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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/14/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

The show opens with music and no words for the first few minutes. Before the credits, we see Olivia getting dressed to go home. She takes the stethoscope that is on the table and hears Gusís heart beating inside of her.  She smiles, then she buttons up her blouse. We see Ashlee wake up beside Coop after their first night together. She gets up out of bed, stands up, looks at herself in the mirror for a few minutes, then she begins dressing to go to the hospital. We see Rafe pick Emma up from school. She is the last child left because Ava forgot to pick her up. Harley is waking up at her house and quietly sneaks downstairs without waking Cyrus. Then she sits on the couch, watching a DVD of her and Gusís wedding; she cries. Cyrus awakens and follows Harley. He stands on the stairs, staring at her as she watches the DVD. We see Cassie in her car, taking off her wedding ring and changing into a sexy red top before she goes into Towers and orders her usual drink from Bobby, the bartender.

(Towers) Cassie is sitting, drinking her drink, and is a little drunk.  When a cute younger man starts to flirt with her, she soon accepts his invitation to go up to his room with him.  Of course, she doesnít tell him her name.

(Harleyís house) Harley gives Cyrus the toaster waffle she made for him hours ago when she first woke up.  He smiles because he knows the waffle is rubbery, so he canít eat it now. Cyrus and Harley start to make love but are soon interrupted when the doorbell rings.  Harley is surprised by a visit from Mel, who tells her she is the executor of Gusís will and that she has something to tell her. Mel explains that Gus bought a building in his old neighborhood in Chicago, in order to start a boys and girls club.  However, he never finished the project, so he stipulated in his will that she be in charge of the project.

(Beacon) Coop once again tells Ashlee that she doesnít need the operation and that he feels she is making the decision because he hasnít made her feel loved enough or special enough to him. Ashlee gives Coop a kiss and tells him that their night together was amazing and that she must do this for her sake; it isnít about him. Coop and Ashlee drive to the hospital, and Coop is supportive of Ashlee, even though he doesnít agree with her decision to have the operation.

Natalia arrives at the church and donates Gusís clothes for someone who might need them.  Josh asks Natalia how Rafe is doing, and she says she doesnít know because its hard for her to take care of him when she can barely take care of herself.

(Hospital) Ava arrives to pick up Olivia and take her home.  Olivia wonders if Emma is waiting outside, and Ava realizes she forgot to pick Emma up from school. Olivia calls the school and is informed that Rafe has already picked Emma up. Olivia finishes getting her things together and tells Ava that Rafe canít keep doing this because she isnít Gus - he is gone. Ashlee fills out the forms for her operation, and Coop figures out she didnít tell her mother about the operation. Ashlee cries a little and tells Coop she couldnít tell her mother because she would think it was another of her failures or a cop-out because she couldnít lose weight. Coop gives Ashlee a kiss and calms her down.  The doctor arrives, and Coop asks him questions he already knows the answers to.  He  asks Ashlee once more not to have the operation. Ashlee cries a little as she kisses Coop good-bye, but before she heads to the operating room, her mom arrives.  She snooped in Ashlee's day planner and found out about the operation.

(Farm) Cassie arrives home.  She quickly puts her ring back on and puts on the top she had on when she left the house this morning. Josh tells Cassie that she looks very pretty and very put together.  She replies that she loves him and gives him a kiss. Josh tells Cassie that Natalia came by the church and gave him some of Gusís clothes for people who need them. Cassie looks through the box and says she will take the box to Harley to see if she wants some of the clothes before she gives them to the needy. Cassie finds letters from Will that Josh never showed her, and he explains that Josh got into a fight at the center and now he is in solitary confinement at the school. Cassie tells Josh he was right not to show her the letters because she canít do anything to help Will.

(Harleyís house) Harley is excited because she finally found a way to honor Gus.  She is determined to do whatever it takes to finish Gusís dream. Cyrus points out that the cost of Gusís funeral wiped them out, and she needs to concentrate on her work to support her family.  Harley tells Cyrus that nothing is more important then making Gusís dream come true.  Harley tries to make Cyrus understand that she feels it's her fault that Gus died.  If she hadnít let him go so he could be with Natalia, maybe the accident wouldnít have happened, and Gus would still be alive. Cyrus tells Harley that there was nothing she could have done to stop the accident from happening, and it isnít her fault that Gus died. Cyrus tells Harley that he saw her watching her wedding DVD this morning.  Although he loves her, he feels like he will never measure up to Gus. Harley tells Cyrus he will never be Gus.  When he suggests he should leave,  Harley does nothing to stop him.

(Beacon) Olivia cries as she looks at a picture of Gus and tells him she doesnít know how to handle this without him. Olivia sees Rafe sitting on a bench outside.  She asks him to stop doing these things for her because even though she has Gusís heart, Gus is gone and she isnít him.

(Hospital) While Coop and Doris wait for Ashlee to get out of surgery, she blames Coop for Ashleeís decision.  He says that he tried to persuade her not to do it, but she was determined to have the operation. Coop gets a call from Blake, who asks him to meet her at Company to sign his book contract. Coop doesnít want to leave, but he does anyway.  He very quickly goes to Company, signs the contract, then returns to the hospital. Buzz arrives, and Doris hugs him.  She cries and tells Buzz that maybe she pushed Ashlee to do this because she never made her feel like she was good enough for anyone. Buzz says that Ashlee made her own decision, and now she must work on being a mother to her daughter, who will need her more then ever now.

(Beacon) Olivia has trouble getting to her room, so Natalia helps her.   Mel arrives and tells Natalia that Gus made sure the house he bought her was in her name, so she can do whatever she wants to do with it. Natalia tells Mel she would love to live in it with Rafe, but she will probably have to sell it because she canít afford the mortgage payments on the house. Olivia offers to buy the house as a way to say "thank you" to Gus.  Natalia is touched that Olivia would buy the house so that she and Rafe can live in it. Once Mel is gone, Olivia tells Natalia that she wants to live in the house herself because it is the last thing Gus bought, and she wants to live there to be close to him.

(Towers) Harley talks to Mel about the fight she had with Cyrus after she left the house.

Cyrus sees Cassie changing clothes in her car and thinks she is on a top-secret mission. Cassie asks Cyrus to have a drink with her at Towers, so he accepts her invitation

(Hospital) Doris and Coop wait for Ashlee to wake up.  Once she does awaken, she tells them that she feels just peachy. Doris leaves Coop and Ashlee alone. Coop gives Ashlee a kiss on the forehead and watches her as she falls asleep.

(Towers) Cassie and Cyrus have a drink and talk about Australia.  The bartender tells Cassie that she left her wallet there this morning, so he gave it to her friend Blake. Cassie tells Cyrus they should go for a long ride; he says yes to the offer.

Once the ride is over, Cassie says that she feels wonderful and free.  She and Cyrus share a kiss.

(Farm) Blake arrives and gives Josh Cassieís wallet.  She tells him she left it at Towers this morning.

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