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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/26/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Olivia walks into the church in her beautiful wedding dress it is a beautiful day and she walks down the aisle to marry Gus. Olivia says that after the wedding the doctor called her to tell her she isn’t dying and that is when she realizes it is a fantasy. Olivia apologizes for telling the salesgirl al of this and tells her this dress isn’t right for her wedding. Olivia then goes to another store to buy flowers and Ava arrives and thinks that Olivia is buying flowers for her funeral. Olivia explains that she is throwing a surprise wedding for Gus and even though it won’t be legal before she dies she wants to be Mrs. Gus Aitoro even if it’s just for a moment. Ava gives Olivia a hug and helps her pick out the flowers for her wedding.

(Spaulding Mansion) Beth gets a text message from Philip who is really Dinah telling her that Peyton is beautiful and Beth is upset that Philip took the baby just to upset her. Alan tells Beth they must take the children and go to San Gabriel including Lizzie. Lizzie comes downstairs and tells Alan she is moving in with Bill and Dinah who is listening because she bugged the mansion is very happy. Alan tells her she can’t go because that wasn’t part of her deal but Beth tells Alan if she allows Lizzie to go she will leave Rick and go with him to San Gabriel so he allows Lizzie to go but he says she will return because she is a Spaulding. Alan tells Beth to respond to Philip by telling him more about the children because he must not know they are planning to go to San Gabriel. Dinah responds to Beth’s message that he can’t wait to see her and dear old dad but he especially wants to see her. Alan calls his private detective and asks him to fax him the latest information on Jonathan Randall.

(Park) Dinah tells Bill that thanks to the bug she placed in the mansion she heard Lizzie stand up to Alan and tell him she is moving out. Dinah also tells Bill she also head that Alan is planning to take Beth and the kids to San Gabriel so she is going to call the treasury department and let them know that Alan intends to leave the country.

(Outside the police station) Mallet sees a sign on the back of his car that says police chief Mallet and asks officer Diaz who is responsible for this the officer points out the note that was left and mallet smiles when he discovers Dinah put the sign there. Mallet asks Officer Diaz to spread the word to everyone that he is only filling in for Frank he doesn’t intend to take his job.

Gus drives by and sees Natalia’s car stranded on the road and stops to help her fix it. Natalia tells Gus she can get the car started by her because she has been keeping the car running for a long time. Gus tells her he wants to help and looks under the hood and then gets inside and fixes something else. Gus tells Natalia that she was right he doesn’t love her enough and they got married to make a family for Rafe and to see if they could revive the feelings from the past. Gus also tells Natalia that he liked being the only person that could save Olivia but he has no feelings for Olivia. Gus tells Natalia he wants a future with her and Rafe and once he is finished helping Olivia they can all move forward as a family. Gus starts the car and drives it to the mechanic.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan threatens Lizzie by telling her if she leaves he will tell the department of treasury that he hid the money they are looking for in her trust fund and she will go to jail. Lizzie tells Alan she isn’t scared of him but Alan tells Lizzie he knows where Jonathan takes Lizzie to day care so she agrees to stay to keep Jonathan and Sarah safe. Dinah listens to the conversation and is even more positive Alan deserves what she is doing to him.

Bill waits for Lizzie at their spot in the park and an officer makes him move his car. Bill also wonders why Lizzie is late and begins to worry about her.

(Beacon) Ava gives Olivia a dress for her wedding and Olivia hugs Ava and Emma and tells them how much she loves them.

Alan calls Gus who is at the mechanic with Natalia and her car Alan tells Gus that they must be the ones to raise Emma once Olivia is gone. Gus tells Alan they will talk about this later and hangs up the phone. Natalia tells Gus that the car will take thirty minutes to fix and he should go check on Olivia.

(Beacon) Jeffrey tells Olivia she looks beautiful as she steps off the elevator to wait for Gus.

(Park) Lizzie meats Bill and tells him that she had the driver take her luggage to the hotel. Lizzie tells Bill she will meet him at the hotel because she has to do something as a surprise for him. Lizzie and Bill kiss before Bill leaves and then Lizzie cries as she watches him drive away.

(Beacon) Gus arrives and tells her that Ava may be in a custody fight with Alan for Emma. Gus notices the wedding decorations and Olivia asks him to marry her even though it won’t be legal. Olivia tells Gus that nobody else has to know but her she just wants to be his wife before she dies. Gus tells Olivia he would do anything for her but he can’t do this because he has made a commitment to Natalia. Gus tells Olivia she doesn’t have to get married to wash away her sins because he likes her the way she is so Olivia says she understands and cries as she watches Gus get into the elevator. Olivia goes to the stairwell and starts to sob. Jeffrey finds her and she explains to him that she wanted to marry Gus because she wanted to feel something pure and good before she died. Jeffrey tells Olivia that he won’t allow her to give up so he tells her he will marry her and she smiles and accepts his proposal.

Beth, James and Lizzie arrive and get in a limo with Alan to drive to the airport although nobody in the limo is happy except Alan. Lizzie tells Beth that she is doing this to keep Sarah safe.

(Outside the Police station) Dinah encourages Mallet to be happy about being police cheerful he says that although he has always wanted this he doesn’t want Frank’s job. Dinah asks Mallet for a date but before he can give an answer he gets a call that he has to do the payroll.

(Lewis construction) Bill tells Wanda he will be leaving in 10 minutes and calls Lizzie and tells her to call him if she wants him to bring anything home. The limo drives off as Bill calls Lizzie once more and leaves a message for her. Lizzie cries inside the limo as Alan turns on the radio. Bill asks Dinah if she knows where Lizzie is and Dinah doesn’t tell him at first but then she tells him Lizzie is on her way to San Gabriel.

Natalia sees Mallet driving by as she is walking to the police station and he gives her a ride the rest of the way. Natalia tells Mallet she is on her way to pay Rafe’s ticket.

Bill catches up to thee limo and rescues Lizzie Alan doesn’t want to let her go but Beth tells Alan that if he doesn’t allow Lizzie to live her life she is going back to Rick. Alan allows Lizzie to go but is confident she will come back to her family. Alan gets back in the limo and Beth tells Alan if he goes after Jonathan she will leave him.

Bill and Lizzie stop running one the coast is clear and Bill promises Lizzie he will do anything he has to do to protect Sarah but he isn’t going to lose her again and then they kiss for a few minutes.

Alan gets a call from his pilot saying the men from the treasury are surrounding the plane so Alan tells his driver to drive back home. Alan and Beth arrive home and two men from the treasury department arrest Alan and tell him his property and assets have been seized.

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