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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/30/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Marler Mansion ) Dinah calls Bill and leaves a message for him to return her call because they need to discuss the next part of the plan.

(Beacon) Ashlee looks at herself in the mirror and then goes to the closet to look for something to wear for the day. Daisy sees Natalia in the hallway and wonders how Rafe is dealing with the loss of Gus. Natalia tells Daisy that Rafe isn’t doing well because he got into a fight and injured his hand but she adds that his hand will be okay in a few days. Daisy tells Natalia that she wasn’t all bad for Rafe they had good plans for their life together. Natalia smiles and tells Daisy that is exactly what Gus said to her father when they were in high school.

(Cross-Creek) Olivia wakes up with her heart racing and tells Jeffrey she had a nightmare about Gus and now she can’t make her heart stop beating. Jeffrey holds Olivia to calm her and Reva arrives and throws Olivia a sweater so she won’t catch a cold. Reva and Jeffrey go outside to talk and she gives him a gift she brought him from her trip. Jeffrey is surprised that the cologne has such a strong smell and she says it’s to remind him that he was a real stinker because he didn’t tell her that Olivia was staying at the house. Jeffrey explains to Reva that she is still recovering from the heart transplant and still needs someone to take care of her. Jeffrey explains that he didn’t want to worry Reva while she was on her trip but he had every intention of telling her Olivia was staying at thee house. Reva tells Jeffrey she is lucky that Billy told her the news and she felt she needed to come back and help him take care of Olivia.

(Beacon) Dinah arrives looking for Bill so she can talk to him about the next part of the plan but Natalia tells her Bill isn’t home. Dinah gives Natalia her sympathies to Natalia about Gus and says he was a good man.

(Gym) Ashlee and Daisy work out and Daisy admires Ashlee because she is able to stay on a liquid diet. Ashlee gets on the treadmill and starts to work out but when she tells Daisy the doctors’ instructions say that she can work out after a month. Daisy turns off the treadmill and tells Ashlee that she should wait to work out until the doctor gives her the okay. Ashlee tells Daisy that she is going to walk home and rest but once Daisy has gone she gets back on the treadmill to exercise.

(Company) Blake tells Coop what pages of his book he should read for the ladies book club. Coop isn’t sure he should read those pages because they are kind of sexy but in the end he agrees to follow Blake’s advice. Blake gets a call from the bookstore owner and finds a quiet spot to take the call. Andy a friend from Coop’s basketball team congratulates him on the book but is a little annoyed that Coop has chosen a ladies book club. Coop explains to Andy that he hasn’t left the team he will be back as soon as he is done promoting the book. Blake tells Coop the bookstore owner wants them there right now to sign some books for the staff. Blake goes to get the car and Andy wonders who the lady he is with is and he explains that Blake is his agent. Andy thinks Blake is nice looking and Coop laughs because he has never thought of Blake as sexy. Blake hears the comments from Andy and turns and smiles as she looks at Coop and Andy talking about her.

(Park) Daisy tries to make a call then hangs up the phone and throws it down on the ground. Dinah is jogging by and stops to ask her if she has boy trouble. Daisy smiles and wonders how she knew that and Dinah explains it is because she has broken three phones slamming them down that way. Daisy tells Dinah she would love to be able to help Rafe get over the loss of Gus. Daisy tells Dinah she lost both of her adoptive parents and she is sure she can help Rafe. Dinah advises Daisy that she should help herself first by making some of her dreams come true and then she will be able to help Rafe.

(Cross-Creek) Reva wants to take Olivia for a walk so they can talk so despite the fact Olivia doesn’t feel like walking she goes to get dressed. Jeffrey watches Reva and Olivia as they start their walk and talk about life and Jeffrey. Reva tells Olivia she understands what it feels like to be a walking miracle. Olivia tells Reva she can’t get used to this new life without Gus because she doesn’t know what do now. Olivia tells Reva she will understand if she throws her out of the house. Reva wonders if Jeffrey cooked chicken O’Neil for Olivia and Olivia says no and wonders what is so special about chicken O’Neil. Reva tells Olivia that is a special private dish that he only makes for her. Olivia tells Reva he only cooked her eggs once but he never made chicken O’Neil for her. Reva smiles and tells Olivia she can stay at the house as long as she keeps away from Jeffrey and allows her to take care of her. Olivia agrees to the deal and they both laugh and walk slowly back towards the house.

