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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/17/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Outside the Police Station) Mallet runs the flag up the flagpole and Dinah arrives wondering if Mallet has told Frank he is taking the job as chief of police in Shrewsbury. Mallet says no that he hasn’t told Frank because he is trying to find the right words to tell him the news.

(Towers) Lawrence tells Lizzie that he really admires Alan and has been studying some of Alan’s business deals. The waitress asks if anyone wants dessert and Lizzie quickly tells the waitress to bring the check before Lawrence has a chance to say a word to the waitress.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan leaves a message for Philip telling him the IRS is having him investigated because of his best friend Rick and he is glad that he is coming back to Springfield soon to help his family. Alan is also very happy that Philip will be able to take over the business if he should have to be gone for any length of time because of the IRS investigation. Alan hangs up the phone quickly when Dinah arrives to ask him for a job but Alan refuses to give Dinah a job because he doesn’t have time to baby-sit her because her mind is still feeble.

(Police Station) Frank tells Mallet that he did something he has never done before he asked a woman at a crime scene out on a date and she turned him down because she felt he was married to his job. Frank and Mallet laugh about the incident and Frank thinks he won’t ever do that again. Frank tells mallet he is happy because he has to go give a search warrant to Alan because the IRS wants to search his house.

(Spaulding Mansion) Frank arrives with the men from the IRS to search the mansion and Dinah decides to stick around to watch the fireworks.

(Library) Lawrence shows Lizzie a book on Alan and she gets a little freaked out by Lawrence’s admiration of Alan and decides to leave but before she leaves she gives Lawrence Alan’s phone number and tells him that he should ask Alan for a date. Lizzie gets a text message from Philip asking her to go meet Bill and that he would handle Alan if he gets in her way.

(Beacon) Bill stops in the middle of making love to Ava saying that he isn’t prepared so she goes in the bathroom to take care of things. Ava finds a condom in her purse and then punches a hole in it telling herself that now it is her turn and then she gets back in bed with Bill and they start having sex again.

(Gym) Mallet and Marina talk because she wonders why he is in the gym alone and he tells her he needed a quiet place to think about some things. Marina wants to help so she coaxes him to tell her what he is thinking about so much. Mallet tells her he has been offered the job of police chief in Shrewsbury and he is going to take the job. Mallet tells Marina that he hasn’t told frank yet and he is going to do that today. Marina is happy for mallet but she is sad because she is going to lose him as a friend and partner. Marina tells mallet all the men in her life leave her and she can’t understand why.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan tells Frank he has done nothing wrong and he has nothing to hide because this whole IRS set up is because the IRS agent is a friend of Rick Bauer.


(Beacon) Bill gives Ava a bottle of water because she is thirsty after sex and then gives her a quick kiss and says he has to leave to meet with a new client postscript INC.

(Gym) Frank plays basketball because he is happy that he searched Alan’s house today. Frank stops playing ball when Marina arrives and she tells him the family is on her side about Cyrus. Marina wonders if Mallet has talked to him he tells her no and then Doris calls to tell Frank she needs to talk to him about a complaint of improper conduct against him.

(Outside Police Station) Dinah brings mallet some suitcases and real estate listing for Shrewsbury. Mallet takes a picture of Dinah and she tells him she will always be there for him if he needs her and she will miss him very much.

(Mall) Ava and Emma rest after shopping and Ava tells Emma that she knows she is scared about mommy but she promises Emma that she is working on making a family for them so neither one of them will be alone again.

(Spaulding mansion) Alan tells Alexandra about the IRS search and he shows her an e-mail from Philip saying he is coming home to help his family.

Bill waits to meet with his client by the railroad tracks and he plays with a stick and some rocks. Bill figures out that Postscript Inc means Philip Spaulding. Lizzie who tells him she got a message from her father telling him to meet Bill and he will take care of Alan if he gets in the way of their relationship starts Bill. Bill and Lizzie kiss for a few minutes and Lizzie asks Bill to trust her and give their relationship a second chance.

(Interrogation room) Mallet lifts Dinah over his shoulder for old times sake and then they begin to kiss they start to make love but Dinah stops things because she tells Mallet this is too hard for her since he is leaving town.

(Elsewhere in the Police Station) Doris tells Frank the woman he asked out on a date today has accused him of improper conduct. Frank thinks Alan set him up because he is mad at him for serving the IRS search warrant today. Doris tells Frank that isn’t the case and she must place him on leave until after the investigation.

Bill bats a rock with a stick and Dinah asks him if he and Lizzie are back together and he says he has to put a few things in order before he can consider letting his guard down about Lizzie.

(Spaulding Mansion) Lizzie tells Alan she dumped Lawrence and went to meet Bill because her father sent her a text message telling her she should be with Bill and that he would handle her grandfather if he got in her way. Alan is angry and says Bill wasn’t part of their deal and orders that steamed lobster is sent to Lizzie’s room for her to eat. Beth arrives in Lizzie’s room to tell her that she also got a text message from Philip and that she thinks he is getting better and will soon come back home. Lizzie wonders if they will be as happy as they were in Arizona and Beth doesn’t think that is possible but she does think things will get better. Beth encourages Lizzie to be strong and believe in herself because she will get through this awful time. Beth and Lizzie tell each other they love each other and that they can’t wait to see Philip again

Alan meets with Bill who is playing a game of basketball outside by the railroad tracks. Alan warns Bill that if he doesn’t stop seeing Lizzie he will inform his friends from Venezuela where to find him. Bill isn’t scared of Alan and tells him that he and Lizzie will see each other if they want to and there is nothing he can do about it.

(Police station) Doris asks Mallet to be temporary Police chief Mallet doesn’t want to do it at first but Doris persuades him to do it for Frank’s sake or she will be forced to bring inn somebody from the outside who will probably want the job permanently.

(Gym) Mallet tells Frank he has been named temporary Police chief until after the investigation. Marina is upset at first but Frank takes it well and the two friends play basketball.

Beth tells Bill that Philip sent her several text message and they texted all night and relived some good memories. Beth also tells Bill not to give up on his relationship with Lizzie.

(Mansion) Alan calls Philip that he is transferring the money, stocks and deed and putting them all in his name just as he requested so he can come home. Alexandra tells Alan he shouldn’t have trusted Philip or done what he just did because Philip could still be mentally ill. Alan tells Alexandra that he has no choice but to trust Philip because he needs him to come home.

Bill uses Dinah computer and notices that Alan has transferred the money stocks and deed into the account in Philip’s name. Dinah walks in, and Bill says, “Hello, sis - or should I say Philip”

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