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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/19/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Reva and Jeffrey are elated when the doctor tells Reva that her tests are clean and she wants to see her again in six months. Jeffrey and Reva decide to eat at towers later to celebrate the good news.

(Beacon) Olivia gets ready for her meeting but she drops everything she is carrying and then out of frustration she screams I hate that I am dying. Gus arrives and tells Olivia to calm down and sit down while he gets her a glass of water. Olivia tells Gus that he has been very kind to her but she doesn’t need a baby sitter and she must get to the meeting because she has a deadline. Gus picks up the things Olivia dropped and walks her out the door to her meeting.

(Outside the Mall) Coop is in his car and gets a call from a book publisher telling him they want to publish his book. Coop finishes his call and rushes to hug Ashlee who is carrying some flowers. Coop tells Ashlee they are going to publish his book and Coop and Ashlee kiss for a few minutes. Coop tells Ashlee he has some book business to deal with and givers her money to buy a new dress. Ashlee tells Coop he can’t afford to give her money to buy a new dress but Coop tells her he can afford it now.

(Beacon) Cyrus tells Marina that he couldn’t stay away from her and he had to come back to her and they kiss but it turns out to be a daydream, which is interrupted by a knock at the door. Frank and Buzz arrive to take Marina to the hospital for her operation. Frank takes Marina’s bag to the car while Marina tells Buzz how much she still loves and misses Cyrus while she cries a little bit and wonders if Cyrus misses her.

(Harley’s house) Cyrus and Harley awaken and they kiss and snuggle a little because they are happy they don’t have to hide their love from anyone anymore. The kissing and snuggling is interrupted by very loud music and Harley smiles and tells Cyrus welcome home. Harley talks to Cyrus in the bathroom while he finishes taking a shower and she cleans the steam off the bathroom mirror. Harley asks Cyrus what they should bring Marina when they go visit her in the hospital. Cyrus advises Harley that they shouldn’t go because things are too tense with her family right now. Harley insists on going to the hospital because her family has to begin to accept that they are a couple.

(Company) Blake gives Coop a kiss on the cheek and congratulates him on his book deal and tells him she acted as his literary agent because publishes don’t even look at unrepresented books. Blake also makes it clear that she was the one who got him the book deal so Coop tells her thank you but Blake explains he must give her 10% f what he earns from the book. Blake tells Coop that the publishing world is cut throat and he needs her help to navigate it so he agrees to make her his literary agent.

(Mall) Ashlee goes to buy a dress and the clerk tells her the dress she is looking at is great and she agrees and says that her boyfriend will love her in it. The clerk tells Ashlee that the store only carries up to a size 14 and most dresses in the store only go up to a size 12. The clerk tells Ashlee that the store next door carries sizes for real women with curves. Ashlee thanks the clerk for being so nice to her and leaves the store.

(Hospital) Marina asks Buzz to go in the hallway and check on Frank who is very nervous about her operation. Buzz goes out into the hallway just in time to see Cyrus and Harley arrive to visit Marina. Frank doesn’t let Harley go inside Marina’s room and tells her to leave because Marina doesn’t need to be reminded of what she and Cyrus did to her. Harley insists on seeing Marina but Frank blocks her way again and tells her that when she finally comes to her senses she will have to make a choice between Cyrus and her family. Buzz tells Harley that today isn’t about her and asks her to go home. Cyrus sneaks into Marina’s room to see her and she smiles and gives him a kiss. Marina apologizes to Cyrus blaming it on the sedatives that made her forget they had broken up. Marina drifts off to sleep while she is asking Cyrus if he loved her and saying their relationship couldn’t have been a waste.

Gus calls Mallet and asks him for extra leave and he doesn’t care if he doesn’t get paid because he has something very personal and important to do. Mallet grants Gus the extra leave without pay and Gus says thank you to Mallet and hangs up the phone.

(Hospital) Reva sees Olivia crying in the hospital bathroom and Olivia admits to Reva she only has a few weeks to live. Olivia is surprised that Reva understands how alone she feels and how much she will miss everyone who is in her life. Reva gives Olivia a hug and takes her to Towers to eat.

(Towers) Reva and Olivia sit down at a table and when Jeffrey arrives Reva whispers that Olivia needs to talk to him about something important and then she leaves Jeffrey and Olivia alone to talk. Olivia tells Jeffrey that she only has a few weeks to live and that everything that can be done for her has already been done. Olivia tells Jeffrey that she is happy that their relationship is better now. Jeffrey asks Olivia if there is anything he can do for her but Olivia tells him there is nothing anyone can do for her now.

(Company) Alan tells Gus about the IRS investigation and that he needs him to defend him against these false accusations. Gus tells Alan he won’t help him with anything and that he is out of it.

(Hospital) Ashlee arrives to visit Marina and Coop explains that Bloke is his new agent. Blake gives Coop a special phone, which is only to be used when she calls him. Blake talks to Ashlee and tells her Coop has a bright future ahead of him and she plans for him to be a famous author. Blake offhandedly comments that she will give Ashlee the number of her stylist and Ashlee sheds a few tears because she was already feeling insecure after what happened at the mall. Coop feels overwhelmed by all of Blake’s plans for him and insists he doesn’t want to be a rock star he just wants to be a good writer and have Ashlee by his side. Ashlee t ells Coop that she and Blake want what is best for him and he should enjoy this wonderful experience. Ashlee assures Coop she will be with him to share everything every step of the way.

Gus watches Ava and Emma playing and then calls Alan to tell him he will represent him but only if he helps Olivia get a new heart.

(Gym) Cyrus watches Harley play basketball and she tells him that Frank is more then he brother he was both mother and father to her growing up and she hates that they are fighting. Cyrus assures Harley that her family will come around and accept their relationship.

(Hospital) Cyrus orders Buzz to talk to Harley because she is hurting and misses her family. Cyrus tells Buzz he will cover for him at Company.

(Gym) Buzz arrives to talk to Harley and she explains that it hurts her that Marina is hurting but she and Cyrus can’t help that they love each other.

(Company) Cyrus is overwhelmed when company is full of customers and he is alone. Cassie arrives to help him and once everyone has left the restaurant is a mess. Cyrus tells Cassie he needs a job and he has decided he isn’t cut out for anything except being a thief and charming rich woman. Cassie offers Cyrus a job as head of security at the Beacon.

(Beacon) Olivia cries in her bathroom and when she comes back into her bedroom she sees Gus packing her clothes. Gus tells Olivia that Alan has discovered an experimental treatment in Europe that could help her. Olivia gives Gus a kiss but says no she doesn’t want to leave town because her daughters are here and she also wants to spend time with him. Gus tells Olivia that he asked for two weeks of leave to be with her.

(Cross-Creek) Jeffrey awakens Reva and tells her she was very kind to Olivia today and Reva says not even Olivia deserves what is happening to her right now.

Coop talks on the phone with Blake while he is walking out of the hospital and he closes the door without noticing that Ashlee hasn’t walked through the door yet. Ashlee watches Coop talking on the phone with a hurt look on her face.

(Hospital) Frank sits by Marina’s bedside as she sleeps after her operation.

(Harley’s house) Buzz wonders if Harley really loves Cyrus enough to lose her family over him. Harley tells Buzz that she paid off Phoebe a woman from Cyrus’s past so she wouldn’t blackmail him. Harley tells Buzz she wrote Phoebe a check for more money then she actually had and she never once had a doubt about doing it because she loves Cyrus that much.

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