(Harley’s house) Daisy is happy when she opens the door to Rafe and then he offers to help her with her math homework. Rafe gives Daisy a kiss and tells her that he wants to just be there with so they can spend some time together.

(Park) Natalia walks in the park and feeds the ducks as she wonders what to do without Gus.

(Gym) Dinah sees Ashlee walking on the treadmill and Ashlee tells her that she just had gastric bandage surgery and explains to Dinah what the operation does to the body. Dinah congratulates Ashlee for doing whatever she had to do in order get what she wants and make her dream come true.

(Cross-Creek) Olivia and Reva arrive back home and Reva helps Olivia lie down and rest.

(Outside the bookstore) Ashlee looks jealous when she sees Blake hugging Coop and congratulating him on how well he did at his book signing. Coop hugs Ashlee when he sees her and tells her that all of Blake’s advice worked like a charm with the book club. Ashlee tells Coop that Daisy invited them to eat with her and Rafe at Company and they should leave now or they will be late.

(Company) Daisy and Rafe eat in silence until Daisy asks Rafe if it hurts meaning his hand and Rafe tells her it hurts all the time meaning the death of Gus.

(Cross-Creek) Ava tells Olivia that she is pregnant because the donor sperm worked and Olivia tells her daughter she is happy for her but she is very tired. Olivia informs Ava that she signed papers to divorce Jeffrey and is sad that it is her fifth divorce. Olivia tells Ava that she egret getting Gus involved in her life because if he had not been so intent on helping her maybe he would still be alive.

(Towers) Jeffrey and Reva Celebrate her coming home by having dinner and Reva decides to order the surf and turf even though she doesn’t like it because it is the most expensive dish on the menu. Reva goes to the restroom because she feels somebody following her. Reva sees Dinah in the restroom and tells her she wants to help her with her plan to bring down Alan. Dinah tells Reva that she no longer needs her help with the plan.

(Park) Olivia wonders how Natalia is doing and Natalia explains that she and Rafe are living at the boarding house because Frank found them a room. Olivia tells Natalia that she is living at Jeffrey and Reva’s house right now because she still needs help. Olivia is sad that she can’t feel Gus with her anymore. Olivia offers to buy Natalia’s wedding rings for a good price so that she can use the money for Rafe. Natalia thinks Olivia is crazy to suggest that but in the end she takes the money to help Rafe. Natalia tells Olivia that she has Gus’s name and his son she doesn’t need his rings to remind her of him.

(Towers) Ava arrives and eats Reva’s steak dinner since Reva hasn’t returned from the bathroom yet. Ava tells Jeffrey she is pregnant and he congratulates her on trapping Bill but he doesn’t look happy about it.

Olivia goes inside the house that Gus bought for Natalia and walks around thinking as she plays with the ring that Gus gave Natalia, which she turns on her finger.

(Beacon) Coop finds a stack of fashion magazines on the dresser while he looks for the TV remote control. Ashlee gets upset and cries a little as Coop assures her that she doesn’t need to look like these models to make him happy. Coop is also worried because Ashlee didn’t eat her burger and fries and Ashlee screams that she isn’t hungry for that kind of food anymore. Ashlee tells Coop that she was looking through those magazines for bikinis because they have never been an option for her. Ashlee tells Coop that the last time she wore a bikini was when she was six and the kids made fun of her which made her feel fat and ugly. Coop apologizes for upsetting Ashlee and she says she feels tired and needs to lie down.

(Outside Company) Daisy knows that this isn’t going to work because Rafe doesn’t want to do anything his mother doesn’t think is okay. Rafe and Daisy tell each other they loved each other and then they kiss good-bye.

(Company) Dinah tells Blake she is in control of her life now and she is doing her best to make Ross proud of her.

(Beacon) Olivia takes Natalia’s rings off and leaves them at the front desk for her to pick up after work. Natalia is walking by and sees the rings at the desk and picks them up. Natalia stares at Olivia leaving with a puzzled look on her face.

(Cross-Creek) Jeffrey and Reva plan to spend some alone time together when they see Olivia isn’t home yet. Jeffrey and Reva are unaware that a suspicious looking person is watching them.

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