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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/16/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Outside Police Station) Mallet and Marina talk about how different the station seems without Gus and how some days they forget that he is dead and just think he is out on an undercover case. Mallet looks at the files in his hand and says those are six cases he never got a chance to solve so Marina tells Mallet that she will try to solve them. Frank arrives and informs Mallet and Marina his suspension has been lifted but Mallet has been named the permanent police chief. Marina his Mallet in the chest and calls him a jerk for taking Franks Job from him. Frank reminds Marina that Mallet is her boss now and that she shouldnít blame him because the decision has already been made and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

(Outside the Marler Mansion) Matt comes by to show Dinah the plans for the miniature golf course she intends to have on the grounds. Matt wonders if Dinah is chilly and she wonders if he is flirting with her and he jokes he never flirts with half naked women. Dinah tells Matt that itís just a matter of time before she and Mallet are back together and Matt tells Dinah he is happy for her.

(Harleyís house) Cyrus thinks Harley looks sexy standing in the kitchen in her robe and she says she is enjoying being a housewife and doing normal things with her kids. Cyrus wishes he could stay longer but he is late for work and Harley thinks that when he comes home they could all sit together and watch a movie. Harley gets a call from a telemarketer after Cyrus leaves and she tells the person on the phone that Gus isnít happy with his long distance carrier and there isnít a better time to call him because he is dead and she didnít get a chance to she doesnít finish the sentence because she starts to cry as she hangs up the phone.

(Outside the Beacon) Cassie is in her car and Cyrus asks her how she is doing and she says fine and he wonders about what happened between them the other day. Cassia and Cyrus both agree that what happened was a mistake and there is no reason Harley should ever know about it because it would only hurt her. (Inside the Beacon) Cassie tells Cyrus that she told Cyrus she cheated on him with someone else and it only happened once and will never happen again.

(Police Station) Harley arrives to talk to mallet he thinks it is about him taking Frankís job but Harley tells him itís about Gus. Harley explains to Mallet that Gus planned to build a boys and girls club in his old neighborhood but he never finished it and in his will he left her in charge of the project. Harley wonders if some of the cops in the department would be willing to act as mentors to the kids. Mallet thinks itís a great idea and promises to talk to the department about it.

(Outside the Police Department) Frank is depressed so Marina tries to persuade him to go see Buzz and eat some musaka and play a game of cards with the family. Frank wonders if it has been a waste of time being a cop and missing so many of Marinaís important moments because of his job. Marina reminds her father that being a cop isnít just what he does its who he is and it is in the blood of the family. Marina encourages Frank to take the job that Frank offered him as a detective but Frank tells Marina he needs time to think and be alone. Frank thanks Marina for spending time with her old man and Marina says he isnít old he is young and handsome and now he has more time to do the things he always wanted to do since he is no longer the chief of police. Cyrus calls Marina and they agree to meet for lunch later and talk.

(Rafe and Daisyís rented Apartment) Daisy is excited because she sold more IDís today and she thinks they should buy some things for the apartment. Daisy hugs Rafe and tells him how much she has missed him he says the same to her but insists that he still wants to break the lease because although he loves her he canít be with her because he must take care of his mom now. Rafe tells daisy that Gus told him to take care of his mm and his relationship with her would upset his mother and he doesnít want to cause her problems right now. Daisy tells Rafe before he leaves that she is going to keep the apartment and he can come by whenever he wants to hang out with her. Daisy cries as she watches from the window as Rafe gets in his car and drives away.

(Towers) Marina and Cyrus arrive for lunch and they sit down and wait for their menus. Cyrus has a sarcastic tone in his voice as he thanks Marina for telling Harley about the Vanessa scam. Marina apologizes nonchalantly and tells Cyrus that she couldnít allow him to keep lying to Harley. Cyrus tells Marina that Harley understood why he did what he did with Vanessa and tells Marina he got her message loud and clear. Cyrus has his own message for Marina, which he makes very clear to Marina he, wants to make a life with Harley and she must stop trying to come between them.

