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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/12/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Outside the Spaulding Mansion) Alan tells his men that nobody can go inside the house and nobody can get out of the house. Lizzie gets stir crazy and gets dressed and escapes through the window. Alan catches Lizzie trying to leave and she tells him that she was just going for a walk to get some fresh air. Alan tells Lizzie he is going to Towers for a meeting and if she needs anything she should ask one of the guards.

(Lewis Construction) Bill paces the floor in his office and shouts that Lizzie is going to come back to work and to him.

(Outside Towers) Bill tells Alan to stop keeping Lizzie prisoner in the house and offers to make a deal with him for Lizzie’s freedom. Alan tells Bill he doesn’t need to make a deal with him because Lizzie came back home because she wanted to feel safe again.

(Beacon) Bill sees Natalia cleaning Lizzie’s room and tells her that Lizzie will return because she just signed a contract for another year at the Beacon. Natalia apologizes for her mistake and goes to clean another room.

Bill goes Jogging to try and think of a plan to free Lizzie he jogs past the gates of the Spaulding Mansion and calls Lizzie’s name then he tells the dogs to tell Lizzie that his heart beats with her heart and he will return to free her.

(Beacon) Vanessa takes Dinah to lunch and admits the lunch was a test and she passed with flying colors. Vanessa offers Dinah a job as a producer at the TV station but she turns down the job offer. Dinah tells Vanessa she is okay and pays for lunch to prove it to Vanessa.

Bill gets a call from Wanda while he is still standing outside the gates of the mansion she tells him he is late for a meeting with Mr. Monteaux so Bill rushes back to the office.

(Beacon) Olivia invites Dinah to sit and asks her that if when she was injured she saw the after life. Dinah tells her no but the worst part of her injury was the fact that everyone felt sorry for her especially Mallet. Olivia asks Dinah to stay and have some fun with the two cute guys at the end of the bar. Dinah turns down the offer and tells her to have fun with the two cute guys. Ava arrives and sees her mother with the two guys and tells her she shouldn’t be drinking and hanging out with strange men. Olivia admits that Gus hasn’t called her so that means he is probably sleeping with Natalia. Olivia tells Ava that at least the two cute guys make her feel alive and sexy and she needs to feel that way right now.

(Lewis construction) Bill meets with Mr. Montreaux and has some questions as to why he couldn’t find his company on the Internet. Monteaux explains that his boss is one of the richest men in Europe he just doesn’t like to do his business deals publicly. Monteaux tells Bill he will ask his boss if he can give him more information about the business.

(Outside the Mansion) Beth brings Peyton to visit Lizzie and Lizzie explains that she made a deal with Alan that she would return to the house if he would leave Jonathan and Sarah alone. Beth offers to help Lizzie because Alan can’t keep her prisoner. Lizzie tells Beth to make sure and protect Peyton from Alan and not worry about her.

(Mall) Bill runs into Emma and Ava at the mall and offers to take Emma to see Hannah Montana who is signing Cds nearby. Ava gives Bill permission to take Emma and he tells Emma they are going to see Grandpa because Hannah Montana isn’t signing CDs until tomorrow.

(Spaulding Mansion) Bill drives through the gates of the mansion telling the guards that Alan’s granddaughter Emma is coming to visit him. Lizzie decides to eat like there is no tomorrow after all nobody is going to be looking at her body. Lizzie stops eating her huge Sandwich when Bill walks into the kitchen. Lizzie shares her sandwich with Bill and when Emma walks into the kitchen she smiles and congratulates him on a good plan to get in the house. Lizzie tells Bill about her deal with Alan to keep Sarah safe. Bill insists that there must be another way to keep Sarah safe and he tells Lizzie she must go with him now. Lizzie insists on going back to get Roxie and that is when Alan has Bill arrested for trespassing. Beth yells at Alan for making such a cruel deal with Lizzie and keeping he prisoner in the mansion. Alan asks Beth to help him be a better father to Peyton but she turns down his offer to move back into the house. Alan gets Mad at Lizzie and pushes her down onto her bed and she screams that he is hurting her. Alan tells Lizzie he wants their relationship to be the way it used to be when she was younger.

(Police Station) Mallet is surprised that Dinah has been driving without a license but he doesn’t arrest her because she tells him she forgot her license at the sandwich shop while she was picking up his favorite turkey Sandwich to bring him for dinner. Dinah and mallet enjoy the huge turkey sandwich together and then Dinah turns down Mallet’s offer to go to lunch with him on Tuesday. Mallet allows Dinah to talk to Bill who is in jail but Dinah refuses to bail Bill out of Jail. Ava arrives a few minutes later and bails Bill out of jail and tells him that she will always be there for him when he finally gives up on Lizzie.

(Mall) Beth goes shopping with Peyton and gets a text message from Philip that worries her very much.

(Hospital) Alan arrives to talk to Rick who tells him that he is holding all the cards and doesn’t intend to let go of Beth and Peyton. Alan tells Rick that remains to be seen because he is Peyton’s biological father and he isn’t strong enough to go against him.

Monteaux calls someone to tell him that Bill bought his entire act and he gave a better performance then when he played an extra on CSI Miami.

(Outside the Spaulding Mansion) Bill stands outside the gates, shouting Lizzie’s name.  She sees him from her bedroom window and walks outside, but then she walks back inside, away from him.

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