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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/25/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hotel) Gus is very quiet as he holds Natalia and she wonders what he is thinking and he says he was just wishing they could go back to when they were younger and things seemed so much simpler for them. Natalia tells Gus that his life is filled with so many people who need him and she understands that she must share him. Gus calls Natalia amazing for being so kind and understanding about the situation with Olivia. Natalia explains that she made a lot of mistakes with Olivia before she understood the situation. Natalia tells Gus he should go be with Olivia and she assures him it will be okay.

(Beauty Salon) Ava is worried that it is an emergency so she arrives out of breath and asks Olivia if her condition has gotten worse. Olivia smiles and asks Ava what color nail polish she should wear. Olivia can’t stand it anymore and happily tells Ava that Natalia left Gus. Olivia tells Ava that for the first time in a long time she feels hopeful that she can beat her illness.

(Harley’s car) Harley and Cyrus make love in the car while Marina watches Harley’s car from the company window and since she is taking too long he decides to send Buzz, Frank and Rick to the car to get the trophies that Harley is supposed to be getting from her car. Buzz, Frank and Rick talk for a few minutes beside the car saying that Harley isn’t there and wondering where she could be. Harley and Cyrus hear the voices and quickly get dressed but Frank opens the door and Buzz and Rick see her with her shirt unbuttoned but Cyrus isn’t there because he managed to sneak out the door on the other side. Harley lies and tells the guys that she had a panic attack because she forgot the trophies and she got hot and started taking off her clothes. Frank and Buzz believe the story and tell Harley to come inside with them and have some water. Rick sends Frank and Buzz inside because he needs to talk to Harley alone. Rick tells Harley he is worried that her panic attacks could put Jude and Zach in danger so he insists that its time Jude go live with him. Harley tells Rick that he should stop taking out his frustration over Beth’s baby on her. Rick tells Harley he won’t lose his baby girl and he won’t risk Jude being involved in an accident because his mother is being irresponsible.

(Company) Rafe arrives to talk to Daisy but they are awkward because they are afraid to show affection to each other. Daisy tells Rafe that they could go upstairs just to talk because she has missed seeing him but he says he can’t do that right now.

Marina continues to look out the window when Cyrus arrives to tell her he was putting money in the parking meter even though Marina knows the truth she pretends to believe his lie.

(Main Street) Olivia tells Emma to go get some hot Chocolate and maybe later they will go to the park. Gus arrives and is worried because Olivia looks pale but she says that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital she just wants to spend the day with Emma. Emma arrives with the hot chocolate and then asks her uncle Gus if he is going to the park with them. Natalia and Rafe are walking by and Rafe sees Gus with Olivia and angrily tells Gus that he is a cheater and he shouldn’t be stepping out on Natalia. Gus tells Rafe it is a complicated situation but Rafe doesn’t want to talk to Gus anymore. Natalia tells Gus to be with Olivia and she will explain things to Rafe. Rafe assumes that Gus is helping Olivia with her crazy ex-husband Philip so Natalia tells him that Olivia needs Gus to protect her from Philip. Natalia tells Rafe that Gus and Olivia are just friends but Rafe calls Gus a cheater who cheated on Harley with her and now she is his wife he is going to cheat on her with Olivia.

(Company) Daisy tells Ashlee that she and Rafe feel awkward being affectionate with each other since the abortion and that fact that Natalia is so judgmental of her. Rafe arrives and gives Daisy a kiss and Ashlee leaves the two lovebirds alone. Daisy wonders why Rafe kissed her and he says simply because he wanted to kiss her. Daisy says that she worries because Natalia hates her and Rafe says he doesn’t care because he is tired of his parents telling him what to do when they do whatever they want to do with their lives. Natalia arrives and sees Rafe and daisy kissing and tells Rafe it isn’t a good idea for him to be close with Daisy. Rafe tells Natalia that he intends to fight for Daisy even if she won’t fight for Gus.

(Company) Marina wonders why Harley took so long and why she looks so disheveled and Harley admits she had another panic attack so Marina pretends to be very worried about her. Rick insists on taking Jude home with him and Harley’s heart is broken.

(Police Station) Gus arrives to drop some case files off for Frank and he sends Emma to draw and then blast Gus for cheating on Natalia even though he says Natalia will learn the pain Harley went through when she did the same thing to her. Frank makes it clear that he won’t allow Gus to hit on women at the police station and he should especially stay away from Marina. Gus feels like everyone’s punching bag today. Gus calls Rafe but as soon as Rafe hears his voice he hangs up the phone. Emma wonders what murder is and Olivia explains that it’s when a bad person kills another person and what Frank and Uncle Gus do is pt the bad people in jail. Emma also wonders what it is like to die and if the people who die get to say good-bye to their families. Olivia says that sometimes they do get to say good-bye and when it comes time for her to say good-bye to her she wants her to remember how much she loves her. Olivia’s heart starts to beat rapidly and she can’t catch her breath. Olivia tells Gus she can feel her hear getting weaker so Gus holds her hand and tells her to breathe. Gus gets Olivia some water and then he takes Olivia and Emma home.

(Bar) Harley meets Cyrus and tells him she feels like a bad mother who has let down her son. Harley tells Cyrus that they must be more careful because they can’t risk Marina finding out about their relationship before she has recovered from her injury.

(Company) Marina cries and tells Buzz she is worried that Cyrus will get bored with her. Marina tells Buzz she cant help but love Cyrus even though she knows he has a wandering eye but not loving him would be like not breathing to her. Marina asks Buzz how he could love someone with a wild spirit like Jenna was and not worry that she would get bored with him. Buzz tells her that loving Jenna was worth all the risk he had to take and he wouldn’t change one moment he shared with her.

(Hotel) Cyrus takes off his shoes and sits at the edge of the bed and a few minutes later Harley arrives and he tells her he was afraid she wouldn’t come but she says when he put the key in her hand she couldn’t resist coming to the hotel to be with him.

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