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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/24/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Harley narrates and shows the viewers around her neighborhood, which she loves because it is a place where everybody knows and cares about each other. Harley reflects on her life and tells the viewers she wanted to be a daredevil, a spy, or president when she grew up but she points out nobody’s life turns out the way they dreamed it would when they were growing up. Harley says she loves her life the way it is now though sometimes she worries that Cyrus will get tired of her and leave her then she reminds herself she needs to stop thinking so much. Harley asks Cyrus to come with her to a meeting with the famous crime writer Roc Hoover because she is nervous and needs his support. Cyrus doesn’t think it’s a good idea to allow Rock to turn their lives into a crime novel but Harley points out they need the money.

(Towers) Harley wonders how long it will take them to get some money after they sell Rock the rights to their story. Rock tells Cyrus and Harley that it will take a few months and the waitress comes over and tells Harley her card was declined so Cyrus jokes that she gave the waitress the wrong credit card and hands the waitress another card. The waitress returns and tells Harley this card was also declined. Cyrus offers to pay with a check but the waitress says they don’t take personal checks so Rock pays for their lunch before he leaves saying that he will be in touch but for now they seem to have more important things on their plate. Cyrus and Harley get in the elevator and she tries to return a call from a possible client but she drops the call because of bad reception. Cyrus is frustrated because Harley is in money troubles because of him but Harley tells him she loves him and doesn’t regret paying Phoebe the money. Cyrus tells Harley that he doesn’t like that the woman he loves is in financial troubles because of him.

(Hospital) Marina’s doctor tells Mallet that Marina has a fever but doesn’t have the fighting spirit she needs to recover from her knee operation. Mallet goes inside Marina’s room to see her and since she has a fever she thinks he is Cyrus and tells him she forgives him for sleeping with Harley and that she is glad he came back to her Marina gives Mallet a kiss because she thinks he is Cyrus and then she falls asleep while Mallet talks to her and tells her she must fight to get better because he misses his partner.

(Gus and Natalia’s house) Gus wonders why Rafe didn’t tells Natalia he got a traffic ticket and Rafe explains that it was because Daisy was in the car with him and Natalia would have given him the speech about how Daisy was encouraging him to be irresponsible and he just didn’t feel like listening to the speech. Gus tells Rafe that unlike Natalia he likes Daisy and he thinks she is good for him. Gus explains to Rafe that he is defending Alan in a court case tomorrow and Rafe wonders why since he hates Alan. Gus tells Rafe that when he has a child of his own he will understands that relationships between fathers and sons are very complicated. Gus asks Rafe to take care of his mother because she will need him more then ever now.

Daisy applies for an apartment and shows the real estate agent an ID that says she is 21 years old. then she goes to meet Rafe at Company to tell him they got the apartment but now they must come up with the firs and last month’s rent money. Daisy decides to ask her mom for the money by lying to her and saying she is going on a school trip. Rafe doesn’t think Harley will believe Daisy’s lie but Daisy is so desperate to leave Harley’s house and be with Rafe that she will do anything to make sure they get the apartment.

(Beacon) Ava arrives to pick up Olivia and Emma to go to the park but Olivia tells Ava to just go with Emma because she doesn’t have the energy to go out today. Olivia thinks its time that Emma thought of Ava as her mother because in about two weeks Ava will be her mother. Ava worries she doesn’t know how to be a mother to Emma but Olivia assures Ava that she will learn and do a fine job raising Emma.

Gus talks to Natalia as they sit in the car and Natalia wonders why Gus didn’t chase after her when they had a fight the other day in Olivia’s room. Gus explains that he had to stay with Olivia and be the one to tell her she only had two weeks to live. Natalia tells Gus that when Harley was in jail he took an apartment close to the jail just to be with her so she can’t understand why he is acting differently with her and giving her some space. Gus tells Natalia he thought she needed space to think and Harley’s situation was different but Natalia insists that the two situations are the same. Natalia tells Gus that what he had with Harley was a passionate love and she wants to know how he feels about her. Gus tells her that he feels they are supposed to be together so they can be a family for Rafe.

(Harley’s house) Harley discovers that a check she used to pay a bill has bounced and promises the woman on the phone that she will send her another check.

