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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/18/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Josh cuts some firewood outside and Cassie sees him and wonders why he doesn’t go inside to see her. Josh explains that he didn’t want to make things awkward for her so he thought it best not to go inside the house. Josh apologizes to Cassie for telling Alan he is the father of Beth’s little girl. Cassie tells him to not expect her to apologize for switching the test results because she still thinks it is best for the baby to be raised by Rick. Josh also tells Cassie that his phone has been ringing off the hook because angry members of the church congregation have been calling to tell him it was wrong of him to keep this a secret for so long. Cassie tells Josh she doesn’t intend to apologize to the congregation for her actions. Josh tells her he doesn’t want her to apologize to anyone for her actions and Cassie tells him that she knew she would never make a good minister’s wife. Josh tells Cassie he has something he needs to do but will be back later to finish their talk.

(Bauer House) Rick arrives to apologize to an angry and hurt Beth but she tells him that he is just like Alan. Rick is hurt by the comment because he did what he did to protect her and Bernadette from Alan. Beth points out that Alan uses the same excuse to justify everything he does to hurt people. Rick wonders if the baby’s name is still going to be Bernadette and Beth tells him that she hasn’t made any decisions yet and that includes if the baby is keeping the name. Rick tells Beth that the baby’s DNA doesn’t matter because they can still be the parents to the baby. Beth tells Rick that if DNA weren’t important he would have told her that Alan was the father of the baby.

(Harley’s house) Harley continues talking to Cyrus on the phone and tells him they must be more careful so that Marina doesn’t find out before they are ready to tell her about their relationship. Cyrus is out in the hallway of the Beacon outside his room listening to Harley tell him that Rick threatened to take Jude away from her if she kept seeing him. Cyrus doesn’t know that Marina has picked up the phone inside and is listening to the whole conversation. Harley tells Cyrus not to be so hard on Rick because he has some really tough issues to deal with right now. Cyrus tells Harley to leave the light on and wait up for him because he needs to see her. Harley and Cyrus express their love for each other and hang up the phone. Marina hangs up the phone and cries a little then wipes the tears away when Cyrus comes back inside. Marina tells Cyrus to go out and do something special for himself so he won’t go stir crazy like she is because she is stuck in that room all day. Cyrus doesn’t want to leave Marina alone but she says she needs to get some rest because she hasn’t been sleeping well.

(Beacon) Once Cyrus has left Marina cries and gets up using her crutches and looks for some evidence of how long Cyrus has been cheating on her with Harley. Marina knocks a picture of Cyrus to the floor and starts smashing the picture frame with one of her crutches. Marina loses her balance and starts to fall but Dinah arrives to catch her. Dinah asks Marina to talk to Mallet and persuade him to give her a second chance. Dinah tells Marina that if she wants to keep Cyrus she has to play dirty.

(Bauer House) Josh arrives to talk to Beth and she tells Rick to wait outside because she wants to talk to Josh alone. Beth cries and tells Josh she feels hurt and disappointed in Rick. Beth wonders how a marriage survives a situation like this and Josh says if he knew the answer he would use it for his own marriage. Josh wonders if Beth only married Rick because of the baby and Beth doesn’t answer but she looks like she is seriously thinking about the question. (Farm) Alan arrives and says he is going to press charges against Cassie for switching the paternity tests. Cassie tells him that he ruined her life because he murdered her daughter and didn’t pay for his crime. Harley arrives and tells Alan it would be a big mistake for him to press charges against Cassie because then she would have to testify that he is a murderer and an unfit parent. Once Alan has left Harley tells Cassie she shouldn’t have switched the test results. Cassie tells Harley she isn’t one to talk since she is in love with her niece’s boyfriend. Harley admits to Cassie that she slept with Cyrus and Cassie tells her she better be ready for the consequences of her actions.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alexandra arrives and Alan tells her what has happened since she has been gone especially about his new daughter. Alan tells Alexandra that Beth will come back to him very soon. (Outside the Bauer House) Cyrus tells Rick to stop taking out his frustrations on Harley or he will have to take out his frustrations on him.

(Beacon) Cyrus comes home to see Marina in sexy lingerie and she begins to kiss him because she wants to show him how much she loves him.

(Spaulding Mansion) Beth arrives to allow Alan to spend time with the baby and to set some rules for him. Beth tells Alan she hasn’t made any decisions yet about what to do about the situation. Alan wonders if the name Bernadette is set in stone she says no they can discuss the name for the baby.

(Harley’s house) Harley waits for Cyrus but in her heart she knows he won’t be coming to see her.

(Farm) Josh and R.J. come home to stay and R.J. goes inside so that Josh and Cassie can talk. Josh and Cassie agree to trust each other and make decisions about Will together. Josh and Cassie agree that Will must go back to the school because it is the best place for him to get the help he needs. Josh and Cassie are unaware that Will is listening to their conversation and is working on his next plan.

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