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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/20/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

Its all about choices today in Springfield as Cassie, Josh and Reva have to deal with the choice they made to keep the truth from Alan about his baby girl. Reva and Jeffrey watch a news report in his office about the scandal. Reva tells Jeffrey they must do something to help Josh because people are judging him unfairly. Reva explains to Jeffrey that Josh was just protecting his wife and people have no right to judge him for protecting the woman he loves. Jeffrey listens to Reva go on and on for about five minutes and after she has finished he tells her in a hurt tone that he could also lose hi job over this mess and wonders if she even cares at all.

(Church) Josh says no comment to all the reporters at the door and meets with the Church council, which tells him he is suspended indefinably pending further investigation of his actions. Reva arrives shortly after that and the two go to Company to have a drink and talk. Josh orders two beers with some water and then proceeds to be depressed because he lost his dream and Reva points out that he was only suspended he didn’t lose his congregation. The Michaels brothers arrive and start insulting Josh saying he has no right to be a minister because he steals people’s children from them. One of the brothers tells Josh that he and his brother lost their wives because of one of his sermons. The other brother says that both their wives left them and decided to be with each other. Josh tries to explain that he is sorry but his sermon had nothing to do with their wives leaving them. The Michael’s brothers taunt Josh into a fight but Reva says he shouldn’t fight with them because then he will never get his congregation back. Josh agrees and he and Reva are walking out the door when one of the brothers says it’s a good thing Tammy wasn’t around to see the way her mother turned out. Reva gets angry and hits both the brothers in the head with a tray then she and Josh run away and head to Reva’s house.

(Farm) Cassie calls the school and Mrs. Dennis the headmaster agrees to accept Will back at school. Will doesn’t want to go to the school so he tells Cassie he won’t act crazy anymore. Cassie wonders why Will thinks he is crazy Will says that he talks to Tammy and she talks back to him and tells him that he must try to be good so that they can all be a happy family. Cassie decides not to take him to the school. Josh arrives and persuades Cassie to take Will to the school so he can get the help he needs because he fears for R.J.’s safety. Cassie tells Josh she must do this alone so she and Will get in the car and head to the school. Will promises he is going to be good as long as she doesn’t take him to the school for freaks. Cassie remains strong and determined to take Will to school. Cassie stops to put gas in the car and get some snacks for Will. Will tells the gas station attendant he is going to give him $863.43 to do him a favor. Cassie returns and the car doesn’t start and since Will has hidden her phone she can’t call roadside assistance. Will thinks they should go for a walk in the woods but Cassie says it’s too dangerous. Cassie is surprised when Will says he doesn’t care because he likes being stuck alone with her. Cassie figures out Will messed up the car somehow lucky for her Jeffrey drives by and is very happy to give them a ride to the school.

(School) Mrs. Dennis arrives to take Will to his room and says that Cassie should leave now. Will cries and screams Mom don’t leave me as Cassie closes the office door and leaves Will at the school.

(Jeffrey’s car) Cassie cries and says she wishes she could figure out at what point she made a wrong decision that threw her life into a tailspin. Jeffrey tells Cassie that she could go back to first grade and that wouldn’t help because people have to make decisions all the time and if they are wrong they must face the consequences and move on with their lives.

(Spaulding Mansion) Jeffrey and Cassie break in to the mansion and see the crib and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out Alan intends to raise the baby as a Spaulding and ruin her life just like he did with his other children. Cassie still thinks she did the right thing by switching the tests but she is sorry that all the people she loves have to pay the consequences for her actions. Jeffrey advises that she trash the place and make herself feel better but Cassie says she can’t sink to his level.

(Cross-Creek) Reva listens to Josh make a speech he intends to give to the church council so that he can ask them for another chance to be minister of the church. The speech reminds Reva of the day she saw him working on the veteran’s hospital and almost told him she had cancer. Reva tells Josh that her decision changed their lives for always. Reva drives Josh back home he thanks her for listening to him and helping him with the Michael’s brothers. Reva goes back to Jeffrey’s office and sees him sleeping with his head on his desk.

(Cross-Creek) Cassie is a little angry since she watched Josh and Cassie talking and laughing through the window before they left the house. Cassie takes the spare key and walks in the house she takes a picture of Reva with her kids and wonders why she lost Tammy and Reva got Jonathan back. Cassie also wonders why Josh loved Reva first and she was the second choice. Cassie wonders why she had to put Jonathan in a special school and now Reva’s son Jonathan who used to be so troubled is fine now. Cassie angrily throws the picture down and breaks the frame and she does that to a few more pictures. Cassie senses someone behind her and is surprised to see Will who ran away from School. Will wonders if she is mad at Aunt Reva and he immediately gets angry at Reva too and starts throwing her things around and breaking them Cassie screams for Will to stop hugs him to calm him down and has him sit on the couch. Will tells Cassie he must protect her but she explains that isn’t his job. Will wonders where Josh is and Cassie says she doesn’t know where Josh is and she says she doesn’t know where Josh is right now. Will says that is okay because she doesn’t need Josh she has him and he is all she needs. Cassie holds Will and promises she is going to fix this and make things better for him.

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