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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/23/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Harley’s house) Harley is nervous about her first day back at work at the station and yells at Zach and Jude to get ready or they will be late for school. Harley comes downstairs and Cyrus tells her he drove the boys to school and she gives him a thank you kiss. Cyrus looks at Harley before she heads out the door and tells her she forgot something Harley gives him a good-bye kiss but then she remembers she forgot her gun. Harley goes upstairs to her room and gets her gun out of the locked box in her closet and sees a picture of Gus and the kids on her nightstand and then she heads to work

(Police Station) Marina gets upset when Mallet confirms the rumor that Harley will be her new partner. Marina pleads with Mallet to make her father her new partner but Mallet points out that Frank will be too busy trying to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt that he could take risks which he doesn’t need to in order to protect her. Marina tells Mallet she could also give him several reasons why Harley being her partner isn’t a god idea but Mallet stops her and asks her to put her personal differences aside and be Harley’s partner. Marina sees she has no other choice in the matter but to follow orders from her chief.

(Marler Mansion) Alan stops by to see if Dinah has stopped construction on the mini golf course because he will be the owner of the mansion again very soon and he doesn’t want the mini golf course on his property. Alan tells Dinah that she should invest in his new business because it will be very profitable but Dinah says no and throws Alan out of the house. Cyrus arrives after Alan leaves and Dinah wonders if he wants to steal from her since he and Harley are having money problems. Cyrus tells Dinah he doesn’t intend to steal from her and before he leaves he wonders if Dinah gets lonely in that big house with all those rooms.

(Boarding House) Alan calls some of his business contacts to tell them about his new business but one of them hangs up on him because he can’t find his prospectus. Rafe arrives and gives Alan his business prospectus, which he got by mistake when he was printing his homework at the library. Alan gives Rafe his homework, which he took, by mistake at the library. Rafe allows Alan to use his laptop to do his research and Rafe also gives Alan some advice on how to use the computer.

(Police station) Harley tells Marina that she wants to solve Gus’s six unsolved cases and she knows that being partners will be hard for them but they should make the best of it. Marina tells Harley that she has to ride shotgun since she is a rookie so Harley does what she is told because she knows Marina is trying to put her in her place and she can handle it. Harley smiles when she notices that they are in Gus’s squad car, which he called Mabel. Marina tells Harley they are going to meet one of Gus’s old informants named skids and they have to be very careful with him because he doesn’t talk to just anyone. Harley makes it clear to Marina that she knows how to talk to informants because she is a good cop.

Cyrus breaks into another house but doesn’t steal anything from the owners of the house.

(Towers) Beth tells Lillian she is confused about whether she should stay with Rick or go back to Alan because she thinks Alan has changed for the better since he is now poor and Rick has become like Alan since he tried to by custody Peyton from Alan. Lillian agrees that what Rick did was wrong but he did it for the right reason because he loves her and the baby. Lillian encourages Beth to call Rick and talk to him but Beth insists she wants Peyton to grow up with her real father not a step father like Bradley Raines. Lillian assures Beth that Rick would never treat Peyton like Bradley treated her.

(Boarding house) Alan is excited as he tells Rafe he is going to do something big and important with his new business.

(Police Station) Dinah arrives and Mallet takes her aside and tells her he wants to give up his new job because he is tired of feeling like a hypocrite. Dinah dares Mallet to tell the commissioner who is headed to talk to them right now. The commissioner shakes Mallet’s hand and tells Dinah he is very happy to see her. Dinah takes a picture standing between the commissioner and Mallet while the commissioner announces to the press that Dinah has made a huge donation to the police department in order to fund Mallet’s back to the beat project which will put more cops in the downtown area. Once the commissioner leaves Dinah tells Mallet that if he resigns as police chief she will take back her donation.

Harley and Marina talk to Skids who refuses to talk to anyone but Gus and when Marina informs him Gus is dead he refuses to talk to them he pulls a gun on Harley and Marina and Marina tells Harley this trying to get her to pull her gun out but Harley freezes and her gun falls to the ground. Marina chases Skids but he gets away and when she returns she sees Cyrus holding Harley and calming her down because she feels badly that she had a panic attack on the job and Marina could have been hurt.

(Boarding House) Beth arrives to tell Alan she wants to be with him because she wants them to raise Peyton together. Alan is thrilled to hear those words from Beth but he insists that he doesn’t want to be with her until he can support her in the manner to which she has become accustomed. Beth tells him she doesn’t care about the money or where they live as long as they can be together. Alan says he knows that but he does care and she has given him the best motivation possible to get his business going and get back on top. Beth tells Rafe that she is sorry for the pain he and Natalia are going through over the loss of Gus. Rafe tells Beth that Alan is suffering too and she says that she knows Alan is suffering.

Marina and Harley share a very quiet ride back to the police station because Harley doesn’t know what to say to Marina.

(Harley’s house) Mallet arrives and asks Cyrus if he is behind the recent attempted break ins at several house. Cyrus wonders if anything was stolen from the houses and Mallet says no so Cyrus tells him he is dating a cop and would never put Harley’s job at risk. Cyrus asks Mallet to watch out for Harley during this time of transition in her life.

(Mall) Alan sees Dinah and tells her he will call a truce with her but she must do something for him in return.

(Ruby’s Nail salon) Dinah tells Beth that she is going to say no to Alan’s offer of a truce if she allows Beth and her kids to live at the mansion. Dinah thinks that Beth put Alan up to this deal and Beth tells Dinah she knew nothing about what Alan was going to ask her to do.

(Police Station) Marina tells Mallet that Harley isn’t ready to return to thee force because she froze today. Mallet thinks that Marina just wants to sell out her partner because of their personal problems. Marina tells Mallet she would never do such a thing but she truly is worried that both she and Harley could get hurt. Mallet asks Marina to give Harley some time and if something happens he will stand behind her.

(Harley’s house) Harley can’t stop crying and Cyrus tells her to forget what happened today. Harley tells Cyrus she felt the panic attack coming on as soon as Marina told skids Gus was dead. Cyrus tells Harley that with time she will let go of Gus but Harley thinks she will never be able to let go of Gus.

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