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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/29/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Jonathan drives Lizzie into the woods telling her that they are going on their honeymoon and then after driving a few minutes he stops the car so they can have a talk. Jonathan and Lizzie get out of the car and walk a little bit to sit on the hood of the car. Jonathan demands to know why Lizzie left their wedding and ruined their plan to protect Sarah. Jonathan thinks that Lizzie doesn’t love Sarah enough because he put Bill above the needs of her daughter. Lizzie explains to Jonathan that he has had the great love of his life Tammy and she also deserves a chance to find the love of her life for the first time. Jonathan tells Lizzie that he understands that but he doesn’t trust Bill and as long as she is with him he must protect Sarah from both her and Bill. Jonathan goes gives Lizzie his coat and goes to get in the car and drives away leaving Lizzie stranded by the side of the road. (Ruby’s nail Salon) Dinah, Marina and Harley run into each other and Marina can’t stop talking to Ruby about how wonderful Cyrus is and how much they love each other.

(Church) Rafe is sitting in a pew with his mother and when Daisy arrives Natalia tells her son to go have fun but not to be home late. (Farm) Outside Cassíe picks up her groceries that have fallen and tells herself that she is mad at Reva because she always gets people to help her and nobody ever does the same for her. Mallet walks by and helps Cassie pick up her groceries.

(Lewis Construction office) Reva is amused watching Josh clean out the refrigerator before he tries to fix it because it isn’t cooling the food. Reva tells Josh her compassion for Cassie has run out and she can’t stand to be around her anymore. Josh tells Reva that he spoke to Reverend Rutledge and made it clear that he is standing by Cassie even though he doesn’t always agree with her actions.

(Construction site) Bill goes to work to try and stop thinking about Lizzie and then he explains to Billy that just after he thought their relationship was on the right track she ran away from him again. Bill gets a call from Lizzie and he soon arrives in the woods to rescue her then he takes her to the hospital to make sure she doesn’t have frost bite. Lizzie gets checked out and doesn’t have frost bite so she and Bill kiss before they leave the hospital.

(Juvenile Denton Center) Jeffrey catches Will before the little boy shocks Jeffrey with a Taser then he tells Chad the guard he shouldn’t leave hi weapon where children can grab it. Chad calls Cassie and tells her Will is talking to Jeffrey. Cassie flirts with Chad a little bit and asks him to protect Will from Jeffrey. Chad tells Cassie that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her and tells her he wants to bring Will to her house during his lunch hour. Cassie tells Chad that is a great idea because she can’t wait to see him and Will.

(Courthouse) Alan asks Doris to take care of a little matter for him and she assures him she will take care of everything. Ashlee , Coop and Buzz arrive to take Doris to lunch but soon Ashlee must leave so she leaves Doris to have lunch with the guys. Alan sees Beth and the baby and Beth explains that she is legally changing the baby’s name to Peyton Alexandra Raines not Spaulding and she repeats Raines twice so Alan gets the point. Alan plays with Peyton and tells Beth that he is happy that the baby’s last name isn’t Bauer.

(Jail) Rick asks for some decent food and if he doesn’t get any soon he will start singing until someone arrives with food.

(Jeffrey’s office) Jeffrey tells Josh that Will almost shocked him with a Taser and Cassie seems to have an admirer a guard named Chad. Jeffrey also tells Josh that Cassie doesn’t seem to be discouraging the guard’s attention toward her.

(Farm) Reva arrives to talk to Cassie and ruin’s Cassie’s meeting with Chad and Will. Cassie walks into the woods so that Reva doesn’t see Chad and Will in case they arrive at the house. Reva follows Cassie deep into the woods and when Reva asks where she is going she says that she is going to pick up a package. Reva tells Cassie that she is angry at so many things but mostly she is tired of being angry so she wants to fix it. Reva says she is angry about Tammy’s death, angry that Alan got away with murder, angry that she doesn’t face the fact that Will needs help, angry that Josh could lose his job, and angry that she is throwing her marriage away. Cassie admits that she is angry as well angry that she always calls Josh Joshua as if she owned him, angry that she was married to Josh first , angry because she feels that she has a special connection with her husband that she will never have with him.

(Woods) Reva tells Cassíe that she can’t help that she has known Josh her entire life and they share a special connection with him. Reva tells Cassie to stop trying to be her and just be herself because she is a very special person. Cassie and Reva get lost in the woods and Reva calls Jeffrey and Cassie calls Josh for help so the two men team up to go find Cassie and Reva.

(Lewis Construction office) Billy tells Jonathan that they have always been friends but Bill is his son and Lizzie has become like a daughter to him and if he is going to fight them he will do everything he can to protect them. Lizzie and Bill walk until they get to the park where they see Jonathan pushing Sarah on a swing and Lizzie vows not to let Jonathan take Sarah away from her again and Bill tells her they will fight him together.

(Police Station) the Coopers and Mallet talk about their romantic relationships and think they should all team up to find Frank a woman but Frank says he is fine being alone and says he is proud that Harley is surviving without a man. Ashlee goes to pick up Doris who admits she had a good time eating chili dogs with the guys although her stomach hurts right now.

(Woods) Cassie finds the lighthouse and figures out where she is and the two sisters agree to stop fighting and concentrate on helping their families fix their problems. The Ladies walk and see Jeffrey and Josh and Reva runs to hug Jeffrey and Cassie hugs Josh and then we see a two minute music montage with the show’s new theme song and the show’s cast along with the different sights of Springfield ending with Bill and Lizzie sharing a kiss.

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