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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Church) Josh tells Reva that he doesn’t think he can baptize Rick and Beth’s baby since he knows that Rick isn’t the baby’s real father. Reva points out that they all agreed it was better to lie about the baby’s father since Alan would be a terrible father for the baby. Josh tells Reva he ha also been searching for a way to get Cassie to face the truth about Will so that they can get him professional help. Reva tells Josh that he is going to do the right thing since he has always done the right thing in the past. Josh tells her that is a sweet thing for her to say to him but she knows it isn’t true. (Main Street) Will wonders if he and Cassie can go to the movies when she gets back from the christening but Cassie tells Will to stop treating this like a game. Cassie reminds Will that he shouldn’t have packed up all of Josh’s things and put them outside. Cassie tells Will she still loves Josh and their separation is only temporary. Will tells Cassie that he doesn’t like the way Josh treats her because he always takes Reva’s side on things instead of her side. Cassie tells Will she doesn’t want to hear him speak badly about Josh. Cassie tells Will to be good for Daisy while she is at the church.

(Company) Rick arrives and thanks Leah and Lillian for decorating so nicely for the party. Leah wonders if her new baby sister has a name and Rick says they have not decided on a name yet. Leah and Lillian both take turns holding the baby while Rick and Beth discuss names for the baby. Rick and Beth agree that it should be a family name and briefly discuss naming the baby Lillian. Lillian thinks that doesn’t sound right and thinks they should call the baby Lilly for short. Beth tells her mother that she loves her very much but she doesn’t want to call the baby Lilly. Lillian suggests they name the baby after Rick’s grandmother Bert Bauer Rick Points out that Bert was short for Bertha but nobody likes that so Leah suggests Bernadette and everyone likes that and they are happy that the baby finally has a name. Rick goes to call Ed and tell him about the baby’s name and Beth’s phone rigs and she ignores the call because she thinks it could be Alan. Rick notices the look of panic on Beth’s face and she admits she thought Alan was calling her. Beth tells Rick she is worried that Alan will do something to get revenge on her or Lizzie because he feels he has lost everything. Rick tells Beth he understands that she should still have a bit of feelings for Alan after all he has been with her most of her life. Beth thinks Rick is such a wonderful compassionate understanding husband. (Beacon) Lizzie tells Jonathan that she thinks Alan has finally lost everything and understands he is defeated. Jonathan thinks they should keep their guard up because Alan is capable of anything. Lizzie wants to concentrate on spending time with Sarah and doesn’t want to talk about Alan anymore.

( Beacon) Lizzie goes to get a bath ready for Sarah and then screams for Jonathan to help her because she found a big bug in the bathtub. Jonathan goes in to kill the bug and Alan sneaks into the room and grabs Sarah and holds her. Lizzie returns with Jonathan close behind and demands that Alan give her Sarah right now. Alan does so and asks Jonathan for a truce because there has been enough death and killing. Jonathan doesn’t want a truce with Alan but Lizzie tells him to call a truce for Sarah’s sake. Jonathan tells Alan they have a truce and when Lizzie takes Sarah in the bathroom for her bath Jonathan walks out into the hallway and congratulates Alan on his good acting. Alan does the same to Jonathan and then Jonathan warns Alan that if he comes anywhere near Sarah he will snap his neck. Alan tells Jonathan that he can grab the baby at any time because it only took $20 to bribe the maid to let him into the room. Alan tells Jonathan he won’t know when it is going to happen but he will take Sarah. Jonathan goes back in the room and tells Lizzie everything Alan said to him. Jonathan wants to go get some lunch for them before they go to the church and he decides to take Sarah with him. Lizzie decides to go shopping for her little sister’s present and then they will meet back in the room to have lunch.

(Company) Josh tells Rick he can’t baptize the baby because he feels since he knows whom the baby’s real father is he can’t perform the ceremony. Cassie arrives and they reach a compromise that he should let Reverend Rutledge do the ceremony since he (Josh) is the baby’s godfather. (Beacon) Jonathan is in the hallway when he gets a text from Lizzie telling him to pack Sarah’ things because Alan came back so its best they all go to the Bauer cabin to hide from him until they figure out their next step. Jonathan packs a suitcase and is taking Sarah to the car when Bill sees him and thinks he is taking Sarah away from Lizzie again Jonathan tells Bill he has the wrong idea and tells him to allow him to leave because he doesn’t want to fight with him today. Bill allows Jonathan to leave with Sarah but he isn’t happy about it.

(Bauer Cabin) Jonathan arrives with Sarah and calls Lizzie’s name because he sees a blonde with her back turned away from him. Once the young lady turns around Jonathan sees Alan behind her and he knows that Alan tricked him. Alan boasts that he has Jonathan’s gun because he found it outside his house in San Gabriel. Jonathan explains that he doesn’t like to keep guns around Sarah. Alan tells the nanny to bring Sarah to him and after holding her for a few minutes tells the nanny to take her.

(Bauer Cabin) Jonathan wonders if Alan intends to kill him with his own Gun and Alan tells Jonathan that would be too easy. Alan tells Jonathan he intends to raise Sarah right but first he intends to change her name to a name that is more suitable for a Spaulding. Jonathan lunges for Alan but Alan’s hired goons hold him back so he won’t hurt Alan. Alan tells Jonathan that if he calls Reva to tell her that he is taking Sarah and running away again and she believes the story he will allow him to say good-bye to Sarah. Jonathan calls Reva and tells her that Alan bribed his way into his room to see Sarah and told him that he could get to her at any time so since he is scared he is taking Sarah and going on the run. Reva tries to persuade Jonathan to stay and then he tells Reva that he loves him and he is so happy that she is his mom. Jonathan hangs up the phone and cries a little and quickly wipes away the tears as the nanny brings Sarah to him so he can say good-bye to her. Jonathan tells Sarah he loves her and that at first he was scared to be a father but he learned how to be a good father and a better person because of her. Jonathan gives Sarah the necklace he once gave to Tammy and pleads with Alan to let Sarah keep the necklace. Jonathan also wants Sarah to have Sarah and Lizzie in her life because she needs good people around her. Alan takes the baby and as the bay cries and leaves him he screams daddy loves you Sarah.

(Outside the Beacon) Bill sees Lizzie and tells her that Jonathan left again and took Sarah. Reva arrives and confirms the news but Lizzie refuses to believe Jonathan would break his word to her again. (Church) Reverend Rutledge christens the baby Bernadette Bauer.

(Bauer cabin) Lizzie takes a chance and goes to see if Jonathan is there and when she looks out the window she sees Alan’s men putting Jonathan in the trunk of a car. Lizzie rushes out and tells the men that she thinks her grandfather is having a heart attack. Lizzie unties Jonathan and gets him out of the trunk and when the men come back out Jonathan hits them both with a crowbar. Jonathan explains that Alan set him up and took Sarah and now he wants to kill him. Lizzie decides to go to the church and find Beth since she is the only person who can talk sense into Alan.

(Church) Lizzie arrives and tells Reva all the details about what happened between Jonathan and Alan. Jonathan sees Alan and holds a gun on him but when Bernadette cries he turns his head and Alan grabs the gun away from him. Lizzie arrives and screams for her granddad to stop but he doesn’t and walks to the front of the church holding Sarah and keeping the gun on Jonathan Reva and Lizzie. Reva tells Alan to let Sarah go but he says that he has nothing left and he won’t give up Sarah too. Reva tells Alan that the paternity tests were wrong and he is the father of Beth’s baby. Lizzie , Beth, Leah and Lillian are stunned at the news that Alan is the father of the baby.

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