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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/28/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Outside the Farmhouse) Josh looks jealous as he watches Cassie talk to Jason a new neighbor whom he has never met. Jason asks Cassie if he can borrow some tools and different things to fix up his house and garden and Cassie tells him yes and helps him carry some of the things to his car.

(Police Station) Harley has a terrible time trying to finish a report on the computer and tells Mallet she was never good at typing reports and has always hated doing them. Mallet tells Harley to take the rest of the day off and ease back into the job. Harley looks worried that she will lose everything she has typed into the computer but Mallet tells her the computer has automatic back up so she won’t lose anything she has written.

(Main Street) Frank sees Shelia the woman who accused him of sexual harassment and asks her if he can but her a cup of coffee so they can talk about who hired her to lie about him. Shelia looks scared and nervous but Frank promises that he won’t arrest her he just want to know why she cost him his job, his salary, and most importantly his reputation. Marina arrives and explains to Shelia that her father was a good police chief and to him being a cop wasn’t just a job it was his life. Frank apologizes to Shelia for his daughter Marina and explains she is a detective and tends to be a little protective of him. Shelia wonders if Frank will arrest her and he tells her to go home to her little girl. Shelia feels guilty for her actions even though she explains to Frank she needed the money because she is a single mother. Shelia asks Frank how she can fix this and he tells her to go to the police station and take back her statement to the police.

(Farm) Josh is curious to find out who the man is Cassie was talking to and she explains that his name is Jason and he is divorced and has just moved into the neighborhood. Josh thinks that Cassie knows a lot of information about the new neighbor. Cassie wonders if Josh will ever be able to put her one night stand in the past. Josh tells Cassie he knows he has to put the one night stand in the past because he loves her but admits it is going to take some time.

(Outside the Police station) Harley discovers that her car has been stolen and thinks that Cyrus is the culprit when he arrives a few minutes later to offer her a ride home. Cyrus denies he stole Harley’s car and despite the fact that she knows it is better to stay away from him she accepts his offer to take her home.

(Church) An older congregation member named Myrtle tells Josh she wants to be a missionary in Kenya. Josh considers the woman’s advanced age and tells her that it would be better that she stay and help him with the homeless project.

(Police Station) Mallet paces around the office and looks at his nameplate on the door as he struggles to deal with the guilt over how he got his new job.

(Marler mansion) Dinah talks to an image consultant about how best to improve her image in Springfield. The consultant advises Dinah to emphasize the fact that her prospective about life has changed since she was shot to protect Mallet. The consultant tells Dinah they should talk about how she wants to help the community and how much she loves Springfield. Shelia calls Dinah to tell her that she can’t go through with the lie about Frank anymore and she will pay her back the money in installments as soon as possible.

(Police Station) Dinah arrives to warn Mallet that Shelia is going to retract her statement and Mallet tells her he should have gone to the police commissioner and told him the truth as soon as he found out what she had done to Frank. Mallet tells Dinah to leave because he doesn’t want her to be around when the truth comes out. Shelia arrives followed by the commissioner and Frank. The commissioner doesn’t want to talk about this mess anymore and is very upset because he wants to go to lunch. Frank asks the commissioner for a chance to clear his name and get his job back again. The commisioner tells Frank that he was a good chief but so is Mallet and this woman retracting her statement doesn’t mean he will be chief again. Mallet persuades the commissioner to listen to Shelia and insists that Frank should be reinstated as Chief if Shelia retracts her story. Shelia shocks Frank and mallet by claiming that she is afraid for her life because Frank and Marina threatened her if she didn’t come down and retract her story. The commissioner orders round the clock protection for Shelia and Frank takes the commissioner aside and tells him that he didn’t threaten Shelia he just bought her some coffee and asked her some questions. Once everyone is gone Mallet talks to Dinah in the hallway and she dares him to tell the truth to the commissioner but Mallet doesn’t respond to her dare. Dinah tells Mallet that he won’t tell the commissioner the truth because he likes his job and despite how he got it he wants to keep it. Dinah tells Mallet she did this because she loves him and wants the best for him. Dinah gives Mallet a very passionate kiss and tells him he needs a woman who will do anything for him. Dinah tells Mallet she will be waiting for him at the mansion so they can be alone. Mallet goes to Marina’s desk and asks her out to dinner and she smiles and accepts his invitation.

(Harley’s House) Harley isn’t surprised to find her car parked in her garage and smiles because she knows that Cyrus wanted to spend time with her. Harley thanks Cyrus for the ride home and despite the fact her face looks like she wants him to stay she asks Cyrus to leave now. Cyrus asks to borrow some tools to fix the locks at the Beacon. Cyrus gets the tools out of the drawer and starts to leave again then he sees the cracks in the ceiling and he stays to fix it. Once he is done Harley thanks him and then once again tells him to leave but they end up kissing and making love on the couch. Harley then tells Cyrus this can never happen again and he tells her that pushing him away won’t make Gus come back from the dead. Harley explains that she needs time to get over Gus and get her life back together. Cyrus and Harley share one more kiss goodbye and Harley cries a little as she goes back inside the house. Harley is vacuuming the house when she finds one of Gus’s lighters and Holds it in her had for a few seconds then the door bell rings and Josh arrives for a visit. Josh wants Harley to find out the identity of the man Cassie had sex with because he can’t stand always wondering if every man he sees her talking to could be the man. Harley encourages Josh not to find out who the man was and be glad that Cassie told him the truth about the one night stand. Josh explains that he won’t be able to forgive Cassie until he finds out the identity of the man. Harley tells Josh that she can’t spy on a friend so Josh says he understands and tells Harley to forget he ever mentioned it.

(Farm ) Cassie wonders why the men can’t host the spring fundraiser and Josh says its tradition that the ladies bible study group does it. Cassie tells Josh she will start recruiting the men and Josh quickly says no saying he thinks Cassie will do better taking donations. Cassie is once again hurt because she feels Josh doesn’t trust her anymore. Josh tells her to start recruiting the men and he will do the donations.

(Harley’s place) talks to a credit card company and promises she will send a payment soon. Frank arrives and tells Harley about what happened with Shelia and Harley says that men and women should never mingle it leads to trouble.

(Beacon) Josh asks Cyrus to watch Cassie when she is at work because men might mistake her friendliness for something else. Cyrus looks puzzled, like he is wondering if Josh knows anything about his one-night-stand with Cassie.

(Nail Salon) Harley treats Cassie to a pedicure and manicure and wonders how things are going between her and Josh. Cassie admits to Harley she is worried that Josh will never be able to forgive her mistake. Harley gives Cassie a hug before they head their separate ways and assures her that everything will be okay between her and Josh.

(Farm) Josh arrives home and Cassie is making dinner.  He tells her that she doesn’t have to tell her everywhere she goes all the time. Cassie tells Josh she isn’t always going to tell him, but she hopes that someday he can trust her again. Harley calls and tells Josh she will take the job and follow Cassie for a few days. Harley tells Josh she is worried about Cassie too and she will find the man that slept with her if she is still seeing him. Josh hangs up the phone and tells Cassie that he knows their marriage will be okay. Josh gives Cassie a kiss and then they hug each other.

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