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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/31/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

The audience sees Olivia arrive back at the hospital after her outing at her memorial park. We see Natalia get a call and start to cry. Harley also gets a call as she comes downstairs from her bedroom and starts to cry then she stands in shock as if she can’t believe what she has heard. We see all the above-mentioned images while music plays in the background like a video.

(Beacon) Bill and Lizzie start to make love when she stops after she glances at a newspaper, which says that all the things inside the Spaulding mansion are to be sold at an auction-taking place today. Lizzie can’t believe that her stuff is being sold today and she wants to go to the mansion to get her favorite toy a dollhouse she got when she was 8 years old. Lizzie explains to Bill that she loved playing with the mommy and Daddy dolls and making extra furniture for the house out of empty toilet paper rolls. Bill tells her that those are just things she still has her memories and he asks her to stay but she says no she has to go to the mansion.

(Towers) Alan can’t pay for his drinks because Dinah let him borrow an expired credit card so he tells the waiter he is Alan Spaulding and once his money troubles are straightened out he will come back and pay the bill but the waiter threatens to call the police so Alan pays with the money Gus gave him and has no more money left.

(Hospital) A policeman gives Jeffrey a report on Gus’s accident because he wants to know why the accident happened. The cop tells Jeffrey that Gus was driving fast, ignoring red lights and stops signs and he crashed the motorcycle. Jeffrey goes in to talk to Gus who is in critical condition and Gus asks about Olivia. Jeffrey tells Gus that the heart they had waiting for her is coming soon but it has been delayed by a snowstorm. Jeffrey tells Gus that he has contacted Natalia and she is on her way and Buzz is calling Harley right now. Jeffrey wonders if he wants him to contact Alan or his sister Julie but Gus says he is going to be fine so there is no need to contact any more family. Natalia and Harley both arrive at the hospital sobbing and Harley tells Natalia that Gus is strong and he will be okay. Natalia and Harley both dry their tears before they go inside the hospital. Olivia goes in to see Gus who tells her he was trying to find her so that she could get her heart that is why he drove so fast on Remy’s motorcycle. Gus tells Olivia he wanted to be the one to save her life and Olivia responds that he did save her life and he is the reason she has lasted this long because he changed her life. Olivia cries a little and tells Gus she went to see the park he had named after her and also tells him it is the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given to her. Gus tells Olivia he just wanted her to see in some way how many people love and care about her. Gus tells Olivia she is a beautiful person and apologizes for not being able to marry her because of his commitment to Natalia and Rafe. Olivia tells Gus nit to worry because she understands the reasons he couldn’t marry her and everything is okay. Olivia puts her head on Gus’s chest so she can hear his heartbeat. Rick tells Natalia and Harley that even though Gus was wearing a helmet he sustained major head trauma and they must operate to stop the bleeding so Natalia signs the consent forms for the operation. Rick can’t guarantee that Gus will be okay because it depends on whither they are able to stop the bleeding. Natalia wonders how she is going to tell Rafe the news and when Rafe arrives he feels guilty because he didn’t answer the phone call Gus made to him earlier so they could play basketball. Rafe looks inside Gus’s room through the window and tells Natalia he can’t go in to see Gus because he just can’t handle it.

(Police Station) Dinah arrives with lunch for Mallet so they can eat together and Dinah wonders if mallet wants to give their relationship another try. Mallet tells her he can’t handle a relationship with her right now because when they are together they combust and he has too many other things to do. Dinah tells Mallet she has recovered and the doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Mallet is very happy for Dinah and when she gets up to leave he gives her a hug.

(Hospital) Gus refuses painkillers, but Harley rubs his hand and keeps saying its okay so the nurse can put the medicine in his IV.

Alan sits outside his motel room and reads about the auction of his things in the newspaper.

(Hospital) Lizzie arrives and tells Ava that she and Bill are living together now and warns her to stay away from him. Ava tells Lizzie that the world doesn’t revolve around her and she has more important things to worry about like the fact that her mother is dying and Gus was just brought in after a bad motorcycle accident. Jeffrey tells Olivia that they gave the heart that was meant for her to someone else because she left the hospital and they took too long to find her. Olivia cries a little and tells Jeffrey and Ava to make sure Emma has a happy life. Olivia also tells Jeffrey and Ava to appreciate being father and daughter and do things together every day. Gus tells Harley he is sorry he never finished the house for her and Harley tells Gus he can finish the house for her when he gets better. Gus tells Harley that the squad car needs gas and if she forgets to let Frank know. Harley tells her love not to worry because the squad car has a full tank of gas. The nurse arrives to take Gus to surgery and Harley asks for a little more time because she may not see she doesn’t finish the sentence. Harley tells Gus that she will always love him because he is the love of her life. Gus tells Harley that she is also the love of his life and always will be. Gus tells Harley they tried their best to make each other happy and he heads out towards the operating room saying that he is sorry he never finished Harley’s house for her. Gus is outside the operating room with Natalie who tells Nicky that she loves him very much and he will be okay. Gus tells her not to cry and calls her peaches so Natalia smiles a little bit.

(Outside the Spaulding mansion) Dinah and Bill enjoy watching the people at the auction but Bill reminds Dinah not to be too happy in public because Lizzie can’t find out that they both reamed up to bring down Alan. Rick takes Gus to surgery while Natalia holds on to a bag of Gus’s things and cries. Cyrus finds Harley crying in Gus’s empty room and holds her while she sobs. Buzz goes in to visit Olivia who tells him she loved him very much and never meant to hurt him. Buzz tells Olivia he knows that and gives her a kiss then tells her his time with her was one of the best times of his life.

(Beacon) Lizzie cries as Bill holds her and consoles her.

Alan stands outside the gates of the Spaulding mansion looking at the house he doesn’t own anymore.

(Hospital) Rick is sad as he tells Harley and Natalia that even though he did his best he was unable to stop the bleeding and Gus is barely hanging on to life. Natalia and Harley wipe away their tears as they both sit by Gus’s bedside.

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