(Beacon) Natalia stops by to tell Olivia that she is sorry she only has two weeks to live. Olivia advises Natalia to stop holding Gus to a promise he made to her when they were younger because he has tried his best but he can’t live up to that promise. Olivia thinks she is lucky she is dying because at least she knows where she stands with Gus in the short time she will have with him but Natalia has no idea where she stands with Gus.

(Hospital) Marina’s fever breaks and she tells Mallet she was having a wonderful dream where she was kissing Cyrus and he is a great kisser. Mallet encourages Marina to try and get better because he needs her back on the force but all Marina can do is cry.

Cyrus goes to the bank and pretends he is going to invest in Harley’s company and he asks his friend Monica to look into Harley’s finances to see if it is a good investment. Monica looks in her computer says Oh dear and is about to give Cyrus more advice until she has to take a call on her cell phone. Mallet arrives and asks Cyrus to take a walk with him to the hospital.

(Outside Harley’s house) Harley arrives home with two bags full of Microwavable noodles. Gus jokes that someone must love noodles and Harley says that she does if the price is right. Gus wonders if she needs money and Harley says no that her business is fine and things are going great with Cyrus. Gus tells Harley that he is happy for her if she is happy. Harley wonders if he is happy with Natalia and he says yes he is happy and feels very lucky. Harley tells Gus they are both Lucky to be so happy but neither one of them actually looks happy.

(Towers) Gus Ava, and Olivia sign the papers giving Ava custody of Emma even though Ava is still hoping Olivia will get a heart transplant.

(Beacon) Natalia tries to talk to Rafe about his plans for the future but Rafe tells her he is almost 18 now and he doesn’t want to live 15 years of his life without Daisy only to get back together with her 15 years later and discover it is too late for their relationship.

(Harley house) Daisy asks Harley for money to go on a school trip to New York but Harley tells her she can’t afford it right now so Daisy tells Harley she regrets having her for a mother and leaves the house.

(Hospital) Cyrus arrives at the hospital to see Marina but she knows that Mallet set it up to give her a pep talk so she tells Cyrus to tell Mallet she doesn’t need a pep talk. Marina tells Cyrus she forgives him and takes his hand and tells him she wishes things had worked out between them and that Harley was still with Gus. Marina says thank you to Cyrus for making her feel beautiful, sexy and free. Cyrus hopes they can still be friends and tells Marina once again he never meant to hurt her.

(Towers) Olivia cries because she just gave up custody of her daughter and Gus tells her that Emma will always be her daughter. Gus tells Olivia he is also sad because after a talk with Natalia he realized that he would never feel the same thing for Natalia that he felt and still feels for Harley. Gus is sad because he doesn’t feel he can give Natalia what she needs to be happy. Olivia tells Gus that Natalia came to visit her and she advised her to stop holding him to a promise they made when they were teenagers. Gus tells Olivia that he talked to Harley today and it hurt him deeply that she told him she was happy with Cyrus.

(Company) Daisy and Rafe look for a job so they can pay for their new apartment and they are depressed because they can’t find anything.

(Police Station) Harley asks Mallet if he has any cases that he is too understaffed to handle and Mallet tells her that if she wasn’t working with Cyrus she could have all the cases the department can’t handle.

(Towers) Daisy asks for a cosmopolitan and shows her fake ID and gets the drink her friend Jaime sees and is impressed by how real the ID looks and tells her he will pay her $100 to make him one and he will send her 10 of his friends who will pay her the same amount for an ID.

(Hospital) Mallet arrives with food for Marina and is happy that she seems to be feeling much better she tells him that she told Cyrus good-bye but it felt like hello.

(Harley House) Cyrus arrives home with steak and champagne and a huge check, which he tells Harley, is an advance from his new job at the Beacon but Harley knows he is lying to her. Harley notices that Cyrus is no longer wearing the very expensive watch Alexandra gave to him. The show ends with a music montage that has no dialogue. and we see Natalia walking in the park and thinking. Marina and Mallet eating their food and laughing Cyrus and Harley eating dinner and kissing, Gus and Olivia kissing in her room at the Beacon and Harley and Cyrus kissing outside their house.

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