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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/7/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Company) The Police station personnel are gathered to toast Gus and celebrate his life Alan sits alone at a table close to the door watching the festivities and looking sad because nobody included him in the celebration, which also includes Gusís friends who are not members of the police department.

(Commentary) Lizzie goes to Sarahís grave with Bill even though she knows Sarah is alive. Lizzie tells Bill she just needed some place to cry because she misses her daughter. Bill wonders if Lizzie wanted to be a mother when she was pregnant with Sarah Lizzie tells him she never wanted to have children but when Sarah was born her entire life changed.

(Hospital) Ava and Sam worry that Olivia may reject her new heart because she is very depressed about Gusís death and feels guilty because she has his heart and is alive.

(Outside Nataliaís house) Rafe tells his mom that he broke up with Daisy because he feels he needs to concentrate on taking care of her right now. Rafe also tells his mom that he has been trying to figure out what Gus would want him to do and Natalia says that its simple Gus would want him to be happy. Rafe wonders if Gus knows that he intends to take care of her. Natalia hugs her son and tells him she is sure that Gus knows they will both be fine even though they will always miss him. Daisy calls Rafe and leaves a message on his voice mail telling him that she wants him to know that Gus was loved by a lot of people and he was a good man and she is sorry that he died.

(Funeral Home) Harley cries as she takes down the picture of Gus from the stand and heads to Company with Cyrus.

(Outside Company) Daisy is happy to see Sam and corrects him when he calls her Susan. Sam can tell something is bothering Daisy so she cries a little and tells him that her boyfriend broke up with her because he is grieving the loss of his father.

(Outside Nataliaís house) Natalia and Rafe put a welcome mat down by the front door and open the door to the house Gus bought for them.

(Company) Cyrus and Harley arrive at the party and everyone encourages Harley to tell stories about the cases she and Gus handled together. The funeral director arrives and wants to talk to Harley because her credit card was declined. Cyrus asks if they can pay the funeral costs in installments but he says no so Cyrus promises to go down and pay tomorrow but tells the funeral director not too bother Harley right now.

(Hospital) Ava persuades Olivia to get out of bed and try to stand up for the sake of her grandchild.

(Beacon) Lizzie tells Bill she used to envy Ava for having great legs and a great body but today she has something Ava doesnít have which is him and she and Bill make love.

(Company) Harley heads to the bathroom to compose herself and sees Gusís ghost who tells her not to be sad because they had a good run. Harley tells Gusís ghost that she always thought they would be together in the end and Gus tells her they will be together in the end. Buzz knocks on the bathroom door and wonders if Harley is okay she says yes and then walks back out into the party.

(Beacon) Bill gets out of bed and watches Lizzie sleep for a few minutes then he calls Ava and tells her he needs to talk to her about the baby.

(Hospital) Olivia lies in her hospital bed and cries about Gusís death and she keeps repeating that she doesnít want the new heart she just wants Gus.

(Church) Mallet comes back because he left his hat in one of the church pews and he finds Dinah playing the organ. Mallet tells Dinah he didnít know she could play the organ and she says that she can only play one song abba dabba honeymoon so Mallet works the foot pedals while Dinah plays the song.

(Company) The people gathered at the party give three cheers for Gus and toast him one more time. Natalia and Rafe walk into the party but after a few minutes Natalia tells Frank to let Rafe know she went for a walk.

(Pak) Sam advises Daisy to take a semester off before starting college so she can figure out what she wants to do. Daisy tells him she doesnít think that would be a good idea because her mom is going through a lot right now and she doesnít want to cause her any more problems. Daisy gives Sam a kiss, which he calls a rebound kiss, and he tells her to think about his advice.

(Outside Company) Harley and Cyrus share a beer and she asks him to take her to a bar where nobody knows who they are where they can just drink all night long. Harley tells Cyrus she hurts and she doesnít like the feeling at all. Cyrus tells Harley she will make it through this because she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Harley gives Cyrus a kiss and thanks him for reminding her there is something she can do to honor Gus.

(Beacon) Bill tells Ava he is happy about the baby and Ava makes Bill toast to the baby using club soda. Bill tells Ava he wants to make sure she is pregnant so she tells him she went to the hospital and took two pregnancy tests.

(Hospital) Sam tells daisy that she can have anything she wants in her life and gives her a kiss on the cheek before he goes into Oliviaís room. Sam tells Olivia he has to leave but he will be back and when she gets better they will go hiking.

(Church) Natalia sits down to pray but wonders what she should pray for now and what she should do since Gus is gone.

(Harley House) Harley and Cyrus work on finishing the house to honor Gus and Harley sees Gusís ghost again when she goes to her bedroom. Harley tells Gus it hurts to be without him and Gus says the pain goes away and people move on with the rest of their life.

(Hospital) Natalia arrives and Olivia tells her that she shouldnít have given her Gusís heart and that she must hate her for having Gusís heart. Olivia thinks God has a sick sense of humor to send her a heart from the man she loves. Natalia tells Olivia that she does hate her but she did what Gus would have wanted because he sacrificed his marriage and his family so that she could live.

(Company) Rafe sees Alan sitting alone so he goes over to sit at his table with him.

(Harleyís house) Daisy arrives to help but Harley tells her she should go back to Rafe. Daisy thinks life is too short to worry about Rafe right now. Daisy tells Harley the funeral director was looking for her but Cyrus says that he took care of the problem.

(Beacon) Bill tries to tell Lizzie that Ava is pregnant but he canít tell her after she tells him that for the first tie in her life she feels love and safe.

(Harleyís House) Cyrus tells daisy to keep her fake ID business going but from now on they will be partners in the business. Gus makes Harley promise to finish the house and get Marina to forgive her then he tells her he loves her before his ghost leaves for good.

(Hospital) Natalia tells Olivia that Gusís heart is the only thing that she has left of him so she must make sure that she lives a life that would honor Gus. Natalia tells Olivia she isnít leaving until she makes sure that she will take care of Gusís heart.

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