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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/21/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Marler Mansion) Remy kisses his date good-bye and tells her he will meet her later and Dinah thinks that girls just want to be with him so they can see the mansion but Remy says that girls are attracted to his great abs. Dinah reminds Remy not to leave the front gate open because Alan is out there ready to come after her.

(Police Station) Mallet apologizes once again to Frank about the police chief job and wonders if being a detective again feels strange to him. Frank tells Mallet he does feel weird but he is dealing with it and he has no reason to feel badly that he is the new chief of police. Dinah calls the police station to report a robbery and since he is very short handed Mallet decides to go to the mansion himself. Dinah messes up the room so that it looks like somebody robbed it and goes upstairs to get ready to play the part of the victim.

(Beacon) Natalia reads over Olivia’s after care instructions and tells her its time that she get cleaned up and also according to the instructions she can start eating some solid food today.

(Park) Lizzie asks Ava how Olivia is doing and she tells her that Olivia is doing fine and thanks Lizzie for being concerned about Olivia. Lizzie helps Bill and Ava pick out baby names by suggesting name Penelope but Ava doest like that so she suggests Caroline as a name. Bill doesn’t like that name because it reminds him of the Neil Diamond song sweet Caroline. Jeffrey arrives and almost tells Bill Ava isn’t pregnant until Ava tells him to go with the flow so he pretends to be a happy prospective grandpa. Ava takes him aside and tells him she is getting artificially inseminated because she doesn’t want to be she also tells Jeffrey she wants a baby and a family with Bill. Jeffrey wonders how she will handle Lizzie but Ava is sure that Bill will be breaking up with Lizzie soon. Bill tells Lizzie he wants to do something special just for her because she has been so wonderful about the baby.

(Company) Natalia arrives to get some Tuna casserole for Olivia because that is what she told her she wanted to eat for her first solid food. Frank tells Natalia that he is sorry about Gus and if she ever needs any help she can call him and he isn’t just saying that he really means it. Natalia tells him that Olivia bought the house that Gus bought for her because she wanted to be close to him. Frank offers to talk to Olivia but Natalia doesn’t think anyone can change her mind. Frank offers to give her the food on the house but Natalia refuses and Frank says he will give her the food if she and Rafe go to the police softball game and root for the team. Frank tells Natalia that Gus told him she was very independent but he hopes that won’t prevent her from asking for help when she needs it. Natalia asks Frank to fix her stove because she can’t get the stove to work in the place she and Rafe are living.

(Marler Mansion) Mallet arrives and Dinah tells him that she was in the bedroom when the thief was downstairs so she doesn’t know if he took anything. Dinah takes Mallet to the bedroom and it doesn’t take him too long to figure out this was another of her pranks to get him to come to her rescue. Mallet once again tells her to stop doing this and the next time she does it he will send Marina. Mallet wonders if Dinah wants him to arrest her and she puts the handcuffs on herself. Bill wonders why Lizzie wanted to come here and she tells him she has some of Sarah’s things in the attic and she thought he might want them for his daughter. Lizzie arrives and sees Remy with his feet on the coffee table and orders him to put his feet on the floor. Remy wonders if Lizzie asked Dinah for permission to take her things from the attic. Bill calls Dinah and they agree to meet at company because he needs to talk to her.

(Police Station) Dinah flirts with Mallet and they almost kiss but soon feel everyone staring at them so they don’t kiss and Mallet takes the handcuffs off and sends Dinah home. Mallet tells Marina that he still loves Dinah but she is too much of a distraction for him now that he is Police chief. Mallet tells Marina that he is very attracted to Dinah but he has to concentrate on his new job now so Mallet and Dinah make a deal and the next time Dinah gets in trouble she will handle it and the next time Cyrus gets in trouble he will handle the case.

(Beacon arrives with the food but Olivia tells her she isn’t hungry but needs to go to the bathroom. Olivia gets out of bed and stands up but she tells Natalia she needs help but Natalia refuses to help her until Natalia agrees to rent her the house. Natalia grabs Olivia’s arm but she passes out and falls to the floor.

(Hospital) Natalia brings Olivia to the hospital and once they have examined Olivia the doctors say that this happened because she hasn’t been taking her pills. Jeffrey arrives and Natalia tells him that Olivia passed out when the nurse was on a break and she found her and took her to the hospital. Jeffrey decides to take Olivia to his house and hire a new nurse to take care of her during the day and he will take care of her at night.

(Marler Mansion) Bill tells Lizzie he has an emergency at the construction site and will see her later. Lizzie gets Remy to help her take the things out of the attic and carry them to her car. Lizzie thinks Ava called Bill and he went running to her but she tells Remy he isn’t worried about Ava. Remy offers to help Lizzie with Ava and she accepts the offer because she is tired of acting like Tammy and its time for her to take care of business.

(Company) Bill wants Dinah to assure him that Remy won’t tell Lizzie that he (Bill) was involved in the plan to kick Alan out of the mansion. Dinah assures Bill that Remy won’t say a word but Bill must also do something for her.

(Police Station) Bill tries to persuade Mallet to give Dinah another chance but mallet quickly discovers that Dinah sent Bill there to talk to him. Mallet tells Bill to tell Dinah he will always love her but he doesn’t have time for all her drama because he must concentrate on his job. Bill tells Mallet that Dinah loves him so much that she fixed it so he would be Police chief.

(Mall) Marina sees Dinah buying a shirt for Mallet and tells her not to make Mallet lose his job because of all her pranks and if she has a problem she should call her not Mallet. Dinah wonders if Marina is sleeping with Mallet and Dinah tells her she could lie to her and say yes but the answer is no.

(Company Mallet wants to tell Frank the truth about how he got his new job but Frank says that he thinks everything happens for a reason because when he was police chief he didn’t have time to spend with his family.

(Marler Mansion) Mallet arrives and tells Dinah he is upset at how she went about getting him his job and he intends to tell Frank the truth. Dinah tells Mallet she got him the job because he deserved it and he is the right man for the job. Dinah tells Mallet that he should stop worrying about how he got the job and just admit he likes the job and kiss her. Mallet leaves before he gives in to his feelings for Dinah but first he tells her that sex doesn’t solve everything.

(Park) Ava’s car doesn’t start and Remy arrives to fix it for her and they flirt with each other by smiling and the looks they give each other.

(Outside Marler Mansion) Bill arrives with flowers for Lizzie and apologizes for leaving her alone to load up her car. Lizzie admits she was worried that he went to see Ava but Bill says no matter how Ava feels about him he doesn’t want her. Lizzie tells Bill she isn’t worried about Ava anymore and the couple kisses for a few minutes.

Natalia calls Jeffrey to ask him about Olivia he says she is fine and is taking a nap. Jeffrey also thanks Natalia for being such a big help to Olivia.

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