s slip of the tongue and reminds Daisy that Jeffrey is going to be okay that Rafe didn’t kill Jeffrey. Daisy apologizes for her mistake and gives Reva a quick hug before she leaves company.

(Outside Natalia’s house) Mallet sees Olivia and asks her if she is okay and she says yes and he says he is also okay. Mallet asks Olivia if he can look through the house to try and see if he can get inside Rafe’s head. Olivia tells Mallet she sold the house back to Natalia but she still has a key to the house. Mallet goes inside and fins Gus’s cubs hat and he remembers that Rafe also wore the hat after Gus died Mallet wonders what the hat is doing in the house and Olivia can’t understand it either since Rafe and Natalia never moved into the house. Olivia asks Mallet to take her home because she is feeling tired.

Cassie cries at Tammy’s grave while Daisy watches her and wonders what she should do about Grady.

(Hospital) Jeffrey pulls the wires out of his chest and gets dressed to leave the hospital against medical advice.

(Cabin) An angry Cyrus tells Grady he can’t believe he is the man who took money to kill Tammy. Grady explains that he was desperate and needed money and he wasn’t supposed to kill Tammy he intended to kill Jonathan. Grady tells Cyrus that when Tammy got in the way he tried to stop but it was too late. Grady explains that Daisy was in the seat next to him but they were both high on drugs. Cyrus asks Grady to get out of town now and not come back because he can’t stand to look at him. Grady congratulates Cyrus on his good work because he is the one responsible for him turning out this way.

(Cross-Creek) Cassie can’t understand how Reva can live in a house that is part of her past with Josh and still have a future with Jeffrey. Cassie also wonders why Reva is also making a movie about her past relationship with Josh. Cassie tells Reva that she is trying to let go of the bad memories but that seems impossible when the past is in her way. Cassie tells Reva that she thought she saw the man who killed Tammy today and the past came rushing back to her.

(Police Station) Jeffrey tells Mallet he escaped from the hospital so that he could help him work on Rafe’s case. Mallet tells Jeffrey that they can share a desk.

(Outside the cabin) Grady tells daisy he wishes that Tammy was still alive and that she hadn’t been in the car with him when he ran over Tammy with his car.

(Harley’s house) Cyrus looks at a picture of Harley and tells her he is sorry about everything that has happened.

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