(Gym) Harley runs into Cassie and persuades her to stay and watch her workout since she has already finished her exercises. Harley tells Cassie that she loves Cyrus but he will never be Gus and she hates to keep hurting Cyrus because she misses Gus so much. Harley wonders if it is a good idea that either she or Cyrus go talk to Josh and get some support. Cassie quickly says that would be a bad idea and thinks Harley should take time to grieve spend time with her boys and Cyrus and she should be fine.

(Towers) Cyrus tells Marina he wants them to be friends but he wonít stand by and let anyone make Harley miserable. Marina tells Cyrus not to worry because she wonít be the one to make Harley miserable he will make her miserable all on his own.

(Company) Harley wonders if Mallet has talked to Frank he thinks she knows about him not being police chief anymore so Frank tells her its not Malletís fault. Harley is confused so Frank figures out she doesnít know and tells her that Mallet is the new permant police chief. Frank tells Harley he is trying to figure out the reason why this happened to him. Harley thinks that sometimes life just stinks and encourages Frank to use this time to start dating. Fran tells Harley that is what Marina told him but he doesnít know what he is going to do yet. Frank tells Harley not to worry about him and just take care of herself. Rafe arrives and orders Chili fries two doughnuts with sprinkles and a chocolate shake Frank reminds him he is a diabetic and shouldnít be eating sugar but Rafe tells Frank he can take care of himself. Fran tells Rafe he considers him family and if he ever needs anything all he needs to do is ask him. Rafe tells Frank thank you but he and his mother will be fine on their own.

(Towers) Marina sees Daisy who tells her men suck and Marina says that she has a lot of chocolate and sappy music at home and they can be depressed together.

(Police Station) Mallet gets a call from the owner of the miniature gold course who tells him a fight has broken out and he needs his help to stop the fight.

(Miniature golf course) Mallet gets upset with Dinah when he realizes she asked the manager to call him and there was never a fight. Dinah asks Mallet for one more chance and he tells her now he is the permanent police chief and doesnít have time to be taking her prank calls. Mallet tells Dinah to find someone else to play with because he is going to be very busy now.

(Marler Mansion) Matt arrives and Dinah tells him that Mallet didnít like her mini golf surprise and he told her she causes too much commotion and he has no time to deal with her since he is permanent police chief. Matt suggests that she give Mallet room to breathe and maybe he will change his mind. Matt and Dinah toast to Malletís new job and then take Hilda and Jeremy to play mini golf.

(Company) Marina arrives and tells Frank that Mallet wants him to stay on at the department as a detective but frank doesnít think itís a good idea until Marina tells him to do it for Gusís sake. Mallet arrives and Frank tells him he has decided to stay on the force as a detective and Mallet is very happy about it.

(Outside daisyís apartment.) Cyrus sees Daisy and offers her a ride home Daisy gets a call while she is in the car and loses the client because she drops the call. Cyrus offers to help Daisy make her business better if she makes him a partner. Daisy doesnít want to do it at first but then Cyrus tells her he will tell Harley if she doesnít accept his offer.

(Harleyís house) Cyrus goes home and brings Chinese food for Harley and tells her he got an advance at work.

(Outside the police Station) Marina brings Mallet coffee and says she will miss having him as a partner but Mallet says they can hang out anytime.

(Marler Mansion) Rafe gets past security and Dinah threatens to call the police but doesnít tell him she now owns the house. Rafe says he is going to see his dadís room and just heads in that direction with Dinah calling his name.

(Towers) Cassie tells a woman that she had a fight with her husband because she slept with another man and sometimes she thinks it would be better if she werenít married to her husband. Cyrus arrives to pick up dinner and she assures him that he and Harley only talked about Gus not him. Cassie calls Josh after Cyrus leaves and tells him she loves him and wants another chance with him.

(Police Station) Harley arrives to pick up the rest of Gusís stuff, but Mallet says that she took everything when she was there before. Mallet apologizes for being made police Chief but Harley says its okay. Harley cries a little and tells Mallet she doesnít know how she will make it through the day without Gus.

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