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Guiding Light Update Monday 3/10/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Beacon) Bill goes out in the hallway to get the newspaper and notices that Lizzie has moved out so he calls her and leaves a message telling her he isn’t playing hide and seek with her anymore.

(Spaulding Mansion) Lizzie tries to leave the house because she wants to go to work and explain to Billy why she can’t work for him anymore. Jeremy the butler tells her that her grandfather told him she is working at Spaulding full time and gives her some files she needs to look at and then he locks her bedroom door so she won’t be able to leave the house. Jeremy tells Lizzie that her things are being picked up from Lewis Construction so she doesn’t have to worry about them.

Daisy arrives to pick up Will who is waiting for her on stone road she wonders why he is alone and he says that he had to be alone to think because Josh was upsetting him again.

(Cross-Creek) Cassie arrives and sees Reva and Josh in bed together but Josh and Reva don’t understand how they got there and why they are nauseous and groggy. Josh and Reva explain to Cassie that they did not make love they just probably passed out because they had too much to drink. Cassie yells that she was right all along because Josh and Reva were together again. Cassie tells Josh she hopes that he can explain this to his congregation. Cassie refuses to listen to any explanations from Josh or Reva and just decides to drive away in her car.

(Police Station) Harley brings Frank doughnuts and wants to talk but one of the alarms goes off inside the station and he must leave to fix it although he asks Harley to save him a little piece of doughnut. Harley tells Frank that she loves Marina and she never wants her to get hurt. Marina and Cyrus are outside in the back of the station and Marina wants to make out with Cyrus but he tells her that he can’t lie to her anymore because he is in love with Harley and must end their relationship although he makes it clear he doesn’t want to hurt her. Marina ignores what Cyrus has just said to her so he repeats the words to her. Marina begins to sob and then Frank and Harley arrive and through tears Marina tells Frank that Cyrus cheated on her with Harley and now they say they are in love.

(Lewis Construction)) Alexandra picks up Lizzie’s things and explains to Billy that Lizzie promised Alan she would be a Spaulding again if he let Jonathan and Sarah go. Billy tells Alexandra to tell Lizzie he will miss her very much.

(Cross-Creek) Josh and Reva know that nothing happened between them but are still confused about how they got in bed together. Josh tells Reva he remembers seeing Will standing in the doorway before he passed out.

(Farm) Cassie arrives home and gives Will a hug and says thank you to Daisy for driving him home. Cassie tells Will he can’t run off when he gets mad because she and Josh would be very worried about him. Will tells Cassie Josh won’t be coming home ever because he and Aunt Reva are dead. Cassie tells Will to tell her what he did and he explains to her that he poisoned with carbon monoxide gas so that they would stop fighting with her about everything. Cassie can’t believe what she is hearing and tells Will to pack his things before Josh and Reva come after them.

(Company) Marina runs in the bathroom to cry until she just can’t cry anymore and then she tells herself she can’t let Cyrus and Harley do this to her.

(Police Station) Frank yells at Cyrus because he knew that someday he would hurt Marina. Frank tells Cyrus that he wishes this time he would have been wrong about him.

(Company) Harley finds Marina sweeping and tells her that she can say anything she wants to say to her because she deserves it. Marina doesn’t say anything for a long time but finally gets tired of hearing Harley talking so she tells her that she already knew about her relationship with Cyrus. Marina wonders if Harley is going to leave Cyrus alone and she says she tried but she can’t leave him alone. Marina tells Harley that she should get ready because Cyrus will cheat on her too.

(Lewis Construction) Billy tells Bill that Lizzie gave up her life to Alan so that Sarah could be safe.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alexandra arrives home with Lizzie’s things and Lizzie doesn’t think she will ever be happy again.

(Cross-Creek) Reva is distracted and doesn’t listen to Daisy telling her about Rafe. Reva apologizes and tells her she will give her gas money for her car. Daisy explains that she made gas money by picking up Will from stone road when he called her. Daisy tells Reva that Will said he was celebrating a special occasion. Once Daisy is gone Reva notices her gas valve has been tampered with and the carbon monoxide detector was hidden behind one of her music speakers.

(Farm) Josh arrives home with flowers for Cassie and she apologizes for refusing to listen to him earlier. Cassie kisses Josh and tells him she is taking Will to a neighboring farm to see the horses. Will arrives and is surprised to see Josh and Cassie sends Will to the car. Cassie kisses Josh and tells him she loves him and they are going to work everything out.

(Harley’s house) Harley arrives home crying and tells Cyrus that the sparkle has gone out of Marina’s eyes. Harley tells Cyrus that he can move in with her and then they go upstairs to hold each other. Frank arrives and sees Harley in bed with Cyrus and screams that he doesn’t even know Harley anymore. Harley sobs for a while and then she and Cyrus go out on the balcony to kiss for the first time where people can see them.

(Company) Frank arrives and Holds marina while she cries.

(Farm) Reva arrives and tells Josh that she thinks Will poisoned them with carbon monoxide gas since when she found the detector she discovered the house was full of gas. Josh tells Reva that Cassie left with Will forty five minutes ago and then they both decide to go look for her since they are afraid Will is going to kill her.

(Cassie’s car) Cassie tells Will she doesn’t know where they are going but it is going to be fun. Will tells Cassie that he is happy they are finally going to be alone together because they always have more fun when they are alone.

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